Grid electric shavers

Surprisingly, from the point of view of doctors, slight unshaven hair is considered to be the ideal condition of the skin of the face. In this form, men are encouraged to hold their cheeks and chin. Grid electric razors are inferior to rotary and machine tools in one: they leave a slight unshaven face. In the light of the above, is it possible to consider this quality as a disadvantage? Among other things, the surface of contact with the skin is less, reduced irritation. Considering the fact that there are models for wet shaving, the aforementioned variety of devices becomes quite attractive. Let's try to understand how good a grid-type electric razor is, with the only drawback already told.

What are the professionals shaving

When watching the next American film on cable television, I had a chance to hear a curious conversation between the characters. Two police officers of the partner, in combination the music lover, faced how correctly to listen to music. The laser discs in audio recording format( .cda) were gaining momentum, we were talking about them. The principle of reading the information of the technology under discussion is simple: the laser beam, sliding along the track, reproduced music.

Kinogeroy ordered by mail a record of Elvis for big money. When asked by his partner, why, he replied that the music lover-pro is up to date: only the needle of a vinyl record player is capable of delivering true quality! It does not matter that the plate wears out( although the reader touches the track a little).

Why this conversation. Professional barbers prefer dangerous blades. No machines, especially electricity. Avid customers in such establishments are business people who understand the importance of a respectable look. Dangerous razor at home should not be used, with a steel blade straightened on the skin, it turns out a stunning result. Cutting the hairs under the root, the sharp blade makes the face fresh and clean. Dangerous razor is brought in 3-5 steps. The sharpening angle is constantly decreasing, achieving acceptable sharpness. Then the tool is fixed on the belt. Sharpening head of special workshops.

We choose an electric shaver because the device saves time, effort and gives a chance to look one hundred percent respectable with minimal effort. At the same time, we get more functionality than at the machine tool. Security is higher at times. Shaving dry is not available with a traditional blade. Sometimes there are simply no conditions to carry out procedures for the removal of bristles in full. Then electric shavers come to the rescue.

There are two varieties:

  1. Rotary.
  2. Grid.

The device of electric shavers

It is wrong to call the razor net. Mesh is called pattern, filter, python. The device of the grid electric shaver includes 1 element, more suitable for the definition of the grid.

If you find fault with words, rotary razors are named for the nature of the movement made by knives, then it is logical to call this type of translational or reciprocating. Reason: the knife is cruising like a shuttle back and forth, reciprocating movements are made. The knife goes in a straight line, turns around, runs back. Hair cutting occurs on the inside of the net. The knife is attached to the inner surface at a small distance. This is the principle of the grid electric shaver. Tall thick bristles are cut off without difficulty. Long hairs electric shavers can not do. You will have to slightly shorten the beard before the procedure with scissors.

A typical electric shaver contains a few component parts:

  1. Enclosure.
  2. Electric Motor.
  3. Power cord or battery with adapter.
  4. Electric shaver.
  5. Knife Block.

In our country at the time of the USSR, electric razors were powered by a standard 220 V AC power outlet. And in the bathroom sources were not provided. Therefore, the conclusion suggests itself that a man should shave in the corridor, in the room - wherever a mirror is hung. Otherwise, there is a violation of state standards and safety techniques.

A modern electric shaver, as a rule, is not powered by a network. Instead of a cord, the body is supplemented with a battery compartment. In the West, for decades, there has been a struggle for safety, sockets have been replaced on the territory of the bathroom by differential automatic devices or they have been provided with a reduced voltage, for which a household appliance installed in such places is designed. Electric razor manufacturers have equipped products with special batteries, like cell phones. If you plug the adapter into the outlet and at the same time shave, the worst will not happen - the voltage is reduced. At the same time, strict standards for enclosure insulation are introduced. Be careful not to use razors in the bathroom.

Remember the simple rule: the brush offered in the kit, the grid can not be cleaned. Honeycombs - a fragile vulnerable element of a razor, the perfect correctness of the geometric shape determines the performance of the product. A slight deflection will cause the blade to hit the wall or block. Have to visit the store. Grid for electric shavers Mikma is, for example, 85 rubles. Now think about the spare heads for Gillette machines, to understand that the overhead is not so great.

Grid shaver allows you to shave with both well-known methods:

  • wet;
  • dry.

Plus is obvious - saving time. In this case, you should not expect a well-clean shave. The basis was specified at the beginning of the text.

Features of electric shavers

For wet shaving, Panasonic products are considered optimal. Devices after use are washed under running water - in the simplest case. More expensive models are supplied with their own docking stations equipped with cartridges. Inside the razor during the rest will prepare for the next use. The next moment is important. Electric razor manufacturers offer wet shaving as perfect, but in fact there is a pitfall. Wet environment gives a favorable environment - space for the growth of harmful bacteria.

A wet electric shaver head becomes a breeding ground for microscopic living creatures. As a result, after several applications, the skin will become very irritated. When there is a docking station, the process is blocked by detergent. For the addition will have to pay money. Pleasure is not cheap, but the effect is guaranteed. Particularly admired device with a source of ultraviolet radiation. Microbes are killed completely, the skin does not irritate when shaving.

When choosing an electric shaver for wet shaving, consider a disinfection method. Often the corresponding funds will be found in the department of the store. Replaceable grid for electric razor is better to buy with a razor. Products are aging, components can be difficult to get. Homemade nets are not suitable, not complying with sanitary standards.

When choosing, give preference to models with batteries. Typical time of continuous operation is 40 minutes - 1 hour. According to the testimony of users, this time lasts for a month of impeccable morning work. Moreover, most of the net razors are not afraid of a full discharge, in addition equipped with the option of protection against overcharging.

A self-contained power source makes the device mobile, providing the benefits that make it advantageous to use a grid electric razor on the road, in cars, trains, and on airplanes. If the charge level is alarming, it is easy to get models with level indicators on the expanses of the global network of stores. The razor will show how much energy is left, even ask to charge.

Repairing a grid electric shaver with your own hands consists of periodic cleaning and replacement of the grid. Two simple procedures are accompanied by maximum manifestations of caution. Knives, even in the blunted state, can cut the skin of the hands. After removing the head, carefully separate the mesh and tap with the end on a flat, smooth and firm surface. Knives fan a little brush. After assembly, the product is tested for performance.

It is better to fix other problems with electric shavers in the nearest workshop. If the product is cheap, it is better to buy a new one.

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