Peculiarities of the work of the multivark with smoking function

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best models rating In the modern world, a woman simply does not have time to physically constantly delight her family with the delights of culinary art, because she works on a par with men. But on the world market a large assortment of household appliances is presented, which makes life easier for housewives. One of these “helpers” in the kitchen is a multi-cooker with a smoking function, which with the help of various functions will help to sentence any dish much faster without much effort.

Recently, the multi-cooker-smokehouse is becoming increasingly popular. With it, you can cook smoked dishes right in your home. Therefore, in this review we decided to tell you about such a device: principles of operation, types of smoking, features of functioning.

The principle of operation

The choice of products that can be smoked in this kitchen appliance is quite large - not only fish, but also meat and even seafood. Judging by the user reviews, the taste is very unusual. And they also emphasize that in order to enjoy smoked dishes, there is no need to go somewhere, because there is a multi-cooker-smoking house at home.

This kitchen unit is a device that is similar to a pressure cooker. In order to produce smoke, which is necessary for smoking and gives aroma to finished products, wood chips consisting of a mixture of cherry, apple, pear and other fruit trees are used. Most chips are sold with a slow cooker, about 0.5 kilograms, and it lasts a very long time - two tablespoons are enough to cook one dish.

Principle of operation:

  1. In the special compartment of the multi-cooker-smokehouse are placed chips.
  2. A heating element passes through the bowl in which the sawdust is located.
  3. When it is turned on, the chips begin to smolder, and smoke is formed - it helps to smoke products and gives them flavor.

If we talk about the location of the heating element, it can be on top, bottom or side. This does not affect the process of smoking, but affects the convenience of washing and cleaning the multicooker.

Smoking modes

The multi-cooker smokehouse has 3 smoking modes:

  • Cold.
  • Hot.
  • Combined.

During the first mode, the temperature in the unit is maintained at a maximum of 35 degrees. In this mode, the products acquire the necessary flavor due to corruption of chips. Therefore, it is necessary to place already well-marinated products in a multicooker with a smoking function. Note that in this mode dishes are prepared for a long time.
When smoking hot, foods are in the kitchen at 120 degrees. The process is divided into two stages: vapor pressure initially occurs, and only then the smoldering of chips. The shelf life of products prepared in this way is several times shorter than that of the previous regimen.

Combined mode implies the inclusion of two previous modes in turn. If the multi-cooker has the “double boiler” option, the cooking process is significantly reduced in time, which is possible with the help of pressure under the closed valve.

Which method of preference depends only on your taste preferences. In cold mode, the products are processed with smoke, so that the dish has a pleasant aroma. In hot smoked mode, it is still necessary to add some water to the bottom of the bowl. This will help make the dish softer, juicy and tender, due to additional steaming.

Features of the

process If you want, you can prepare the sawdust yourself, but you must remember that not all of them are suitable for this purpose.

  1. Coniferous trees are not recommended because they produce tar that makes the smoke acrid and harsh. As a result, cooked meals can be bitter.
  2. It is better to give preference to the chips of fruit trees.
  3. If we talk about the use of liquid smoke, everything here also depends on individual taste preferences, because it is also a chemical additive.

Among the shortcomings are:

  • Multicookers-smokehouses can not cook more than 2 kilograms of products at a time.
  • You must use the hood in the process of smoking, because the smell when cooking will be quite strong.
  • After using the device, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse all the parts, there may be many of them, most of which will be small.

The temperature is set automatically after selecting the desired smoking mode. The speed of this process is much faster in this unit than in conventional smokehouses. This is achieved due to the high pressure inside the pan.

Rating the best models

Polaris PMS 0529 ads

The model Polaris PMS 0529 ads with the option of smoking boasts a modern design. On the front panel, the developers placed a display that displays all the necessary information( time, mode, temperature, etc.).Control of the unit takes place with the help of buttons. If we talk about the programs, they are 24.

  1. Vertical TEN;
  2. Protective cap for smoking, which is removable;
  3. 3 grids;
  4. Bowl volume of 5 liters.

The special feature of this multicooker is that the side heaters of the device allow for 3D heating, as a result - dishes are cooked much faster. Heating power is 860 watts.

Multicooker Redmond RMC-M110

The Redmond RMC-M110 kitchen unit attracts with its appearance, convenient control, the presence of the functions "Yogurt maker" and "Steamer".This model has 55 modes for cooking.
Manufacturers represent this unit as a slow cooker with a smoking function, but in the complete set there is no capacity for chips. Therefore, the process of smoking is due to the use of liquid smoke.

Model Brand 6060

The characteristics of this multicooker smokehouse:

  • Power - 1000 W.
  • 5 main programs.
  • 3 smoking modes.
  • There are modes of delaying cooking and maintaining the temperature, but not more than 99 minutes.
  • Bowl volume of 6 liters.
  • The heating element is located on the body.
  • Possibility of cooking dishes both under pressure and without it.
  • Reasonable price.

Multi-cooker Vitesse VS-3005


  1. Power - 1000 watts.
  2. 10 cooking modes.
  3. 2 software for smoking products.
  4. 2 bowls( removable) for 6 liters.
  5. Interesting design.

Multicooker-smokehouse UnitUSP-1200S

This model is characterized by:

  • Power - 1100 watts.
  • 12 programs;
  • 3 modes for smoking.

Multicooking set:

  1. 2 bowls;
  2. Silicone gaskets.
  3. 4 grid.
  4. Sliver container.
  5. sawdust set.

In this article we tried to talk about such a new product in household appliances as a multicooker-smokehouse. And also we have compiled for you the rating of the best multi-cookers with the function of smoking, so if you still choose this device for yourself, we hope that this review will be able to help make the right choice.

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