How to choose the heater for the home and apartment: what is better, types, tips

If the summer heat exhausting air conditioners have become bestsellers, with the onset of cold weather, domestic heaters take over the baton of the favorites of the demand criteria. Their use in private homes and apartments is obliged to improve the quality of living in the cold season.

Do you also think about the purchase, but do not know how to choose a heater including an impressive range of products offered by various manufacturers? We will help you thoroughly understand this question - in the article describes the different types of heaters, given their pros and cons.

We also sorted out the subtleties of determining the required power, depending on the size of the room, adding to clarity, this article thematic photos and videorekomendatsiyami for choosing the optimal type of heater for houses.

The content of the article:

  • Determine the required capacity of the device
  • Popular types of household heaters
    • Type # 1 - Oil equipment
    • Type # 2 - convector with a modern edge
    • Type # 3 - heater
    • Type # 4 - curtains
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    • Type # 5 - classic electric fireplaces
    • Type # 6 - a heater in the infrared
    • Type # 7 - monolithic quartz heaters
    • Type # 8 - Halogen devices
    • Type # 9 - Micatermic Heaters
    • Type # 10 - Heat Gun
  • Recommendations for choosing a type of heater
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Determine the required capacity of the device

Power unit - one of the key features when selecting a heater. Area, which was supposed to supply heat - another crucial factor.

If the area of ​​the room is not heated, but has a good thermal insulation, then it will be enough to power 1.5 kW machine to 27m². If the room has a heating system, then the heater with a power of 1 kW fit perfectly for additional heating of the average room is 25 m².

What still needs to be taken into account for a more accurate calculation:

  • temperature difference inside and outside;
  • thermal insulation of windows and their number;
  • on which side there is an apartment or house - a sunny, shadow;
  • the number of living people;
  • age structure;
  • quantity of equipment with a heat (refrigerators, televisions, computers);
  • ceiling height - than they are, the heater power is reduced.

Basically for a typical flat ceilings of 2.5 meters and an area of ​​24-27m² suitable device with a power of 2500 watts. To a small area (20-22 m²) is required in the device 2000 W, etc.

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Time to buy a heater for the home

Demand for heaters increases significantly in the late autumn and early spring, when the heating system is not working

Wall model of heating devices

In small private homes all year round heaters are used as space heating elements

Heater as a supplement to the main heating system

Heaters may be used as optional equipment in the premises requiring periodic increase in temperature

Mobile model heating units

To improve the temperature characteristics at the end of the heating season often become portable compact models

Permanently installed heater

For a proper choice permanently installed devices must take into account the whole spectrum of heat loss and the real possibilities of the heating system

Place of installation of the heating device

It is important to consider whether there is space for the device location, which is determined based on the floor, wall or ceiling installation type

The original design - selection criteria

Weighty significance for owners of apartments and suburban mansions has a unit design, significantly influencing an interior painting

Performance improvement of microclimate devices

A significant argument for choosing a particular heater - economical energy consumption when the small size and high performance

Time to buy a heater for the home

Time to buy a heater for the home

Wall model of heating devices

Wall model of heating devices

Heater as a supplement to the main heating system

Heater as a supplement to the main heating system

Mobile model heating units

Mobile model heating units

Permanently installed heater

Permanently installed heater

Place of installation of the heating device

Place of installation of the heating device

The original design - selection criteria

The original design - selection criteria

Performance improvement of microclimate devices

Performance improvement of microclimate devices

Modern heating appliances are mainly equipped with thermostats, which are able to maintain the desired temperature automatically.

Thermostats have not always scale with the designation of degree, working on the principle - more - less.

How to Choose a home heater

For sale household heaters - reliable equipment, thoughtful safety aspects

Popular types of household heaters

heating units market is vast, and the man, ignorant of the intricacies of the characteristics of heat-generating devices to make a choice in favor of a specific model is difficult.

What heater is best suited for a private house, and what will be the maximum functional in an apartment? For this purpose we examine in detail the pros and cons of heating units.

Type # 1 - Oil equipment

This type of heater is popular because of the ease of maintenance and high heat.

For heat it should simply move into the zone the desired concentration and a high temperature switch on the device in the socket.

What is the best heater for the house

The latest models of oil heaters are equipped with thermostats that allows you to set a specific warm-up temperature. There are modifications with timers

Basic design components of the oil of the instrument:

  • Metal reservoir. It contains a heat transfer fluid - mineral oil, capable of long-term "hold" and rasprostronyaetsya heat.
  • Heating element. He warms up the oil, which distributes the heat to the housing unit, and from there into the surrounding space.
  • Thermostat. It located on the control panel is designed for temperature control.

The device looks like a conventional radiator with access to the electricity network. There are plenty of models equipped with rollers that provides mobility and versatility.

Specificity device oil heater

The instrument design is the oil airbag compensating linear expansion of oil during heating. Without it, the radiator would be severed after a short use

Good benefits heater with heat transfer oil:

  • Optimal power range. Do1,5 range of 1 kW, it can be used for heating not only apartments, but also a country house.
  • automatic thermostat. It makes it possible to maintain optimum temperature in the room.
  • Support for a comfortable humidity. The device does not dry the air since it contains no open heating elements.
  • Price. The oil unit is inexpensive.
  • Quiet operation. It does not cause discomfort to tenants.
  • Mobility. Device wheels facilitate its movement.

Some models are equipped with a sleep timer to save electricity.

We can not ignore the negative qualities that reduce consumer interest in oil units. The heating process is slow, the distribution of warm air takes a long time. In the case of oil leakage can cause burns and irritation.

You are interested in the type of oil heater? Our site has an article with the recommendations of his choice - go linkTo become familiar with the material.

Type # 2 - convector with a modern edge

Appearance convector heater is different from the oil radiator on a more streamlined shape and compactness. It easily can be placed on the floor or on the wall. There are also heaters on wheels.

How does convection heater

Convector unit heats the air, which is in a heated state rushes to the ceiling. Instead, it treats the next portion of the machine of cold air, which is then replaced by chilled air mass near the ceiling

The principle of operation of the electric convector:

  • Mounted in the central panel of the heating elements heat the air mass.
  • The heated air flow according to the laws of physics rushes to the ceiling, freeing space for the cold.
  • The cooled air from the ceiling is moved back to the installation zone of the convector, replacing the heated air mass unit.

The device is equipped with a sensor, which takes readings of the actual air temperature in the room. It is worth knowing that the heater is safe with regard to the possibility of electric shock, as the heating element is not in contact with the body of the unit, and therefore does not require grounding.

What heater is better to choose for a child's room

Such a device can be safely used for heating children's rooms. It does not dry the air and therefore is not conducive to proliferation of harmful bacteria that prefer a dry environment

The undeniable advantages of convector heaters varieties:

  • Quiet. The heating unit can be operated almost continuously, without causing irritation.
  • Security. Structurally minimized, virtually eliminating the risk of fire or accidental burns.
  • Balanced warming. The unit is supplied uniformly in the processed air flow space, which are regularly replaced cooled mass.

The disadvantages include a low rate of warming of premises, which more than compensates for the ability to keep the temperature background thanks to the thermostat. Devices do not need a thorough inspection, as This disables the apparatus and includes a heater upon reaching a predetermined temperature.

Convection heating devices are produced in two installation variants: wall and floor. Admirers larger in species wall as the most convenient, not to impede movement.

How to choose the perfect heater for private homes

Underfloor convector built - an interesting solution that allows you to use the space wisely. It represents a heater system located in a metal housing

Rational place for the location of the device convector consider area under the window opening. In this position, it will not only handle the air in the room, but also form a kind of air curtain that will deter penetration cold flows from outside.

You do not know what the convector is best suited for your space? We recommend you review the recommendations of the choice of convector heater for home.

Type # 3 - heater

Heater, in fact, improved convector. The system uses its thinner heating elements and airflow movement stimulates own fan. The unit draws a small size and the same weight in its installation and operation do not need special skills.

Heaters are equipped with different types of heating elements, including:

  • Nichrome wire helix. It is wound on a core of non-combustible material, usually ceramic or graphite. It may be open or enclosed in a glass flask. Inexpensive option but often burnt smell spreading dust deposited on it during the work.
  • Ceramic plate. It is more square than the spiral, so heats faster. The plate has holes, through which runs a heated air stream. It costs almost three times more than the previously described embodiment.
  • Metal or graphite heater. This type of heater is placed in the tube, the remaining space in which sand fills or manganese oxide. This scheme allows to evenly distribute the heat. It is more powerful than the previous species and upsets the impressive price.

In addition to these heaters have all sorts of variations on the theme of heating appliances and devices. The principle of operation of all types of units is simple: the unit draws in room air, passes it through a heat element and fed back.

Heater can even collect their own hands, using the materials at hand. And how to do this, we considered in detail in our other article.

How to choose the fastest heater for flats

Heater is also called the most "fast" heater of all. If you need to warm up in the emergency order - include heater

The list of benefits of heaters:

  • Speed. The fastest possible heating of the air, due to the intensive circulation flow.
  • Versatility. It can be used as a heater in winter and as a fan in the summer.
  • Protection system. The thermostat does not allow the device to overheat.
  • Wide selection. Wide range of models - mobile, stationary and others.
  • The high efficiency (85%). Due to the high efficiency reduces energy costs.

The disadvantages we refer fact unwanted air drying. Units at the noise, dust and sometimes tow spreading negative odor. The latest models are protected from dust settling on your body and on the ingress of moisture into the system.

How to choose the fastest home heater

Most heaters - a small portable model used as an additional heat source

Heater may be an additional source of heat, in the presence of primary heating, as the radius of its action is limited. The main thing - to choose the right device., We suggest to familiarize with the material not to be mistaken in this matter by choice of heater.

Type # 4 - curtains

Such devices are often used to supplement the utilities systems at commercial and industrial facilities - factories shops, supermarkets, shopping centers.

But in private homes curtains are also sometimes set to create a barrier to the cold air and retain heat indoors. Apparatus create a warm air flow from top to bottom. This unit is able to heat a small room (25 m²).

Operating system as a general principle for all heaters. In the case of the device is a heating element and a high-powered fan. The powerful fan directs air flow into a specific direction, the heating element performs its heating.

In addition to the standard heating operation, parts creates an air barrier to drafts.

Air curtains are mainly used as additional heat-generating elements. Appropriate they will be above the front door of a country house.

Advantages of products:

  • Economy. Promote heat saving, because creating a barrier to air penetration from the outside at the same time prevent leakage it outward.
  • excellent protection. Do not let the room the street dust, harmful fumes and insects. It isolates the space from the cold air flows.

Among the disadvantages high cost and high power consumption. Able to heat only a small room and is used mainly in combination with other heating equipment.

How to choose a heater to enter a private home

Automatic control of air curtains allows you to monitor their work without much effort, simply by specifying the desired setting, focusing on the size of the aperture and the outside temperature

Type # 5 - classic electric fireplaces

This device is often used as an element of the interior, greater emphasis on its aesthetic than functional qualities. However, electric fireplaces are able to qualitatively warm room. There are many types of HVAC equipment: island, corner, built-in, overhead, mobile.

Structural elements of electric fireplaces:

  • Heating. The heating spiral or heating elements placed on top of the panel.
  • The air supply apparatus. Integrated ventilation system supplies air to the heating elements, and then into the room at the same time cooling the casing and preventing overheating.

The thermostat controls the operation of the fire automatically in response to changes in the background temperature. The devices can also serve a decorative function - to simulate illumination fire.

Electric heater - a heater of a city apartment

Some types of modern electric fireplaces have a backlight, sleep timer, the burning rate regulator decorative fire, even volume control

Positive aspects of the heater:

  • Simplicity. It does not require any installation, unlike wood fire. It does not require time-consuming maintenance and cleaning from the deposit.
  • Aesthetics. It creates a special atmosphere in the room. With so many models it can easily fit in the urban and rural interior.

Electrofireplaces not require a separate room, do not emit combustion products for discharge which is necessary to arrange the chimney.

The electric fireplace capable heat the room as the primary source of heat in accordance with the power indices.

Less lies in high power consumption, in W 2-2.5 hour in active mode. Obligatory laying wiring modern sample necessarily - old wiring can not withstand the stress and cause a fire. Fireplace dry air and "burns" oxygen.

If you still want to get a fireplace, and the electric option does not suit you, be sure to pay attention to fireplaces biofuel.

Type # 6 - a heater in the infrared

Infrared options are considered to be a new generation of equipment and different from fireplaces and oil radiators other principle of work. Their action is aimed at existing objects in the room.

IR heating device is not heated air mass, and the objects, which transmit it to the surroundings.

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Direction of action of infrared heaters

Infrared heating devices heat is directed on the objects in the radius of action. Heated objects then transfer the heat to the environment

Using IR outdoor heating devices

Specific operating principle, according to which heat is directed at a specific object, allows the use of infrared heaters outdoors

Safety IR heaters

Infrared heating system does not emit harmful UV light for organisms, because the scope of their use is fairly extensive

Power efficient pros IR heaters

Infrared heating devices are devices that consume energy. They treat a certain zone, without wasting heat on heating duals

Direction of action of infrared heaters

Direction of action of infrared heaters

Using IR outdoor heating devices

Using IR outdoor heating devices

Safety IR heaters

Safety IR heaters

Power efficient pros IR heaters

Power efficient pros IR heaters

Available devices in the form of conventional heaters, ceiling panels, film systems for the device under the floor or wall finish. Detailed analysis of patterns and tips for choosing the IR heaters It listed here.

They can be used as the primary heat source and as an auxiliary. Artificial infrared spectrum of the closest to the natural light.

However, it should not be taken as a natural heat source. In itself it is not harmful, but a long while under a ceiling heater, for example, you can get heat stroke, an identical solar.

Infra-red heater for a country house and grounds

Radiation of infrared heaters can be zoned. They are suitable for installation in open areas, can be used in greenhouses, winter gardens

The advantages of infrared heaters:

  • Long-term work. In the IR heaters are not parts capable of periodically burn out and gradually deteriorate. Damaged mechanical elements can be easily replaced.
  • Economical installation. Or laying regarding film systems. All work on the device and the installation is in operational tempo without problems.
  • Speed ​​heating. Infrared heaters do not differ inertia, rapidly heated area or premises.
  • The probability of spot heating. Activities devices can be focused on a particular area or group of objects.
  • Ability to work outdoors. They can be used for heating outdoor spaces: terraces, playgrounds, etc.
  • Quiet. Machinery and film heating systems operate without making sounds.
  • Storing humidity. IR equipment does not heat as a consequence, not dry air. His work does not impair the indoor climate.

The list of cons listed volatility. Hence, in the case of use as a primary heat source, consider the backup power supply device.

Not everyone is happy with the backlight control panel that operates continuously during operation of the heaters. To protect against power surges and electrical leakage will have to buy not cheap automation.

What is better for the heater arrangement of a wooden house

Installing an infrared heater in the ceiling eliminates the need for warm floors

Such a device is suitable for heating of houses from the carcass, as well heated wooden walls and does not require the design documentation for the installation. In addition, substantial energy savings compared to other electric heaters - in 6-7 times.

One of the varieties of infrared heaters - carbon heater, equipped having the same name element. We see our other article with a detailed overview of the types of Carbon infrared heater and recommendations on the choice.

Karbornovy infrared heater for the home

Carbon heater based on all kinds of IC works on the principle of long-wave radiation - heats the body and objects, not air

Type # 7 - monolithic quartz heaters

Quartz monolithic group on the principle of action refers to the type of convector heaters. Apparatus simple: is a panel formed from a molten mixture of quartz sand with a small amount of the marble chips.

Inside the panel spiral heating element capable of heat to 120 ° C. Spiral transmits thermal energy inert quartz housing as a result of the appliance is heated only to 95 ° C.

Quartz body works on the principle of wood - long retains the accumulated heat. The use of this category of devices can save, because Optional units are constantly working.

The operating principle of a monolithic quartz heater

Housing monolithic quartz heater accumulates heat, and then gradually gives it cooled the air

Pros heaters with a monolithic quartz body:

  • Economical power consumption. Cost reduction is achieved by the body's ability to store and release heat slowly.
  • Easy installation. The installation will be mastered by inexperienced performer, acting in accordance with the attached manufacturer's instructions.
  • Do not dry the air. Enclosed in a monolithic body heater does not affect the climate. For the same reason, do not burn and dust does not spread nasty odors.
  • Suitable for damp locations. The sealed housing protects the coil from contact with splashes and damp environment.
  • Security. Housing has never warmed up to the critical temperature, contributing to fire, causing burns.

Monolithic modifications are equipped with thermostats that control the operation of devices. Leaving, for example, with garden finishing season, units can set a minimum temperature of + 95 ° C.

The cost of equipment is low, but the weight of them is quite impressive. Also, not everyone likes the look of a heater, but an opportunity to put special removable panels of any color eliminates this problem. This type of heater is the best option for heating an apartment or private house.

We suggest you look at a detailed guide choice quartz heater for home and garden.

Type # 8 - Halogen devices

Unlike halogen heaters from special infrared heating element. It consists of a tube filled with an inert gas containing a tungsten filament inside. The gas prevents the destruction of the tungsten filament, chemical reactions within the tubes are excluded.

The rest of the working principle of halogen devices similar to the action of infrared heaters.

Pros halogen lamps:

  • Saving. Reduced energy consumption in comparison with electric fireplaces or oil radiators.
  • Mobility. Floor heaters may be installed in various demanding heat gain ground.
  • Rapid heating. Provided with design features of the working unit element.

Most models have swivel mechanisms to guide the flow of heat in the required direction.

How to choose a halogen heater for the home and office

Halogen heaters are provided with control systems and devices, tripping device in the event of a fall or overheating

The disadvantages are too bright light supplied device. He is harsh and unpleasant, especially at night. the second negative - too fragile tube which periodically need to change.

Many also noted that the halogen lamps is difficult to heat the whole room and to achieve it the right temperature. The heater heats only to the extent of direct action.

Type # 9 - Micatermic Heaters

Despite its relatively small size, the type of devices Micatermic happy high efficiency. This novelty on the market of heat-generating units has already declared itself adequately, but until consumers treat it with caution.

They do not desiccate the air in the process is quite fast and efficient heating.

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The principle of operation of the heater Micatermic

Micatermic heating device works on the principle similar to the infrared heaters. They generate 80% of IR radiation and 20% convection energy

The advantages of an economical operation of devices

Micatermic heaters consume energy, since heated objects, not air mass, MDM tend to move due to temperature changes

Mobile model of the heating device

By analogy with all kinds of heaters in the line Micatermic equipment have models for fixed installations and mobile devices

Options Micatermic devices

Micatermic, or mica, heating equipment is extremely easy to manage. The equipment has a remote control, there is a timer, information about the work displayed

The principle of operation of the heater Micatermic

The principle of operation of the heater Micatermic

The advantages of an economical operation of devices

The advantages of an economical operation of devices

Mobile model of the heating device

Mobile model of the heating device

Options Micatermic devices

Options Micatermic devices

The heating element is created by Micatherm technology, a sandwich is assembled from two layers of mica with a nickel mesh therebetween.

Heating is carried out netting, and for the balance of temperature and mechanical strength meets mica. The principles of devices combined heating convectors and infrared systems.

Convincing advantages Micatermic heating devices:

  • Reduced energy costs.Energy consumption is lower by 25% compared to conventional heaters.
  • Storing humidity. An additional plus - oxygen units do not burn as many types of electrical appliances.
  • Security. Structurally it eliminated the threat of burns and occurrence of fires.

It is not recommended to dry clothes on Micatermic Heaters should cover it with a cloth if necessary. This can cause damage to the unit.

Which is better to install a heater in the apartment or house

Design and light weight Micatermic element can quickly heat up and quickly reaches operating temperature

However, the device does not fit on a single heat source role in the living room, but would be a nice addition for extra heat a certain area.

You have not yet decided whether or not you fit this type of heater? We recommend to familiarize with the detailed analysis of the pros and cons, as well as features selection Micatermic Heaters.

Type # 10 - Heat Gun

Wondering how to choose the best heater for an apartment or private home, many pay attention to the heat gun. Such unit perfectly cope with the role of the sole source of heat in a country house.

Devices are arranged without any ploys. The fan delivers the air inside the enclosure to the heating element by distributing threads in the room. The thermostat regulates the operation of the unit, eliminating overheating.

What are the advantages of the heat gun application:

  • Mobility. The device can be easily moved from place to place.
  • The speed and efficiency. The unit is capable of rapidly heating a large area. It is used for heating large areas, construction is used as equipment, providing conditions for the drying of monolithic structures and work.
  • Performance. It may be the sole source of heat in the absence of alternatives.

Before using a heat gun, you need to make sure that the electrical withstand such a load. Housing with old wiring are not suitable for such heating element due to the high risk of fire.

What type of heater is best to choose for the house

Heat guns are versatile: suitable for heating large areas, are used during the construction of monolithic structures for drying or finishing

However, the energy consumes a lot of heat gun. Most models are connected to three-phase industrial networks. When using such powerful equipment necessary to install protective automation.

Modernization of heating devices offers consumers' attention new items that are used for their intended purpose, and also serve as an unusual decoration in the interior.

You decided to stop at the purchase of this type of heater? We recommend you review the criteria selecting a heat gun.

Recommendations for choosing a type of heater

So, for stationary space heating as the main source of private buildings can heat safely choose an electric fireplace or heat gun.

You first need to carry out all the calculations of power and floor space. As an additional source of heat or means for emergency spot heating specific zones fit all other models.

To enter the equipment in a country house suitable thermal curtain, if the tenants it is actively moved from the street to the house, or vice versa.

As additional sources of heat to the case of a centralized network failure or insufficient heat in recommend to buy a house comfortable mobile oil radiators, convectors or safe infrared and makotermicheskie system.

In the event of operational discharge of warm air in different rooms we recommend to buy a portable fan heater.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Comparative review of the heating options:

For more information on the selection and characteristics of convectors:

The specifics of infrared heaters

Knowing how to choose the heater for the apartment or house, you can save yourself from the inconvenience of a bad selection heat-generating devices - high consumption of electricity, excessive noise or light, the inability to heat the room completely.

You still can not determine the suitable type of heater for your house or apartment? Perhaps you still have questions after reading this article? Ask them in the comments section - we will deal with.

Or are you already a happy owner of the heater? Tell us what kind of heater you prefer and whether it is satisfied with the work? Have you helped our reviews and tips? Leave your comments and upload your heater under this article.

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