Blind cleaning brush made in China

Hot summer days, many of us prefer to spend outside the city. While gardeners hiding in the shade of fruit trees, swimming in a pool or near a reservoir, wooden houses gradually heat up under the rays of the scorching sun. Closely curtained windows help to keep at least some coolness inside.

Some hostesses prefer to arrange the windows in the country house with the help of horizontal blinds. Such a stylish and at the same time budget option has only one drawback - cleaning. Putting the blinds in order, without rubbing the dirt over the entire surface, is not an easy task. A proven way is to wash in the shower and air dry. However, we do not always have time for these manipulations.

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Brush for horizontal blinds appeared in Russian online stores recently, but has already managed to gain popularity. This device resembles a fork, at the ends of which are put on microfiber covers. The design allows you to easily clean the slats blinds located close to each other. If necessary, the fabric can be washed separately. Price from 250 rubles and above.

Household goods - one of the most favorite categories of buyers on AliExpress. Original products from Chinese manufacturers are inexpensive, but many things are useful for cooking or cleaning the house. The site presents several versions of the brush for cleaning horizontal blinds.

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"Triple" brush here costs only 93 rubles. There are practically no differences from products from domestic stores. Most reviews confirm the ease of cleaning along with this fixture. However, some buyers believe that there is no better way than washing in the shower. A little discontent caused by the photos, which depict the brush itself and next to a separate cloth - many people think that the kit comes with an extra attachment, but this is not true.

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Customer reviews are not strongly advised to buy another version of blinds brushes. Its design provides seven rollers at once, designed to clean a larger surface. In fact, the rollers are very hard and too close to each other, therefore they only make the cleaning process more difficult.

In addition, the fabric of the rollers resembles faux fur, which begins to come off almost immediately after opening the package, and the cost of this brush is slightly higher.

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