Saving energy in its purest form - solar battery with Aliexpress

With an unprecedented scale, alternative energy sources burst into the life of hardworking summer residents. In recent years, the climate is getting worse. Droughts, sudden changes in temperature, and anomalous phenomena have become commonplace in the last century. In tune with the natural changes and tariffs for electricity. Protect your family, as well as land from all these troubles, will help solar battery with AliExpress.

A Unique Thing

These panels should be installed exclusively on the south side of the building. At the same time it is necessary to avoid shaded areas. Of course, the structure of the roof is different, then you need to attach the battery with a slight slope in the west / east.

The uniqueness of this module is that it generates solar and light energy even in the winter period, although it is produced less. When the weather is cloudy in summer, the device produces 18 V. The technical characteristics of the panels are as follows:

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  1. The maximum power is 10W.
  2. Module type is mono or polycrystalline( silicon).
  3. Device dimensions: height 17 cm, length 28 cm, and width 35 cm. You can build your own solar station from several elements.
  4. The percentage of efficiency is 17%.
  5. The number of cells on the site - 36 pcs.
  6. Tempered top glass protects the device from corrosion. Since the case is framed by a dense aluminum frame, the battery is able to withstand the attacks of snow and wind. Nevertheless, if possible, it is desirable to protect the system from precipitation.
  7. Works in this temperature range: from -20 to + 80 ° С.
  8. Quick and easy to install.
  9. You can connect to it both household and electronic appliances. There are several USB-outs.
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To increase the efficiency of generation, you should regularly clean the panel. Dirty drips, as well as dust layers covering the glass, prevent the absorption of light and heat rays.

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From users of

It is important to note that monocrystalline panels are an order of magnitude more expensive than polycrystalline. The reason is a more labor-intensive process of their production. As for soldering on the board, it is of excellent quality, as is the condition of the voltage ratings. However, no errors can not do. But according to buyers, they are completely reparable. Moreover, users note that in direct sunlight, the panel produces from 16 to 22 V. This is amazing! The kit also has a manual in English. Therefore, before installing and operating it must be familiar.

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You can buy such a solar battery, and even with a discount, on Aliexpress. Buyers are very satisfied with the operation of this device. One unit of goods costs from 600 to 1 886 rubles. In other online stores the price is more expensive by a thousand or more.

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