How to outweigh the refrigerator door

In the modern world, a refrigerator, if it is impossible to move a door to the other side, has little chance of sustaining competition. For example, it is necessary to place the furnishings near the window. Opposite placed the chair. The location is good - read conveniently. The door of the refrigerator opens: you have to go past the rider, reaching the window. Uncomfortable? The answer is yes. Let's see how to outweigh the refrigerator door.


refrigerator door transfer Easier to type a search query, looking for something that resembles the one at hand. Today we will consider the process, enlisting the example of Atlas refrigerators. Stop hoping that the sequence of actions clearly resembles an arbitrary model. Read the above recommendations( Youtube).

Refrigerator opens from left to right

So, the door usually just starts to open on the other side. It may seem unusual. Previously, the street light fell into the fridge freezer, now you have to be content with the kitchen. The rest of the opportunity to move the door to the other side is difficult to overestimate.

Outweigh the refrigerator door. Atlas

Approximate sequence of actions, waiting for the owner, puzzled, who decided to outweigh the refrigerator door:

  • External examination of the refrigerator to determine access, fasteners. If necessary, you will need to remove unnecessary things. Applies to products that decorated the door trays.
  • Typically, the upper decorative panel blocks access to the top loop. We'll have to dismantle the interfering( decorative) parts.
  • Removing the upper loop, rearranging the plugs. Removing the upper door.
  • Dismantling the central hinge, working with plugs. Removing the bottom door.
  • Rearrange bottom loop.
  • Assembly of the whole structure in the reverse order.

And now let's see how it all looks on the example of Atlas two-chamber refrigerators, where the freezer is on top.

Preparation of

equipment Dismantling the doors of the top decorative panel of the refrigerator Atlas

The process begins with the top decorative panel of the refrigerator. Hiding bracket, forming the top hinge of the freezer flap( located at the top).The decorative panel of the refrigerator is held in place by two self-tapping screws, the heads can be easily detected by bothering to search. Unscrew the "barrel".Screwdriver, equipped with a thick short handle. Using the "barrel" the refrigerator is not moved away from the wall. The distance is small, but the screwdriver will fit there.

We remind you: in Atlanta, wall supports are mounted on a decorative panel. It seems absurd, in practice it works. Shoot stops or not, decide for yourself. Previously, the top of the refrigerator should be freed from all sorts of women's stuff, jewelry. Flowers, tablecloths, tv. We offer to make a photo in several angles, a refrigerator before the start of work. Believe, helps back to arrange.

Screws unscrewed, you need to pull the decorative element of the refrigerator forward. The rear edge rises. You have a chance to see a sheet of foam under the panel. Thermal insulation of the refrigerator. Act carefully for fear of harm. The panel must be carefully removed to the side. In many refrigerators, you can see the front steel threshold, protruding support panel. It is usually not necessary to remove, the part is powerless to prevent the dismantling of the freezer door.

Dr. Aibolit modifies the medical refrigerator

. Dismantling the upper hinges of the refrigerator. From the opposite side of the refrigerator we see a completely similar detail. The pin is missing, but there is a thread. In video instructions it is recommended to stick the refrigerator door with scotch tape. Add, in most cases, enough to hold the hand. The door is not bad stuck with a rubber seal to the body of the refrigerator.

The bolts holding the plates are completely normal. Take off both. The pin must be unscrewed, the design is not symmetrical. Guided by the circumstances, do the necessary operations. You need a hex key. It is time to move the door opening cap from a previously unused area. Make it easier to thin slotted screwdriver. Notice, on the designed side, the hole is thicker; you will have to seal the plug with a layer of paper. It is important to drive the decorative element completely, preventing the door from clinging to the top panel of the Atlas refrigerator.

To remove the top door of the refrigerator, with two hands open wide, lift.

Dismantling the central hinge of the refrigerator. Atlant

The central loop is held by Torx head bolts. Two pieces for each. Loop asymmetrical, no need to disassemble. Just flip. It is time to discuss the gaskets. Look like an arbitrary configuration pieces of plastic, dressed on the central loop. Carefully remove, put aside. Each set is formed by two bottom pads, the same on top. Total, four.

Enlisting using gaskets, the master adjusts the height of the hanger of the refrigerator door. Although the original purpose - to reduce frictional force. The hinge is laid aside, removing, hold the bottom door of the refrigerator. Surely begin to fall, mastered the trays of eggs, fall out differently. Hold the door constantly, removing the central loop. Excluding an unexpected drop.

The lower door of the refrigerator is removed from the hinge, set aside. Notice hides the next set of gaskets. Put the details aside, you will need them later. Now we take out the plugs from the opposite side, stick in place of the loop. There are no problems. The plugs are still removed with a thin screwdriver. With the bottom door of the refrigerator, you will have to apply a previously tried newspaper trick. Otherwise, the stub will refuse to stand.

Dismantling the lower hinge of the refrigerator. Atlas

The lower hinge of the refrigerator is represented by a single threaded stud. Strengthened on the bottom bracket with a nut. To get there, remove the decorative panel. Held with two Torx head bolts. The size often repeats the central loop. Access is sought from the front.

End of the stud-shaped hexagon, hold on until the nut opens from the bottom. The nut is typical. Use any type of key. The restriction is caused by the proximity of the floor - it is difficult to crawl.

Installation of the lower hinge of the Atlas refrigerator and the doors of the

. Move the pin to the other side of the refrigerator( similar bracket) strictly symmetrically, screw, holding on top of the hexagonal end. Achieve confidence, then return the plastic pads removed previously. Raise the door on top. It is advisable to fix or start right away. ..

Atlas with the opening from right to left

Installation of the middle hinge of the refrigerator Atlas

When you turn 180 degrees, the geometry of the relative position of the hinge and doors remains the same. The lower pads below, the upper still - where they were. With one hand, insert the hinge in place, the other begin to align the door relative to the body of the refrigerator, achieving a strictly vertical position. Clearly, the construction level here will not help much. See that the upper and lower bezel of the door protrude one distance from the side of the case.

Take a Torx screwdriver, begin to tighten the bolts, keeping the door in the desired position. Make the final adjustment key.

Assembling the top hinge and the door of the refrigerator Atlas

  1. Slip the gaskets on the middle hinge
  2. Install the freezer door.
  3. With a slam shut the sash. To keep the door stronger.

Now the door is stuck with the “suction cup” of the seal, we begin to set the upper hinge. We agree on what has already been collected, tried on, as was said at the beginning. We dress gaskets, we insert the pin in the door, we begin to tighten the bolts. Far - hard, near - slightly. Align the position of the door so that in the future it does not cling to the upper decorative panel. Difficult moment. .. the panel will be pressed by the weight of the flowers that were removed earlier. When trying on, press the top with your hand as it should.

A lot of our readers will say warm words to different addresses, try to avoid breaking the foam sheet. Keep away from the refrigerator at the time of fitting. It will be easier to put a decorative panel in place. Sheet foam forgotten to stick. Just set aside. Below the reflective insulation, try to protect.

It remains to erect the decorative panel back. Guided by photography, we put flowers, lay the tablecloth, align the TV.Headache on how to outweigh the refrigerator door, you can forget. The review will help readers solve the problem simply, as the authors did with the Belarusian Atlanta.

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