Repair running water heater do it yourself

Domestic instantaneous water heaters are compact in power up to 15 kW.Before installation, permits are obtained, exceeding the load limit on the power grid triggers protection, the apartment building will be de-energized.

The high power consumption of instantaneous water heaters is associated with the need to heat large amounts of water.2 kW is enough for washing hands or dishes.3.5 kW please little warm water for a shower. Electrical wiring standard "Khrushchev" is limited to 5 kW.

Consider some aspects of self-repair of instantaneous water heaters.

Uninsulated spirals in instantaneous water heaters

Uninsulated spirals in accumulative water heaters pose a serious threat to human life. It is strictly prohibited to eliminate the malfunction of the heating element by simply winding nichrome wire over the rod.

The design of the instantaneous water heater is fundamentally different from the storage tank: the tank itself is absent, the heating element is placed in a container a little larger than the heating element itself, made of copper. The device is equipped with two degrees of protection: a thermostat that maintains the temperature of the water;flow sensor that turns off the heating element when the water supply stops.

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It's not a joke with electricity and water when it comes to human lives. It is forbidden, as they say at times, to place uninsulated spirals of nichrome in copper tanks, which are often connected with copper pipes. This is called reckless killing.

Finally, an argument to the readers! Specially covered with nichrome ceramics, so that less scale is formed. Metal is an unsurpassed base for salt deposits. It is supplied with an inert shell not by chance.

Electric instantaneous water heaters

Electric instantaneous water heaters are arranged differently than accumulative. The tank is small, the tank is copper, so no magnesium anode is required, which saves space. In the instantaneous water heater at least two degrees of protection:

  1. Traditional thermostat that controls the temperature of the water.
  2. Flow-through sensor that protects against switching on when there is no flow.

Two steps overlap. If you turn on an empty storage water heater, the device will burn if the thermostat probe is not in contact with the coil. But there such a situation does not happen, because the water intake occurs from above.

With a weak head, the device does not heat the water - the flow sensor prevents the spiral from turning on.

Features of instantaneous water heaters:

  1. Ceramic spirals are used in instantaneous water heaters. When the part of the coating is peeled off, the differential circuit breaker operates.
  2. The use of ceramic spirals in flowing water heaters is economically advantageous: Efficiency is 98.5%, scale is formed in meager amounts. Water heaters with ceramic spirals are made non-separable.
  3. Removable heaters are not equipped with all models. Repairing a non-removable heating element involves opening the copper sheath, which is then brewed or sealed again.

Although electric instantaneous water heaters are connected through a circuit breaker, when the water supply is cut off, the fuse will not immediately turn off the heating. A piece of wire for several minutes can withstand the load, limiting current consumption.

Gas instantaneous water heaters

The devices require regular maintenance: lubrication of internal valves that prevent gas leakage and water leakage. Moving rods periodically grease, replace rubber or silicone gaskets.

When working, the valves are closed. After processing, the nodes are washed to make sure that the connections are tight.

When transferring a water heater to a new type of gas, the trivial adjustment of pressure does not give the desired result. We have to buy new components, for example, a pilot burner nozzle. Without additional adjustment, the water valve does not work correctly: a strong gas flow can squeeze the spring, and in the absence of water supply, the gas supply to the main burner will continue.

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