What is an Air Ionizer

Portal VashTehnik already talked about water ionizers. Recall that negative ions are beneficial to health. Briefly explain that the people around the water with a positive charge. The more, the higher the acidity. From this viewpoint, harmful carbonated beverages. Water from the tap is not happy use. Similarly happens with air: with the electric apparatus allocates positive ions, it is harmful. Consequently, the city is necessary to neutralize the negative impact, the time comes to find out what the air ionizer.

The action of the air ionizer

The action of the air ionizer

Benefits of Negative Ions

Argument dealers promoting air ionizers is the fact: arterial blood has a negative charge. Loses sign passing through the bodies resumed in the lungs. Delivering air through a negative charge by means of air ionizers, helping blood cleaned. Therefore, strengthening the body. An important application of the measure.

Air Ionizer Tchizhevskiy first constructed in the form of chandeliers. Talented young people aged over 20 years (1897 DOB) flooded with innovative ideas and firmly settled in the scientific field. I fought for Russia in the First World, wounded, after the revolution, he graduated from Moscow Institute of Archeology. Already in the early 20s showed that negative ions are beneficial in laboratory animals such as rats.

Advantages of the ionizer

Advantages of the ionizer

Under the influence of chandeliers Chizhevskogo (first air ionizer) white mouse ate well, slept well and most importantly, increased life span. They offered to buy the patent, but Chizhevsky gave the Soviet state.

However... we trust the enemy of the people possible. The inventor of the air ionizer is constantly engaged in activities, not every step is clear stubborn security officers. Therefore, in 1936, the professor, by the time repeatedly invited to lecture on the work for abroad, stubbornly refuse to leave Russia, the father of air ionizers, from the heads of the Laboratory removed. Under the pretext:

  1. Laboratory mice are not so well lived under the lamp Chizhevskogo (air ioniser), as it tried to show. In fact, conditions are violated, therefore, the findings can not be considered scientific. It turns out, the scientist so many years pulling money out of workers' and peasants of the people's own unscientific whims, referred to as an air ionizer.
  2. In the translation of a document allowed the liberty and have known only to him the reason for visiting a foreign person's own laboratory.

For it has not yet decided to execute, but the works to publish banned. In 1942, martial law and Article 58 of the scientist imprisoned for 8 years in the notorious Gulag. Whether engaged in counter-revolutionary activities, not known for certain, but remained adamant that the upheavals and revolutions are accomplished in accordance with the activity of the heavenly body, the sun.

In the light of science camps thrust continued research. It is now scientifically proved that red blood cells have a negative charge. And because of this, it is moving in an orderly, as it was expressed in the famous Malyshev transfer columns. And the big stick the edges, and small swim in the middle. It should be the rule of the charges be broken, as the red blood cells change to a chaotic movement, begins to develop thrombosis. Add to the above, the blood is saturated in Lung negative charge, and the exhaled air is positively charged.

On the screen in the transmission on Channel Malyshev showed three pictures of human lungs:

  • The first is made from absolutely healthy individual.
  • Second - when people sat out front of the TV screen for several hours.
  • Third, after the session under the chandelier Chizhevskogo.

Images show convincingly easy cleaning. Scientists have gone further and decided to put the chandelier under the strain of bacteria. Within 10 minutes microbes began to die. Half an hour later not a trace of pathogens. Academic rehabilitated posthumously (he died in 1964 in Moscow and was buried at the cemetery Pyatnitskoye). Our opinion: Air Ionizer for apartments worth to buy. We hope that convincingly showed favor Chizhevskogo chandeliers.

Air ionizer

Air ionizer

It was argued that the variety of air ionizers clueless. He criticized the method of generation of positive charges for blocking balance disorders. Balance should not be violated. Because par with negative and positive prompted to generate ions, but a slightly smaller quantity. As for the charges, air metropolis 40 times less than in the mountains or by the sea. Now, we think together, which is sent to gain strength. In the city or the sea?

The operating principle of the air ionizer

Almost all types of air ionizers are placed on the floor or hung on the wall, a chandelier Chizhevskogo placed on the ceiling. It represented the frame, which is under enormous pressure of 40-50 kV. On such a device first read the graduate department for the design of medical devices, diode factory director, Vladimir Tikhonov. Foreign equivalents at the time cost $ 700 (at present more than 20 thousand. rubles), domestic companies supply products cheaper.

Today, to get the unit, cleaning the air, it is possible for 1000 rubles. The market promises great choice. It is easy to find the air conditioning with air ionizer function, the convector. We inform that by cleaning, for example, is understood HEPA-filter structure, as in any vacuum cleaner, but ionizer kills germs.

The principle of operation of the ionizer

The principle of operation of the ionizer

As regards the use, Director diode factory advises not to overdo it. For example, sleep-enabled device need through the night. Every night - not allowed. Can not be in the room with smoke ionizer poison builds up in the throat. That's what the air ionizer.

A few words on the structure. Chandelier Chizhevskogo of sufficiently thin reinforcement in the form of a hemisphere, a pole facing downwards. The convex surface is studded with needles. With these charges flowed into the air. The whole principle of the air ionizer. The program Malyshev on the screen rotates the device.

The main parts of the ionizer are transformer or voltage multiplier. The latter are used because of the lower weight. Saving copper wire, so to speak. This power supply, air ionizer action principle on the choice of implementation does not change. See if it will generate the desired settings. In one capacitor capacitance symmetrical multiplication circuit 5 uF device looks not miniaturized. Recall that to get Chizhevskogo chandeliers need to 40 kV, for domestic ionizers voltage significantly lower.

How much is enough to create the charge depends, apparently, on the needle thickness: the thinner the less. We do not think that the air ionizer manufacturers will advertise construction, but the process of disassembly of the device posted on YouTube.

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