How to clean soda washing machine

  • What is the difference between baking and soda ash?
  • Cleaning with soda ash
  • Using soda in the wash

Soda is a universal cleaner that is used to solve various household problems. It can be used in cooking, for cleaning kitchen utensils, for removing stains when washing or for bleaching things. Soda can also be actively used for cleaning parts of washing machines from lime scale. In this article we will describe how to clean the washing machine with soda from lime and dirt.

What is the difference between food and soda ash?

Soda is made with different chemical composition. By nature, it is alkali. The following three types of this chemical industry product are used in various fields of activity:

  1. NaHCO3 or sodium bicarbonate. This formula has an ordinary baking soda.
  2. Na2CO3 - soda ash.
  3. NaOH - caustic soda.

In the first case, it is the weakest alkaline product. Baking soda is used in the confectionery industry. Caustic soda has the strongest chemical reaction. In the household purposes it is practically not used. As a rule, it is used in the chemical industry. The most suitable powder to clean the washing machine is soda ash. Next, we take a detailed look at how to clean the washing machine with soda ash.

Cleaning with soda ash

The main problem that arises during the operation of washing machines is the formation of scale on the parts. Also, if you do not strictly follow the rules of operation of equipment, then over time, an unpleasant smell may occur. All mechanisms can be cleaned using soda ash. With the help of soda ash, you can clean the washing machine with high quality, it also has a lower cost compared to special tools sold in retail outlets, but its efficiency is no less.

To get rid of mold and plaque on the details of the washing machine and the unpleasant smell you need:

  1. Make a soda solution. To do this, stir one part soda and one part water.
  2. The resulting mixture is applied directly to the drum and around on the rubber cuff. Most of the mold is formed precisely in the folds of the cuff. Need to work in rubber gloves. Soda can irritate the skin.
  3. Means to keep about half an hour.
  4. Remove sponge contamination from the parts of the washing machine with soda solution.
  5. We switch on the washing machine to the fast washing mode without things.

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If you could not get soda ash to clean the washing machine, you can use regular baking soda. At the same time, the striralki should be cleaned on a regular basis at least once a month.

It is necessary not only to clean the drum of the typewriter and cuffs, but also the container for detergents. With regular use of the washing machine, powder and lime deposits are deposited in the trays. To clean the containers for household chemicals can be exactly the same as cleaning the drum. Soda solution is applied for twenty - thirty minutes on the walls of the tray, and then washed off.

Soda ash softens domestic water well. It can be added to any detergent for two tablespoons. You can not do this when washing wool and silk things. Adding soda ash at every wash will protect washing machine parts from scale.

Applying soda when washing

Quite often, Na2CO3 alkali is used to remove stains on clothes. To do this, soda can be added directly to the laundry detergent when laying the laundry in the drum. This is a suitable method for linen and cotton things. In no case can not add alkali when washing wool and silk clothes. It is also not recommended to do this when washing things with a special membrane coating.

If the water used for washing is of medium hardness, then experts recommend adding two to three tablespoons of soda. In this case, it can be poured directly into the drum to things. If the water hardness is very high, then you need to add about five tablespoons of soda.

It should be remembered that the water temperature during washing should be at least 50 ºC.

In order to achieve a better effect, soda can be poured into water when soaking. For this purpose, three tablespoons are dissolved in ten liters of water at a temperature not lower than 40 ºC.Things are soaked for two to three hours, after which you can wash them by hand or in a washing machine.

Soda Ash will effectively clean, bleach and stain removal on kitchen towels. For this spoon, four alkalies are mixed with shavings of laundry soap. This mixture is diluted with water in an enamel container. The tank must be filled with water half. After the mixture is completely dissolved, kitchen towels are soaked in water and set on fire. Towels should be boiled for about twenty minutes. After which they can be washed in a washing machine.

Soda Ash is sold in most retail outlets in specialized departments, in the same place where the rest of household chemicals for the home are sold.

Soda is a universal means for perfect household management. They can, and wash clothes, and clean any kitchen surface, and remove unpleasant odors. Do not forget to clean the washing machine's drain filter at least once a month, as it is often clogged with thread, hair, lime lime and other trifles. Now you know how to clean the washing machine with soda, and we hope that this article helped to make your assistant clean.

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