Electronic caliper from China for super-accurate measurements

In the country there is always a lot of repair or construction. Of course, at hand the master should always have a tape measure, as well as a ruler. Yet there are planes that cannot be measured with such devices. In this case, an electronic caliper from China is in a hurry to help the worker. Thanks to the device, the diameter of any pipe or the depth of a non-standard hole is determined with extreme accuracy.

The nature of the universal tool

It is equipped with an LCD display. It displays the result with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. Especially such measurements are needed when working with miniature or too thin designs. The nature of the caliper is determined by the following indicators:

  1. Read speed. It is 1.5 m / s. The master will not even have time to blink an eye, as the data will already be on the screen. As a result, in a few minutes he will be able to process dozens of parts.
  2. Clear image. If it has an obscure shape, it means that the electronics are defective or you need to replace the battery.
  3. Large measurement range, which varies from 0 to 150 mm.
  4. Upper and lower jaws. Must have a flat surface. With their full compression, no gaps are formed. Due to their shape, they are able to penetrate any openings.
  5. Reset. Set to zero regardless of position.
  6. Power consumption. The device operates on a single battery( 1.55 V).Because of this, you have to periodically change the battery.

In all calipers, an error of 10% is allowed, both downwards and downwards. In the industrial sphere, every 6 months, such devices pass metrological control.

At the top of the display there is a button for switching units of measurement: from millimeters to inches, and at the bottom - on / off the device. In the same row is the reset key. Of course, at first glance it may seem fragile, since it is made of plastic. However, this is precisely its advantage. It is comfortable to hold the tool in your hand, because it is not too heavy and not cold at the same time.

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What should the client know?

It is important to understand that electronic calipers come out of the frets due to the effects of sudden temperature changes as well as humidity. Moreover, it is subject to mechanical damage, which is often considered to be the cause of the breakdown. Therefore, it is necessary to work with such accurate instruments very carefully.

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models Nevertheless, at the site AliExpress, the price for measuring goods of this class is 463 rubles. But metal or with a dial are several times more expensive - from 1 500 rubles.in regular stores.

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