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Modern home appliances are designed to facilitate our daily lives. Manufacturers of washing machines have tried so much that they invented and released the device for easy and quick washing, even in conditions of limited or missing plumbing. We are talking about washing machines with a water tank. For those who are not yet in the know, we will tell all the features of this device, tips on how to properly connect and review existing models.

Tasks and working principle

A washing machine with a water tank is a device for residents of country houses, villas, villages or villages that lack central water supply or sewage systems. Such a device is very similar to the usual machine: there are a large number of washing modes, protection against leakage, spinning, etc. All the functionality and device - the same as in the usual models. There is one thing, such a washer is not connected to the water supply, but has a water tank, which is enough for 2-3 full washings. To work the machine will need 220 W sockets and a tank of water. In the tank, you can collect water using buckets or connect to the well, well, spring( for models with built-in pump).That is, you do not have to add water in the process of washing or worry about the quality of washing or rinsing.

Waste water is discharged into a tank, which needs to be emptied in time to prevent a flood. Of course, it is much more practical to organize the drain, then washing things happens without the intervention of the hostess. You can simply take the garden hose to the street or in the cesspool.

It should be noted right away that such a machine is a fairly large purchase, because the built-in tank takes up a lot of space in the bathroom. However, such an old car becomes the only possible option for rural areas, summer houses and buildings without connecting to communications.

If you have a permanent water supply and you can connect to it, disconnect the tank from the washing machine. Or organize automatic water intake into the storage tank of the device.

In all other respects, the model with the tank is no different from other automatic machines. Such a machine has a “smart” electronic filling and a large number of sensors that monitor the amount of water, the weight of the laundry, the temperature of the device. A washing machine with a built-in tank is the latest development of well-known manufacturers who are trying to keep up with the times and make it extremely easy for the customer to use the device. The quality of washing and rinsing is in no way inferior to conventional models, and the capacity of the drum and washing modes can be found in more detail in our review of the most popular models of washers with a water storage tank.

How to choose a machine with a water tank

If you are determined to get such a unit - you should learn about some of the nuances of choosing a good washing machine with a water tank.

  • First of all, pay attention to the location of the storage tank - there are models with side or rear placement of the tank. This affects the size of the machine, and should be taken into account during installation.
  • Storage tank can be made of plastic or steel. The first ones are lighter, but not as durable. Steel tanks will last longer, but the machine will be somewhat heavier.
  • Some customers resent the narrow neck of the storage tank - after all, any water tank should be periodically cleaned of plaque and sediment. Consider this factor when buying or come up with a special tool for cleaning the storage tank.
  • When choosing a washer with tank, the determining factor may be the volume of water in the storage tank. It all depends on the consumption of the device and the amount of washing - the larger the family and the more often the washing - the more capacious the tank should be.
  • Pay attention to other features of the device - the number of programs and temperature regimes, the number of revolutions during the spin cycle, the presence of additional functions( child lock, leak protection, delayed start, additional rinsing or soaking).

Remember that in some stores the storage tank is not included in the kit and must be ordered separately. Approximate cost is about 3-4 thousand rubles.

In a regular hardware store, you will not find such a machine. Only in specialized hypermarkets or in online stores you can buy a washer with a tank. Be careful when choosing and then buying a household washing machine will be your joy!

How to connect

Connection is somewhat different from the connection of conventional models. But there is nothing difficult in this, you can not involve specialists in this process or look for a special tool. All about everything will take just a few minutes!

  1. First of all, take care of the place where it will be installed. Relate the size of the purchased washing machine and the space that you allocated for it. Remember, the machine should not rest against a wall, other appliances or furniture.
  2. The floor must be level, preferably concrete - such material will not sag under the weight of the device and “play” during the spin cycle.
  3. In order to level the device, use the building level, if necessary - twist the legs of the machine to the desired value.
  4. Fill the storage tank. If you do not have the opportunity to pump water from a well or a well, you will have to put water in a bucket.
  5. Connect the device to the network and conduct a test run.

As you can see, connecting a typewriter with a tank is simple and quick. But the result of the work you will be pleasantly surprised, because the washing machine can save our time and effort.

How to use the machine

A washing machine with a water tank is a real find for those who have to wash with their hands due to lack of running water. The storage tank can be filled independently at any time and in any convenient way, in addition, there is no need to follow the washing process or to get water during soaking or rinsing. No more fussing with coxae, back pains and many hours of staining up stains! In addition, any typewriter with properly selected mode of operation, erases things much more delicate and more efficient than you hands.

  • If you have already connected the appliance and checked it, you can load the wash, pour in the powder and start the appropriate mode. The machine itself takes the right amount of water from the tank, rinsing and squeezing the laundry - you just have to get the wash and dry it.
  • When washing things, you should follow the recommendations of the clothes manufacturer and the basic rules of washing - wash colored things separately from whites, observe the temperature regime, hang out washed laundry in time.
  • From time to time you need to clean the filter, which is installed in the pump of the machine. Buttons, coins, hair, threads and other small items often get there. Such a blockage can affect the quality of the instrument, so do not forget to take the time to your washing machine.

Machines with a storage tank are distinguished by a high energy consumption class and economical water consumption. The quality of washing does not differ from the standard automatic machine; things will be clean, fresh and well-washed. This effect is achieved thanks to precise electronic sensors, which carefully monitor the weight of the laundry, the water temperature and the amount of laundry detergent.

Review of the best models

Today the Slovenian brand Gorenje is engaged in the production of washing machines with an external water storage unit. While the choice is small, but still, you can get confused when choosing.

  • Gorenje W 72ZX1 / R - freestanding model with a removable lid, front loading 7 kg of linen, water consumption per wash - 54 l. Distinctive features - convenient control, 18 programs of work, including the “author's” washing mode. Spin - 600 rpmPlastic water tank is attached to the side of the device.
  • Gorenje W 65Z02 / SRIV - front washing machine with rear storage tank. Loading - 6 kg of linen, spin - 1000 rpm, 23 washing programs, digital display. In addition - protection from children, the postponed start, protection against leakages, signal of the end of washing. Water consumption - 51 l.
  • Gorenje W 75Z03 / RV - a stylish and improved model with front loading type. Specifications - side drive, 7 kg load, 23 programs, spin - 1000 rpm, water consumption - 51 l. Of the additions - a cold wash, digital display, connection to the central water supply through the water tank. Energy class - A ++.
  • Gorenje WA 60Z085R - ergonomic design, practicality and functionality. This is a narrow model with a load of 6 kg of linen, a spin of 1000 rpm, a water consumption of 45 liters per wash. The number of operating modes - 15, low power consumption and a spacious storage tank.

For all models of the Burning brand, large hatches( 34 cm), advanced heating elements with antiscale protection and additional stiffening ribs were used to reduce spin extraction. In general, these are modern and functional washing machines that have already proven themselves well in conditions of limited water supply - in the village, in the country or in houses with little or no water supply.

And finally, a washing machine without running water with a water tank is a great option for those who have to live in difficult conditions, without a central water supply or sewage system. Now you know what the distinctive features of such devices are, how to choose the optimal model and how to connect it correctly. Even if you have any difficulties with the water supply - your things will always be clean and fresh, wash it in pleasure!

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