Rating of cheap but reliable washing machines according to buyers

. We are looking for you to help yourself. Some trademarks so desperately compete for each client that they are ready to give up a bit on the price of a good model. If necessary, it is possible to choose a budget washing machine, which will have all the necessary functionality and will be able to become an effective au pair. If you are faced with just such a choice, we present the 2018 ranking of low-cost but high-quality washing machines, which is based on consumer feedback, expert advice, and sales statistics for each firm.

What is the basis of the

rating? Washer is a serious purchase and we all try to approach this choice consciously. Such criteria of selection as size, technical parameters, functionality come to the fore. It would be desirable, that the device was reliable, well washed and qualitatively wrung out linen, pleased with stable work throughout long term. And if you don’t see the point of overpaying for a promoted brand, marketing, and a bunch of useless technological bells and whistles, then you can opt for less pretentious models from our top low-cost washing machines.

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The rating was based on real reviews of buyers and owners of cheap washing machines, manufacturers' specifications and cost information within Yandex. Market. We placed the models in ascending order of price, so you will only have to compare the technical and operational characteristics. What model of cheap washing machine from our list will become your assistant? Let's find out!

Midea ABWM610G2

A representative of a Chinese industrial company, which recently entered the domestic markets. Price availability of devices, all the necessary functionality, effective work - these are the characteristics of the brand. A washing machine of this brand washes 6 kg of laundry, squeezes out at a speed of 1 thousand rpm, belongs to the A ++ class of energy efficiency. Machine control - electronic, in the presence of 16 programs, including useful modes( washing children's, woolen things, "sports", washing in cold water, etc.).There is protection from children and from leaks. The function of delayed start and even memorization of the last mode of operation. The owners note that the level of noise and vibrations is rather low, the quality of washing and spinning is excellent. Unfortunately, no one wrote about the reliability of the device and stability of work, however, if we take into account the cost of the model( about 9700 rubles), then even after 4-5 years it can be safely replaced with a newer one.

Indesit IWUB 4085

The cost of the model is about 10 thousand rubles, but the functionality is somewhat simpler than in the previous Chinese model. It remains to hope for a long duration and stability of the device without the intervention of master repairmen. So, the capacity of the car - 4 kg, spin - 800 rpm. At the same time, water consumption is 52 liters per wash, energy efficiency class is A. Unlike the “neighbors” by rating, this model has a removable lid for embedding. From useful programs - delaying the start, choosing the temperature of washing, smoothing fabrics during washing, super fast and long washing modes with soaking clothes. The owners claim that they should not exceed the level of permissible load for this model. Otherwise, the engine will very soon fail, and in such a situation it is easier to buy a new unit than to replace it.

BEKO MVB 69001 Y

Turkish company, which is in active demand among domestic consumers. Modern laconic design of devices, thoughtful functionality, simplicity and low cost of repair - these are the distinctive qualities of Beco washing machines. Model MVB 69001 Y, presented on Yandex Market, costs about 12 thousand rubles. The functionality is good enough - load at 6 kg, spin at 1000 rpm, quite economical water consumption - 45 liters per wash. Energy class - A, there are 15 work programs, the choice of spin speed, blocking from unauthorized activation and accidental keystrokes. In user reviews, convenient control, fairly quiet, stable operation, but I would like a longer filling hose and time display on the display.

Hotpoint-Ariston RSM 601 W

A fairly popular brand and reliable manufacturer of high-quality home appliances. Washing machines of this brand are positioned as innovative and technological. This model of "stars from the sky is not enough", but at its democratic cost( 15 thousand rubles), they don’t expect much from it. You can wash 6 kg of linen at a time, spinning is carried out at the standard 1000 rpm. Water consumption - 49 l, A + energy efficiency class. The machine has 14 programs, drainage without pressing, economy mode, washing delicate and light fabrics and a program for removing stains from clothes. Users note that the hatch does not open by 180 ° and the short power cord, as well as after washing, water remains in the door sealer. They praise the device for a thoughtful device, loading volume and effective washing of even the most complex contaminants.

CANDY GC4 1051 D

Italian model with the ability to load up to 5 kg of linen. Spin - 1000 turns, operating modes - 16, there is a protection against leakage, delayed start of washing, quick and long modes, special programs for sportswear, delicate fabrics, etc. The user can independently adjust the temperature of the water during operation of the device. However, it was not without comments - on the strong noise during the spin cycle. True, a good level of stain removal is good news.

In our top of the cheapest washing machines, we decided to add two original models for fans of non-standard solutions.


This model can be called the most inexpensive, but high-quality washing machine with front-loading. It can be washed at a time 5 kg of linen, although the spin occurs at a speed of only 800 revolutions per minute. Electronic convenient management, small weight, minimalistic design and convenient dimensions. Rich functionality - 23 programs, among them there are really the most popular modes - fast washing, soaking, removing stains, washing delicate fabrics, etc. I am pleased with the credibility of the manufacturer and the modest price of the device - 12,500 rubles.

Indesit BWSB 50851

Spacious washing machine at an affordable price. The cost of the device - from 13 500 p.quite an interesting price for a novelty in which you can wash 5 kg of linen. Energy efficiency class - A +, electronic control, spin speed - 800 rpm. In the functionality of the machine - drainage without spinning, adjusting the speed of revolutions, timer, choice of washing temperature, partial( case) leakage protection and blocking control from children. The owner of the device can choose one of 16 programs, and as a “bonus” - steam supply, silk washing, direct injection, the mode of washing mixed fabrics, protection from crushing.

As you can see, even among the most budget machines there are plenty to choose from! What is more important for you - size, functionality or price? The best low-priced washing machines can also wash things of high quality, and with their cost they will not make a serious dent in the family budget. Shop deliberately and save correctly!

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