The best ways to remove cat urine odor from shoes

Removing the smell of cat urine from shoes is quite difficult. Animal urine contains a large concentration of fetid uric acid and yellow pigments of urochromes. When interacting with leather, suede, textiles, it is quickly absorbed into the material and is difficult to remove. Moreover, conventional detergents react with the biological fluid and only exacerbate the situation.

Professional neutralizers

At pet stores, consultants tell you how to quickly get the smell of cat urine out of tea. Means are able to gently clean the leather and suede upper products, as they do not have in the composition of dyes, caustic substances.


This is the name of a liquid deodorant in a bright orange bottle with a convenient spray on the neck. The main substance of its composition is non-inogenic surfactant. It breaks down the components of urine and neutralizes the stench. An additional advantage is the ability to add liquid to a bucket of water to wash the stains of urine from the floor during wet cleaning.

Vergas Soft Odor Liquidator

White powder designed to remove unpleasant smell from the cat litter. In the manual it is recommended to mix it with sand or sawdust filler. This tool is suitable for saving shoes. Wipe the inside of the shoe with a napkin and put one tablespoon of the smell remover into it for 10 minutes.

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Nature s Miracle 8 in 1

Spray 8 in 1 displays eight types of organic stains: urine, blood, fat, feces, blood, herbs, foods. Upon contact with the wet sole, a yellow foam is formed with an unpleasant chemical odor. But after rinsing everything disappears. This effect of getting rid of the stench appears due to the oxygen activator, bioenzymes, isopropyl alcohol in the composition of the liquid.

Weei Closet

This fluid effectively removes only fresh urine stains. To do this, pour it into a shoe and leave it for 5 minutes. Then thoroughly wash the shoes with a sponge or brush. Concentrated citrus flavoring is able to interrupt the stench at the initial stage. An hour later, in the corridor there will be only a light orange scent.

Fresh Pets

The tool is capable of neutralizing the stench from cat urine due to its rich composition. Thus, the liquid is made from a complex of enzymes, odor modifiers, surfactants. It is poured into a pre-wiped sneaker and left in it for a few minutes. The spray is safe for the pet, so it can later be used to wash the toilet tray.

Folk remedies

The hostesses know how to quickly remove the smell of cat urine from the shoes of folk remedies. In every home medicine chest there are drugs that can eliminate stains and stench. Remember that the amber of ammonia repels a person, but attracts domestic animals.

Solution of potassium permanganate

If a kitten made a puddle, it will be easy to get rid of the consequences. Indeed, as part of their urine there are still no caustic elements for marking the territory. In this case, shoes must be treated with potassium permanganate. The more saturated the solution is, the faster it will cope with the problem. Means has red color, therefore is not suitable for light products.

Hydrogen Peroxide

The preparation has quite aggressive components. Therefore, peroxide cannot be used to eliminate odor from patent leather shoes and shoes. If the shoes are made of matte material, blot the skin with a napkin, and then pour peroxide trickle. After 10 minutes, rinse the inside again with clean water.

Lemon juice

Concentrated citrus juice neutralizes stench and deodorizes the room. Take half of the lemon, squeeze the pulp with a fork and spread it inside the soiled shoes for 10-20 minutes. The disadvantage of this method is a pronounced whitening effect. Therefore, this method is not suitable for colored fabric and leatherette.


The smell of urine in summer shoes can be removed with vinegar. To do this, make a solution in the basin: 100 grams per 5 liters of water and place sandals or ballet flats in the liquid. After half an hour, wipe them with a clean rag. This method is considered the most gentle for the material, but dangerous models, parts of which are connected by shoe glue.


The method is suitable only for fresh stains. Blot the inside of the shoe with dry napkins. Next, pour soda on the insole and wait a few seconds until it absorbs urine. Pull off the shoes and fill in the new batch until the powder remains white and crumbly. Dry mustard has the same properties.

Washing in a machine

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In the forums, pet owners share experiences on how to quickly remove the smell of cat urine from shoes using a washing machine. This method is only suitable for fabric slippers, sneakers, moccasins. To neutralize uric acid and urochromes use any professional or folk remedy. Only after that you can wash the streaks in the typewriter.

To do this, remove the laces and pull out the insole. Put all the pieces in a special zip pouch. Next, turn on the mode "Washing shoes."To permanently eliminate the stench, dry your slippers in fresh air, and then put in tea bags moistened with citrus aromatic oil. This smell discourages cats from being close to the subject.

How to wash boots from cat urine

Finally, we will look at how to get rid of the smell of urine in winter shoes. Boots with fur absorb urine and keep it inside. It is especially difficult to remove stains from products made of genuine leather, suede, nubuck. Therefore, you need to act quickly.

First, tear off and remove the insoles. Dab your boots inside with a clean cloth. Then use a powdery substance with an adsorbing property. Such neutralizers are sold at the pet store. It can be replaced by baking soda. Pour it for a few minutes, and then smash it. Perform such actions until the powder changes color.

At night, tamp your boots with paper moistened with an odor eliminator. Instead of a professional tool, you can use vinegar, lemon juice. Footwear will cease to smell bad if you hold it unbuttoned on the balcony with an open window or in the open air. So that the cat does not continue to mark the thing you like, put it in the lockers.

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