How to connect your phone to your TV

Today, every schoolchild knows about BlueTooth. This is the interface through which it easy to share videos and other information from your phone to a smartphone. Devices find each other, then the transfer starts. Process to limit simple. Can be connected to a TV phone through the specified port. It is better if the device on the Android operating system. Then, the TV turns into an ordinary gadget.

Smart TVs of new generation

I wonder if connected to a TV subscriber phone located anywhere in the world possible?

modern TV

modern TV

Only recently, according to experts, equipped with the Android operating system was the model Supra brand unpronounceable jumble of letters and numbers. Today the market has a considerable range of televisions, running on the Android operating system. Among other things, users of smartphones convenient solution that is present in the arsenal of equipment PlayMarket application, when connected to the Internet allows you to put any of the usual program.

First, application for communication: mobile version of VKontakte, Vayber and so on. Activate snap. Vayber allows you to set the digital device as many copies, with no SIM card in the composition. Activation is carried out via a smartphone, which will come SMS with a special code. If it seems too difficult, it is necessary to download from the network Smartphone emulator like BlueStacks. Here's the first way to connect to a TV phone opponent, and at any distance. Communication goes free!

Meaning: the computer (not on TV) is put a program of shock devouring resources (especially RAM). This thing is not necessarily tied to the SIM card. Then, in the usual way Vayber placed inside the emulator. Appearance BlueStacks is little different from the typical iPad. The device and the nature of the treatment familiar to readers. The only difficulty - in the course of the installation is able to generate an error allegedly downloaded package has the wrong format.

In fact, the emulator does not have enough internal memory. This option is, unfortunately, is not regulated. You have to be installed before the application for exemption Vayberom RAM. The program is called like Task Killer. Not the fact that the first available suitable. With the help of a killer processes relies clear memory emulator, then there easily arises Vayber.

You will then need to link to the SIM card, but the smart phone for the action is not needed. Suitable simple grandma phone. To a specified number soon will call, if you take the phone, did not hear anything. Later, the activation process is repeated, comes SMS with the 4-digit number. You need to enter it. Now installed on the emulator full Vayber smartphone. Using the software is easy to activate any number of clients on any operating system for which there exists the installer:

  1. Computer (windows, linux, mac).
  2. Windows 8 is moved to a separate category.
  3. iOS (tablets, smart phones).
  4. Android.
  5. Windows Phone (some smartphones).
  6. Blackberry.
  7. Nokia.
Using the TV with your phone

Using the TV with your phone

As you can see, the choice is wide. If PlayMarket sold only program under Android, Viber on the official website of the program will be able to download the above. Let's add that one can not enter contacts, this is done through the host computer through a customer (or smartphone). Later emulator BlueStacks activated ask for a fee or threaten to install bonus applications. Given the complexity of downloading, we recommend choosing the second. This BlueStacks threatening that the application will soon be delivered, this matter ended.

Own Vayber possible to put virtually any television, but it's convenient, when the operating system will be Android. In the course of buying look at the ports. Typically, the new generation of USB TV as much as 3. But! Two - for the keyboard and mouse. The third is split between the hard drive, webcam, and the like. As for the manipulators, allowed wireless, although it certainly is harmful to health. As a result, while the smartphone is charged, continue to communicate (even with video), without getting up from a comfortable chair in front of TV.

Wireless Data Protocol

Besides BlueTooth, described above, WiFi embodiments actively used. Manufacturers are trying to avoid the use of additional communication modems. Used technologies:

Control the game on the screen via the phone

Control the game on the screen via the phone

Brand refers to AirPlay Apple smartphones. Is based on WiFi, is realized by means of special BridgeCo company's chips. To successfully connect two TV gadgets required to maintain the protocol. Wireless transmitters for TV is already available (, t = 18). It comes in a review about a small computer processor ARM 11 with its own Ethernet port capable of transmitting AirPlay stream in any TV. Top box costs 35 dollars (not quite dongle). For contact information, visit the website (manufacturer couplers). Often docking is conducted by software. For this purpose, there will AirPlayer under Mac OS application. Decoding is carried out directly on the receiving side. data transfer protocol agreed with the software.

Aside from Apple's, the world's most manufacturers uses WiFi Direct protocol that allows two devices to communicate without a modem. Speed ​​remains exemplary. With regard to smartphones brand called Miracast. Starting from September 29th (one and a half months after the publication of the standard) support introduced in Android2. As regards the apparatus, the phone side transmitter built, the TV otherwise have to buy a modem.

For example, a HDMI or USB port. Accordingly, the image reception is adjusted corresponding button, or programmatically stream is processed by using the application.

Combining phone with TV

Combining phone with TV

Today, more and more manufacturers are thinking, how to connect to a TV phone, but go much further. They implement control via the touchscreen technology. On the TV is equipped with a special program, for example, is for Panasonic VIERA Remote. Perhaps not too successful example, recently the Japanese have reduced presence in the segment, but there are similar developments in the Giants Philips, LG, Samsung. There is a detailed guide to the TV. Then the remote control will not need even to control the cursor will become from your phone.

About MHL cable interface Russian domain Wikipedia is silent, but the device is created. The first interface is demonstrated by Silicon Image in 2008, interested users. Today MHL endured for three generations, the last of which is capable of working with 4K video. Starting in January 2015 came Super MHL, among the distinguishing features - quality: Image support 8K (120 fps), 48 bit color, surround sound, multiple devices with a single control MHL remote. The market cable from the adapter is 1000 rubles, which is comparable with the first option in the list price.

Finally say that the flash-modems to connect to the TV and the phone called dongles. Able to work on the basis of Miracast or Airplay, are common - WiFi. As a rule, in combination with the equipment you need to use special software. In a network, for example, often there are videos on the use of the dongle EZCast. Based on this information an idea how to connect the phone to a TV through this technology. As for features, they vary.

For example, some "panels" allow you to transfer multimedia information and e1 composition depends on the TV model. For more details ask at sellers consultants. Or flip through the TV. With the help of the techniques described above are connected phones and other electronic gadgets. MHL all designed for disc players of different formats.

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