Why TV does not see HDMI

The topic of conversation should be called “How to connect the TV to the computer via HDMI”.Most newcomers are doing the wrong procedure, asking questions that are hard to answer professional. Recall: HDMI is recognized as a high-performance digital media content transfer interface. Images, music, other entertainment content. It will be possible to listen to music from the TV, home theater. The HDMI port was invented by a high-performance information transfer tool. Find out why the TV does not see HDMI, how to fix it.

Connecting a TV to a computer HDMI

Connecting the TV correctly using HDMI

Home theater owners need to know the truth - the digital multimedia device has a playback source menu. The easiest way to illustrate the fact is in old music centers. Traditionally, the device had three blocks:

  1. Cassette decks: recording, reproducing.
  2. Radio broadcast reception.
  3. Laser discs.

And the blocks refused to play melodies at the same time. It was necessary to switch the special lever section. Even a modern phone is often equipped with an FM button. .. Do not you guess why the TV does not see HDMI?Go ahead. The back of the TV usually contains half a dozen output connectors. Between the troops we will find a "tulip" formed by three petals, sometimes VGA bristles, certainly - HDMI.A scant list is traditionally not limited to the list, see the instructions for details. From the remote with an elusive button press( with a single HDMI port), the menu can choose the source. The picker can be the Source key. You need to find a menu that lists the sources, select the cable connection port. HDMI connectors can be more than two, it is important to track the number correctly.

Computer usually avoids such tricks. There is no direct option for choosing the direction of signal transmission. However:

Fn + F3 or F4

  • On laptops, using the Fn + F3( F4) function keys, you can open a pop-up system menu that lists interesting options:
  1. Computer only. The image to the external monitor( TV) will not come. Most people choose the named option. Do not be surprised that the TV does not see the laptop.
  2. Duplicate. The laptop screen will be duplicated by the TV.This is what most people need.
  3. Expand. Some people like to drag windows of players, browsers to the TV, it is more convenient to watch movies. Let's be afraid to judge( the tastes are individual), choose the Extend option, extending the desktop.
  4. Projector Only. The laptop screen is turned off. The image will be displayed individually on the TV.
  • Desktop personal computers define their own TV.Otherwise, bother to visit the driver menu, select the desired broadcast port.

It is easier to control a connected TV through the context menu of the desktop. First, right-click the free space, select the Screen resolution option. Successful definition of the TV makes available the button "Multiple monitors".You will see four options that repeat exactly the same laptop options. Values ​​read above. It happens, the computer does not see the TV via HDMI: it made sense to look here, look at the context menu. Monitors will be numbered with numbers, you can switch ports, simply click, choosing an object to change system parameters.

The “Multiple Monitors” button is not available in case of inconsistency: the system does not see the TV.Both devices must be turned on( 230 volt mains supply).

We connect with a cable a TV and a computer

Pros say: it’s possible to connect the TV and computer over HDMI.Avoid risking expensive equipment, perform procedures in the absence of power. First you need to turn on the TV.In normal mode, the devices see each other. Malfunctions indicate a breakdown. Is a hotplug connection possible or not?

Here is the Wikipedia page http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ HDMI, the characteristics of the standard include the phrase Hot Pluggable: Yes. Translating into Russian, we see the docking of connectors when the power is on. Want to play it safe? Russia is the place where dealers, manufacturers fulfill the prescriptions selectively. Sorry for the equipment - reinsure.

How to start the cable connection? No difference.

Sound. Connecting a TV to a computer HDMI

The HDMI interface from the very moment it was created by the committee( 2002) was conceived by a combined solution for transmitting images and sound. Available audio formats are viewed individually( Wikipedia page), we note only that in Windows you need to select the sound source. Now the TV is considered a system device, so these duties can be assigned to it. To do this, it is easier to click the lower right corner of the desktop( speaker icon) with the right mouse button, select Playback devices in the context menu. If there is no icon in the lower right corner, you need to click the arrow to the right of the RU language selection symbol( EN), to the left of the clock. A symbol will be found there.

Sound Volume Mixer

After clicking, a window will open: the playback devices will be listed. You will need to turn off everything except the TV, and turn the TV on the contrary. In 90% of cases, after a couple of seconds, the native speakers of the plasma panel will sound. Want Sound Around? A similar speaker system comes with a home cinema. Look through the device description. There are a number of ways to transfer the sound from the TV to the home theater, any suitable, given the condition of the need to purchase the desired cable. Similarly, the Source button on the home theater control panel selects the desired sound source.

On the TV side, the procedure is often transparent, and the device’s own speakers are turned off. Then drop the anxiety if the movie accompaniment is recorded in mono mode. Every self-respecting home theater has a splitter inside, which easily breaks the sound into channels of Sound Around format.

Q & A: Connect the TV to the computer with HDMI.

  • The TV does not see the HDMI cable. What to do?

Take the risk to assume that the TV playback source is incorrect. Check the accuracy of the target( Target) signal of the computer. For TV, use the remote control. Use the menu or the Source or Hdmi keys to ensure that the source exactly matches the socket where the wire is plugged. For example, if it is HDMI 3, then HDMI 3 should be set in the menu. From the laptop side, use the Fn + F3 or F4 function key( on different models differently) to select the Duplication mode.

Connecting a PC

First get to know yourself, then change them to your liking. A similar action is performed on a desktop computer, through the context menu of the desktop( column "Change resolution"), both devices must be turned on.

  • Through the HDMI cable on the TV there is no sound, there is an image, what to do?

The PC audio stream output device is incorrectly set. Click the speaker icon( bottom right of the screen).Resolve the issue by clicking Playback devices. In the window that opens, turn off playback devices, excluding TV speakers. If necessary, also make the instance active( the line will turn green).

  • TV stopped seeing HDMI.

We venture to suggest that the breakdown was preceded by a change of equipment. Installed a new video card. Seeing such an outcome, the TV could reset the settings. Start over. The manual is given above. Check the signal source, destination. Any parameters relating to the sound image.

  • The laptop does not see the TV over HDMI.

You need to choose the correct output source for your TV.Included devices must see each other. There is evidence that cables of different versions of standards are incompatible with equipment. In the presence of v1.3, the technique worked, the replacement of v1.4 provoked the disappearance of the picture. Sometimes setting up a video card requires adding a second monitor manually. Relevant to desktop computers.

See: reasons( the TV does not see HDMI) a bit. Predominantly hardware setup. Experts recommend installing a new TV firmware, after turning off the device, pause 5 minutes. It is permissible to reboot the product manually( using the menu), for each model the exact sequence of actions differs: LG, Sony, Samsung - the device demonstrates the features. Act according to the manual. Farewell advice. Be sure to try alternately the ports of the TV, changing the source of the image through the menu. There were cases, of the four HDMI sockets only worked, for example, the fourth. If we watch movies, there is no difference, number 1, 2, 3. ..

Readers should understand: Windows operating system is not ideal. To make the equipment work, you have to reboot the device several times. It happens, the pros ask why digital technology refused? Master shrugs, says Windows - Must Die, Linux - well done. We’re hard to say what the phrase means, but for some reason, the difficulties on the forums relate to the paid operating system, and not to the free distribution. We see no reason to discuss further.

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