The washing machine is in shock - what to do?

Table of Contents:
  • Why Household Appliances are Fighting
  • Lack of Grounding
  • Repairing Damage
  • Protection Methods
  • Errors when Troubleshooting

Home appliances should not be dangerous to humans. After all, devices are created to make our lives easier. Washing machine is no exception. Similar equipment is present in almost every home. However, when operating the washing machine can cause problems. What to do if household appliances in the process of work or at the end of the cycle beats the current?

Why household appliances are beating with current

Many appliances that are in the house can be charged with current. This applies not only to washing machines, but refrigerators, electric kettles, dishwashers, and so on. Why is home appliances beating?

The main reason is the leakage of electricity to the body of the device. If the washing machine is beating with electricity, then you should seek help from specialists. Perhaps the problem lies in:

  1. Faulty wiring. If there is such a breakdown, it is not safe to operate appliances. If the damaged cable starts to come into contact with the device case, then someone may suffer badly. To fix the damage, you should carefully inspect the wiring inside the washing machine.
  2. Dampness in the room. The bathroom has a lot of moisture. Water is known to be a good conductor. If you touch the body of the washing machine with wet hands, you can feel a tingling sensation. This is quite a normal phenomenon, which occurs with almost every model of similar household appliances. It is worth noting that new washing machines are shocked more frequently than old ones. Guilty of this are the manufacturers. They do not take into account that in many homes there is no grounding.
  3. Engine breakdown or heating element. These parts of the washing machine can fail. In case of breakdown, breakdown often goes to the instrument case. To fix a breakdown, you need to quickly replace the damaged item with a new one.

Lack of grounding

In many homes, the wiring is not grounded. Modern household appliances designed for the fact that part of the current will go through the case from the capacitors of the device. If there is no grounding in the apartment or house, then gradually a small charge will accumulate. As a result, when you touch the washing machine, the user will feel a slight tingling.

You can fix the problem. To do this, make the grounding. In a private house, it will not cause much difficulty. But in multi-apartment buildings, made according to the old layout, there are no grounding terminals in the panels.

Repair Damage

A washing machine often beats up due to faulty wiring. You can fix the problem yourself. To do this, it is necessary to remove the lining, and then carefully examine all the wires, as well as the connections of the contacts.

If the wiring is damaged, then experts recommend to insulate the cable section. To do this, you can use shrinkable material or tape. If the cause of the problem lies in the failure of the heating element or the engine, then they should be replaced. If you do not know how to do this, then you should seek the help of specialists.

. Methods of protection

In order to prevent the washing machine from overcurrent, it is worth making a ground connection. Also eliminate all faults in the unit itself. Experts recommend protecting yourself by completing the following steps:

  1. By setting a residual current device to 30 or 10 mA.At the slightest leakage of electricity, the RCD will operate. If the washing machine starts to be currents, then automatics will work on the dashboard and the power will simply turn off. Install this is only a three-wire wiring. Otherwise, the RCD will operate very often. We'll have to constantly go and turn on the automation. In such situations, it is recommended to install an outlet in which a protective shutdown device is provided.
  2. Regular grounding checks should be done. This is required for user security. In some cases, appliances hit with electricity even when grounded. This may indicate damage to the conductor. Grounding cable should be regularly checked and repaired.

If you experience an unpleasant sensation when you touch the faucet or during hand washing, you should immediately turn off the power in the bathroom and start looking for a problem. It is strictly forbidden to search for malfunction in the presence of voltage in the network.

Errors when troubleshooting

Many inexperienced masters make a lot of mistakes when fixing problems. If the washing machine is energized, then the problem should be solved immediately, as people may suffer. What you should not do?

  1. If there is no ground cable in the living room, turning the plug in the socket will not help. The rubber bath mat will not save you from current shocks. You can do these methods as much as you like, but they still do not fix the problem. The problem still remains.
  2. Disconnect the power filter of the device. It is this element that directs a portion of the electricity to the body of the washing machine. Many believe that disabling this filter will save the user from problems. It also does not solve problems. Perhaps the device will beat the current less.
  3. Connect the ground cable to the battery or to the tower. It is strictly prohibited to do this. This grounding method is dangerous.

If household appliances are regularly charged with electricity, then you can contact a qualified technician for help. They will quickly find the cause of the malfunction and eliminate it. If you do not have sufficient knowledge, then entrust the organization of grounding in the house to an experienced electrician.

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