How to choose a Daewoo refrigerator: specifications, models, reviews

In this article, we will look at what a Daewoo refrigerator is-consider the advantages, the model range, user feedback, and possible malfunctions.

Choosing a refrigerator, many buyers are guided by the brand - and here it is important not so much a logo, as recognition by millions of users. One of the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances is the Korean corporation Daewoo.

Content of the material:

  • 1About company
  • 2About Daewoo refrigerators
    • 2.1What is Nano-Silver
    • 2.2Variety of rulers
  • 3Browse popular models
    • 3.1FRS-U20BGW
    • 3.2FGK-56 EFG
    • 3.3Daewoo Electronics FN-15B2B
    • 3.4Daewoo Electronics FR-051AR (2017)
  • 4Faults of Daewoo refrigerators
    • 4.1The freezer does not freeze, or the main camera does not cool
    • 4.2Other breakdowns

About company

The history of Daewoo began in the 70s of the XX century. Gradually developing, the weaving factory has turned into a huge company that produces not only household appliances, but also cars.

The logo of the company Daewoo

For several decades, the production of clothing was replaced by a serious technological production. All this is due to the titanic work of first-class specialists. Their efforts constantly carry out research and experiments, mastering of new technologies.

Facade of Daewoo Electronics Branch

The crisis of the late 90's knocked down the countries of Asia, including the liquidation of the company Daewoo. Now the brand is part of the corporation from the States - "General Motors". These changes, however, did not affect the quality of the products.

About Daewoo refrigerators

The principles of the production of household appliances have changed little since 1967. The doctrine remains unchanged: all machinery must be "white" and not harm the environment. If in air conditioners this resulted in a system of oxygen regeneration, and inwashing machines- in the refusal to use harmful household chemicals, in refrigerators it is expressed in silver spraying Nano-Silver (antibacterial layer).

Let's take a closer look at the technologies introduced by the manufacturers in the Daewoo.

What is Nano-Silver

Nano-layer is based on the principle that when converting to a size of one billion meters, the substance can change its qualities and acquire completely new properties.

Nano-ions of silver are introduced into bacteria and viruses, and they perish. Remember, the effect of a silver spoon in tea - the principle is similar. The silver layer is involved in particular in a series of refrigerators, made in the form factor Side-by-Side.

The effect of Nano-Silver in Daewoo refrigerators

Variety of rulers

Refrigerators "Daewoo" are one-chamber and two-chamber, big and small, etc. There are several popular rulers.

Side by Side- one of the most spacious and roomy models. They are supplemented not only with the notorious spraying of Nano-Silver, but also the No Frost system, electronic temperature control, display. In such units there is a mini-bar, the location of all compartments is thought out to the smallest detail. What is important: the technique works without using freon! The total volume of cameras of similar models - from 585 liters.

Side-by-Side model

Combi- A stylish ruler. "Combi" technology also provides "Know Frost" and an electronic control system with a display. Designers created for them a door with a recessed handle, which can be outweighed to the other side. Also for convenience there are legs with adjustment function. Energy saving is ensured due to the energy efficiency class not lower than A. The total volume of the cameras is 368 liters on average.

Combi range

Two-chamber options- practical and versatile. They provide all the same systems as in the Combi. Two-door models are presented in different price categories: from "Economy" and higher.

Two-chamber options

Single-chamber mini-refrigeratorsAre created for a summer residence, office, small kitchen or hotel. Equipped with a mechanical control, adjustable shelves, a hanging type door.

Single-chamber mini models

Browse popular models

We offer a description of the characteristics and "chips" of refrigerators from each of the above line.


Large two-chamber unit with the structure of the type "Side-by-Side". White color. The device assumes 1 compressor. Dimensions of the case: 9, х77х18, cm (WxDxH). The volume of all offices in total is 618 liters.

FRS-U20BGW with Side-by-Side Construction


  • Defrosting No Frost.
  • Electronic control with display.
  • Shelves made of impact-resistant glass
  • Energy efficiency is class A +.

The price is from 118 000 rubles.

With Perfect No Frost

Thanks to the Perfect No Frost system, such a refrigerator does not require defrosting, and also manages to freeze products many times faster than conventional models. The display is maximally informative: it not only displays not only the temperature, but also all the running functions and options for complete control of the equipment.

If an error or problem is detected (open door, high temperature in the compartment), you will hear a beep and the display will be supplemented with a pictogram or code.

Unfortunately, the model is not equipped with a "Fresh Zone but given that this is one of the most inexpensive options in the line of Side-by-Side for high-quality Korean assembly, this is not a significant disadvantage.


I chose to choose Side-by-Side, and to make it cheaper. "Daewoo" approached me completely. I like a big freezer, and the main camera is quite decent. Although there are no special bells and whistles, except No Frost, it's not scary - everything is laconic and restrained, like design. It's great that there are wheels, and you can roll around the kitchen, if something goes underneath. In general, I advise everyone, a good thing.


Model with the top freezer, silvery. Electronic type management. Saves your costs thanks to the energy efficiency class A +. Inverter compressor is installed. Used freon brand R600a. Dimensions of the case: 8, х7, х17, см.

Model FGK-56 EFG with top freezer and electronic control


  • No Frost in all offices.
  • Possibility of autonomous storage of cold up to 22 hours.
  • Display the temperature on the display.
  • The total volume of the compartments is 557 liters.
  • Equipped with an ice generator.
  • There is a chilled water supply system.
  • Glass shelves.
  • Weight - 9, kg.

The cost is 4, 35 rubles.


I grabbed this refrigerator as soon as I saw it. Prior to this ice maker saw only in Side-by-Side-Siders. And I do not fit such a huge man into a small kitchen. Therefore, I am completely satisfied with the functional with such parameters. Small, but roomy, because it is wide. The shelves are thought out and very harmoniously arranged - everything is always in sight. Surprising friends with freshly prepared ice in cocktails. Connect the water, so in summer there are always cool drinks. I recommend.

Daewoo Electronics FN-15B2B

A small model without a freezer, an updated design in 2017. Management - electromechanics, energy efficiency class - A +. The dimensions of the case are 4, x55x88 cm in width, depth and height, respectively.

A small model without a freezer Daewoo Electronics FN-15B2B

Thawing is a drip. The volume of the compartment is 120 liters. Shelves are plastic, the door can be outweighed. Weight - only 26 kg. The cost is 1, 85 rubles.


I immediately note the main drawback: I unfreeze it once a month. The design is very beautiful, but the door is very marking - no magnets and constant cleaning, rubbing. But no noise and the interior does not spoil.


I put the top three. But I'll start with a good one. Fits into the dark kitchen (a set with glossy black facades). Small, but roomy. And now about the thermostat. It was created by some insane... on it 8 marks! You will try to bet between 3 and 4. On the 3rd the upper shelf melts and flows, and on 4 all the products freeze. What happens on 5, 6, 7 and 8 - it is better not to know.


Despite the fact that it does not have a freezer, neither ice cream, nor pelmenki do not melt, depending on how to adjust the regulator. It does not make a noise (before that it was Atlant, it served as faith and truth, but roared like an animal). Shelves are thin, therefore full banks-treshki will not sustain. Anyone who wants will change to glass ones - I think, now this is not a problem. The only thing I did not understand was the meaning of the letters in the marking.

Daewoo Electronics FR-051AR (2017)

Single-chamber mini fridge without freezer. The case is white, dimensions: 44х4, х5, cm (WxDxH).

Single chamber mini refrigerator Daewoo Electronics FR-051AR (2017)

  • Control - electromechanical type.
  • Electricity consumption corresponds to class A +.
  • The compressor operates on isobutane.
  • The compartment is defrosted in manual mode.
  • Litrazh - 59 liters.
  • The door can be outweighed.
  • Two climatic classes (ST and T).

Important! About what ST and T are, read the review "Climatic class of the refrigerator".

The weight of the model is 16 kg, the cost is 6110 rubles

Faults of Daewoo refrigerators

Despite such good quality, as well as any technique, "Daewoo" breaks down. Sometimes the scheme for eliminating a particular fault can be indicated in the operating instructions (for example, cleaning the drain). But most often users do not know what happened and what to do. Therefore, we will briefly tell you about what can happen with a Daewoo refrigerator.

The freezer does not freeze, or the main camera does not cool

It is audible that the motor is working, but one of the offices can not cope with its functions. Often this happens because of the leak of freon. By itself, it does not disappear anywhere, so the occurrence of microcracks in the pipeline is not ruled out. Also, the refrigerant could escape through the hole, which you accidentally broke when defrosted.

Read more in the article "What to do if a freezer or evaporator is punched".

To ensure that the cause of the problem is really a leak, unfold the cabinet. Gently touch the condenser. If freon is in place, the part will be hot.

Sometimes the "Daewoo" technique does not work not because of a leak, but because of the plugging of the pipeline through which the coolant circulates. Identify this breakdown is difficult at home - it is better to contact a proven master. The problem is eliminated by blowing the tubes with a hydraulic device.

Another reason for the failure is the failure of the motor-compressor. Often, users are sure that in case of problems, it simply does not turn on. This option also takes place, but not always. It happens that the motor is working, its noise is heard, but the chambers are warm - this can indicate a breakdown.

To make sure, the specialist measures the voltage and current strength of the tester. Sometimes this failure is also indicated by uncharacteristic sounds - the technique clicks, pops or screeches. The motor, unfortunately, can not be repaired, so you will have to install a new part. This can only be done by a master, because the replacement is accompanied by the sealing of the system and refilling of freon, which is impossible without special equipment.

Other breakdowns

  • Water flows in the main chamber and gathers.
  • There is water or ice in the technique with No Frost.
  • The motor does not turn off, which became apparent on the increased bills for electricity.
  • The Clean lamp on the control panel lights up.
  • No blowing in the cameras with No Frost (no fan noise is heard).
  • The motor turns on for a couple of seconds and immediately turns off or does not work at full power.

If you find any of the listed problems, we advise you to contact the master or the service center. Sometimes self-repair can have very deplorable consequences.

If the display showserror code, and you do not know what it means, you will always find the decoding in the instruction manual. But before you hit the alarm, restart the machine:

  1. Disconnect from the mains.
  2. Wait 5-15 minutes.
  3. Start the device in operation.

If after an inclusion the error was gone and does not appear any more, it was simply a system failure. Otherwise, diagnostics and repair of equipment is required.


Let's sum up.High quality products, affordable value for users from around the world - all this speaks in favor of Daewoo technology. Buyers respond mostly positively, and experts adhere to a good opinion about these refrigerators. Problems, of course, are possible, but if you follow the rules of operation, your devices will run smoothly. Good choice!

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