Climatic classes of the refrigerator

Deciding to buy a refrigerator, first of all we look at the appearance, technical characteristics, brand, cost, camera size. But rarely anyone is interested in the climate class of the refrigerator. For what it is needed, what it means and how to choose it correctly, we will tell in the article.

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  • 1What is a climatic class, what is it for?
    • 1.1What is the climatic class
  • 2Which class should I prefer?
    • 2.1The difference between different climate classes

What is a climatic class, what is it for?

The refrigerator of any model (Atlant, Bosch, Samsung) is operated under certain conditions. In order that it does not break down, it is necessary to choose according to the climatic class: the range of temperatures in which it will work without failures.

Important! Look at the temperature of the refrigerator, which indicates the manufacturer. If the equipment fails due to non-compliance with the recommendations, you will be refused free repair under warranty.

Fridge Operating Characteristics

Nobody will take into account that you did not know the symbol designation on the refrigerator, and that the store did not help you with the right choice. Therefore, carefully read the classes before you go for a purchase.

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What is the climatic class

The weather has recently changed dramatically: in the summer it is anomalously hot, and in winter it's too cold. In order for the equipment to withstand these temperature differences, it is important to consider the range in which it can be operated.

What is the best climate class? Their designation and decoding:

Normal (normal) is N.The temperature in the room can be from +16 to +32 degrees. The most universal and popular in Russia, the most energy-efficient models. Installation of refrigerator N in the southern regions, where the mark of the thermometer is much higher than + 32 ° C, should only be carried out in rooms with air conditioning. In winter, the rooms should be well heated, otherwise the technology will not turn on. The best models are represented by brands LG, Indesit.

Subnormal - SN.The range is from +10 to +32 degrees. Suitable for placement in rooms with low temperature: corridors, cellars, loggias, sub-batches. Even if the value falls below the comfortable, the technique will not stop working. The best representatives from Liebherr, Bosch, Samsung.

Subtropical - ST.From +18 to +38 ° С. Designed for installation in hot and humid climates. Similar variants are offered by brands "Samsung "Milli "Electrolux".

Tropical (tropical) - T.From +18 to +43 degrees. They are used in dry tropical regions with a very hot climate. Suitable models are "Samsung" and "Virpul".

The last two options are practically not delivered to Russia, because they are not very demanded in our conditions.

Due to the abnormal rise in temperature, manufacturers began to produce refrigerated cabinets with a double marking. They have a sufficiently large range of permissible temperatures:

  • N-ST - from +16 to +38 degrees.
  • N-T - from +16 to +43 degrees.
  • SN-ST - from +10 to +38 degrees.
  • SN-T - from +10 to +43 degrees.

Operating parameters of the refrigerator

Which class should I prefer?

The most popular technique remains with classes N and SN, their temperature is most suitable for our latitudes. In the south often install units marked ST and T.

"Multiclass" refrigerators are considered universal, since they can be installed in different regions. This is possible due to the double shell skin. This technique can be found in different brands:

  • Whirlpool - WBC 3534 A + NFCX, WTC 3746 A + NFCX;
  • Indesit - NBS 18, BIAA;
  • Liebherr - Kes 4270, KBgb 3864, KB 3660.

Stamps Electrolux, Bosch, LG, Miele, Sharp, Samsung, Atlant produce not only refrigerators, but also freezers.

However, here there are also no shortcomings:

  • Price. Stand universal units are much more expensive than conventional ones.
  • Increased power consumption, condensation.

Refrigerators produced in Russia may be marked with the following: UHL, which means a moderately cold, or O - general climate.

Choosing the technique of the climatic class, consider the features of the room. Refrigerators designed for installation in heated rooms, can fail in the basement or corridor.

Important! Correctly chosen in the range of temperatures model will save energy. Conversely, if an error occurs, the difference in temperature between the room and inside the chamber will be large, which will lead to increased motor performance and the cost of electricity.

Climatic class of the refrigerator

The climatic class indicators are the same for all manufacturers of refrigerators and freezers, regardless of the country of production. Designations are indicated in documents (instructions) or on a sticker that is placed outside or inside the case.

The difference between different climate classes

Models can have constructive differences:

  • Compressor power. In devices designed for installation in hot regions, the capacity of the compressor is greater, because it has to constantly cool the products in the chamber.
  • Materials. For a humid climate, special materials and coatings are used to protect the body from moisture and mold.
  • Thermal insulation is more in those refrigerated cabinets, where the mark of the thermometer is much higher.

Be careful when buying equipment. Do not rush and carefully check everything, see the manufacturer's designations and recommendations in the tables.

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