Error code E22 in a Bosch dishwasher: causes and remedies

  • Diagnosing a malfunction
  • What does the error e22 indicate?
  • How to troubleshoot?

Modern technology of the German company Bosch pleases with its quality. She serves for a long time and is considered a reliable assistant in the house. Dishwashers of this brand, especially if their assembly is European, are ready to work properly for many years. As proof of this is the company's ten-year service guarantee. But even reliable technology fails. Often these are not serious problems that can be fixed by yourself, without calling the wizard. As a rule, about the malfunction I testify certain characters that appear on the display of the device. What to do in this case? Each error indicates any failure.

Fault Diagnosis

This technique is designed to facilitate grueling routine household work. But at the moment when a malfunction occurs, it is not always easy to diagnose a breakdown. Dishwashers of the Bosch family are equipped with a modern control unit, in which coded errors. To find out the cause of the violation of perfect work, it remains only to decipher the system error code.

A fairly common situation: the Bosch dishwasher performs a program set by the consumer, and suddenly, just before the end of the process, a warning appears: error e22.

As a rule, the first reaction of dishwasher owners is to turn off and turn on the machine. And often the technique starts to work, but this is a short-term phenomenon. As a rule, after a short period of time, the problem arises again - when there are 5 to 10 minutes remaining, the specified program stops, freezes, and then begins to warn with numbers, about problems in work.

. Less often, this error may appear at the beginning and in the middle of the execution of a given program. If you constantly restart the machine, this is unlikely to correct the situation, and most likely after 15 minutes the machine will hang again, and then it will display a new system code indicating a malfunction - error e24.

Restarting a program on a dishwasher can only help when it is necessary to complete the cycle during which an error occurred. If, after its completion, you do not proceed with the elimination of the damage, and continue to operate the equipment ruthlessly, the consequence could be the failure of the control unit. And to change it is quite expensive.

What does an e22 error indicate?

One of the

filters is clogged. If such a system code appears on the Bosch dishwasher display, then one of the filters is likely to be clogged and therefore the water that is supposed to go through the drain hose remains in the pan. The reason is banal - all the garbage, the remains of food on the plates and in the cups accumulated in the filter mesh and clogged it. Or maybe they lingered in the trash can and interfere with the normal circulation of water.

Problem in the drain hose

If the filters are clean, but the problem persists, you should check the drain hose. Another sign that the malfunction in this part of the dishwasher is the alternation of the error e22 with e24.Although, according to the master, the alternation of these two codes only 20% indicate a problem in the drain hose, most often a malfunction occurs in the pump.

Spray impellers are defective.

Different errors will pop up on the instrument display if impeller operation is difficult. Often, experts fix the damage by checking the space between the pump sleeve and the impeller. Small particles from products can get there - the reason is easily fixable, but sometimes it is difficult to notice.

Before repairing a Bosch dishwasher, it is necessary to disconnect it from the power supply, turn off the tap through which water flows into the appliance, and remove all the utensils from the device, baskets under it.

How to troubleshoot?

First of all, to eliminate the cause of the malfunction, you need to clean the water outlets. At the bottom of any dishwasher, including Bosch, there is a cleaning filter that detains food residue, a grid filter is located above it, all these parts should be checked for blockage, and the removable parts should be washed under running water.

Inspect the drain hose for kinks. Then check the scrolling of the spray impellers( there are 2 of them in the improved Bosch models).The reason for which error e22 can appear in this case is not only in the garbage, but also metal corrosion. In this case, special anti-corrosion agents will help.

But what if the work done did not produce a result, and the error e22 still appears on the display? We'll have to look inside the Bosch dishwasher.

To do this, unscrew the mounting bolts, pull out the pipe and check for clogging, then rinse and put in place.

Then you should check the heating element. To do this, the dishwasher will have to be turned over to unscrew the pallet holders. In its center there is a plastic unit, it is large in size, and has an outlet for nozzles, there is a heater. He has a pump. To make sure that there are no foreign bodies that interfere with the normal operation of the machine, the pump is unscrewed and the wires are removed beforehand.

It is likely that after carrying out the above procedures, a good cleaning of all the details, the error e22 will disappear.

The elimination of this type of breakdown does not conceal any particular difficulties, the main thing is to find the source of the defect and be attentive during its elimination.

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