Malachite Driver Box - Ratchet Wrench Set from China

The bigger the megacities are, the farther from them the wildlife lovers buy houses. The remoteness of this safe haven creates many difficulties for their owners. Long way and financial costs are just some of them. Personal car becomes the only solution. Like all vehicles, this technique often breaks down on the road, especially away from the service station. Therefore, drivers can not do without a set of wrenches from China. In the so-called "malachite box" motorist will find 12 unique tools. With their help, he will be able to troubleshoot the basic problems of his “iron horse”.

Two for the price of one

It is worth noting that such a kit is useful to summer residents not only in the car, but also in their land holdings. In a private house, he has to unscrew something or twist it. By tradition, the right tools are not found. However, with these ratchet wrenches, things will go at full speed, because in the form of one tool he will receive two at once. The advantages of buying are as follows:

  • includes 12 pieces in the kit, although only half can be needed for work;
  • the size of the smallest key is 8 mm, and the largest - 19 mm;
  • coating - glossy, sliding;
  • items are made of chrome-vanadium steel, which has proven to be tough, extremely durable, and also a wear-resistant material;
  • marking is on every key, because often it may not be on Chinese goods;
  • head of the ratchet mechanism rotates by 90 °, thus allowing the master to perform extremely complex tasks;
  • , along with a set of combined keys, manufacturers provide a special bag with 12 compartments for storing tools.
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Thanks to the protective zinc layer, steel will not rust and undergo other corrosive processes. The angle of inclination of the head with respect to the longitudinal axis of the handle is also unique. It is 15 degrees. This design feature facilitates the work of the master when he performs tasks in "cramped circumstances".In this case, the turning angle of the tool depends on the number of teeth on the ratchet wrench. The more of them, the less motorists will have to turn it. This becomes noticeable when you have to repair devices placed very deep in the car. However, under heavy load, the ratchet may break.

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On AliExpress such a luxurious set of wrenches is priced at 2,956 rubles.(with discount). At the same time, online shopping tools offer kits( only 8 pieces) for 3 and even 6 thousand rubles.

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