Rating of the best induction hobs according to customer reviews

  • A few words about the operation of the induction cooker
  • Advantages of using the induction cooker
  • Choosing the optimal induction hob
  • Ranking of the best manufacturers of induction appliances for the kitchen
  • Review of the best induction hobs
  • Results of the

Induction cook stand-tide and have a simple way to work with it.and practical kitchen. No burning products of gas, greasy drips, accidental burns and other "charms" of the usual plates. And, although the principle of operation of the induction panel is not clear to everyone, but the advantages of this device are obvious. Our article will tell about how to choose an induction hob and present the rating of the best models in 2018 in terms of price-quality ratio. As always, only the most useful tips on choosing the best device, as well as an overview of the most popular and most discussed models on the Internet.

A few words about the work of the induction cooker

Induction hob appeared in everyday life after the discovery of the phenomenon of electromagnetic induction. An electric current occurs in a closed magnetic circuit, and the hob does not heat up until you put on it special dishes with ferromagnetic properties.

In principle, if your enameled pan or cast iron pan is attracted by a magnet, then they are also suitable for use on an induction cooker.


There are several rules for the selection of dishes for cooking on an induction stove or panel: besides the fact that all kitchen utensils should be attracted by a magnet, the bottom of the pan should be more than 12 cm in diameter and not less than 2 mm thick.

The advantages of using an induction cooker

  • The most important and distinctive advantage of an induction hob is the high heating rate.
  • Also, it is easy to care for the induction panel - you just wipe the surface of the device with a damp cloth or sponge. The usual stainless or painted surface of a classical plate in this regard cannot be compared with glass-ceramic, which is usually coated with induction panels.
  • The panel itself does not heat up, which means that spilled food or pieces of food do not burn or fry.
  • Induction plates and panels are more economical. They consume less electricity than conventional electrical appliances, because the entire burner, spiral or heating element does not heat up in an induction cooker. The current is consumed only in order to create an electromagnetic field in the coil.


All the stories that induction cookers are hazardous to health are nothing more than fiction, because the electromagnetic vortex field that this device creates is similar to the one around a mobile phone. However, at a distance of 30 cm from the device, the effect of the field is not felt.

Choosing the Optimal Induction Hob

Before talking about the most reliable manufacturers of this home appliance or finding out which model is considered the best, you should find out what induction hobs are.

By design, dependent and independent panels are distinguished. The first form a single unit with the oven. The latter, on the contrary, can be bought separately from each other.

You can also choose a hob with a different number of hobs - from 2 to 4 and even more. It all depends on how intensely you do cooking.

The shape of the burners can also be different: round, of different diameters, rectangular and even oval, for those who like to cook dishes in fire-resistant pans and pots. It is good when the burners of different shapes coexist on the same surface, and a temperature maintenance zone is also provided.

You can choose a combination hob, in which two burners will be induction, and two more - gas.

Ranking of the best manufacturers of induction appliances for the kitchen.

AEG is the flagship, innovator and founder of the production of induction appliances. But today you can find a huge amount of induction hobs and stoves from other well-known world brands on the counters of stores and on selling websites:

  • MAUNFELD( high quality and reliability)
  • Gorenje( budget and average price segment);
  • Hansa( a leader in the production of high-grade induction stoves);
  • Electrolux( absolutely all price segments);
  • Zanussi( pricing policy absolutely affordable for the average consumer);
  • Siemens( premium models);
  • Lex( affordable models at affordable prices);
  • Bosch( quality and reliable).

It is difficult to compare models from different manufacturers, because each company relies on something different from its competitors - design, dimensions, additional functions, etc. Well, now, let's carefully consider and discuss the best induction hobs.

Review of the best induction hobs

If you are faced with the choice of an induction hob, then focus not only on the manufacturer and price, but also on the functionality and design features.


Opens our list of the best induction hobs MAUNFELD MVI59.4HZ.2BT-BK - a popular model with 4 burners with a capacity of 1400( booster up to 1850), 1400( booster up to 1850), 1400, 1400W.Features and advantages of the device: rapid boiling with the Booster option, 9 levels of heating, child lock, automatic shutdown when liquid is spilled, dish diameter detector, residual heat indicator, high-strength glass ceramics. Repeated tests confirmed - just wipe the panel with a damp cloth - and it is again like new. It is also tested in practice - high build quality, accuracy of the electronic filling, stable uninterrupted operation are guaranteed. This is the best model in terms of price and quality.


Continue our rating of cost-effective, but quality model - LEX EVI 320 BL.The manufacturer has provided such functions as: timer, touch switches for 2 burners, protective auto power off and lock button. Convenient and inexpensive. Compact and economical.

Zanussi ZEI 5680 FB

The most affordable embedded model of induction panels for 4 burners. It is distinguished by its simplicity in control, laconic appearance, automatic shutdown when liquid is spilled, control locking. The manufacturer took care of not only an interesting design solution - users have noted the absolute reliability and impeccable productivity of the device for a long time.

Gorenje IT 310 KR

Next in our top list we look at the most popular narrow model of the 2-burner hob - Gorenje IT 310 KR.Distinctive features: compactness, interesting design, low noise level during operation, convenient location of the touch buttons, the presence of a timer, protection against unauthorized pressing and quick boiling function. Functional and compact assistant - the best in its price range.

Electrolux EGD 6576 NOK

Electrolux EGD 6576 NOK enters our review of induction hobs. If in your house frequent blackouts are possible, then it makes sense to buy a good combined cooking panel. Such a device is equipped with both induction and gas burners: the induction part has a touch control, and the gas - a piezo igniter with mechanical rotary switches. The manufacturer has provided this model with a well-designed security system( gas control, child protection, auto power off).There is also a residual temperature indicator, Boost mode, and cast iron grates are installed above the gas burners. Convenient, safe and effective device, for this he was in our ranking of the best in 2018.

Siemens EH875SC11E

We continue our rating and present you the largest caliber panel - Siemens EH875SC11E.If you have a big family and you need intensive and frequent cooking, then a reasonable solution would be to buy a reliable and powerful cooking assistant for 5 rings. This model has two oval burners, responsive touch control, high power output, auto-off timer, area to keep food warm, control lock and residual temperature sensor.

Hansa FCIW53800

In our rating one cannot but mention the best induction cooker - Hansa FCIW53800.In fact, this is a familiar cooking design with an electric oven and an electronic control board. Differs in fast and uniform heating, indicator of temperature of a ring, also has the timer of shutdown and the postponed start. The oven is equipped with a grill and a hot air fan, the device is provided with a safety auto-off and two self-contained timers for the oven and a panel with a sound indication. Agree - it is convenient, with this device you can cook a variety of dishes at times faster and easier.

Results of

We told how to choose an induction hob and presented a rating of the best models of 2018 according to customer reviews. And you understand that making a bargain is not difficult. Please yourself with a quick and easy cooking process, and your households with tasty and delicious dishes with a new induction assistant.

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