Heating boilers for solid fuels: types of solid fuel equipment

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If economic issues relating to heating their own homes, better from no one to depend on. For autonomous system organization often selected heating boilers for solid fuels. They provide the ability to quickly reach a comfortable temperature in the room, while providing a significant reduction in costs.

All about choosing solid fuel boilers, you will learn of the proposed article us. We have given and described the main criteria to accurately determine the most suitable option. Given our tips to find the right model will greatly ease.

The content of the article:

  • Boiler types and selection rules
    • Determining the cost factors
    • A little about brands boilers
    • On the intricacies of selection of equipment
    • Modern and environmentally friendly equipment
  • How to choose the best model of the boiler?
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Boiler types and selection rules

Solid fuel boiler - a good incentive to financial savings on heating. Often, even when hot water meters installed utilities bills sent oversized numerals.

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Individual heating deprives depending on the central heating system and makes it possible to control the amount of fuel consumed. This is especially important when it is not about domestic use and for heating of business premises. Costs directly affect the cost of production.

Determining the cost factors

Independent heating on solid fuel type - quite practical way small heating plants. Such boilers are used with a deficiency or absence of electricity to the gas pipe connection.

Installing these units is particularly relevant in the woodworking industry or in small shops (solid fuel - it's all kinds of coal, wood, sawdust, etc.)

Solid fuel boiler for the house

Classic solid fuel boiler with additional protection. The ideal solution for private housing

The price of the boiler depends on its design. The easiest option - improved oven with manual loading of fuel. In some models, automated submission is organized, but their cost is several times higher.

The increase in cost, may also have the effect of the materials used in the manufacture of the product, its heat exchanger (the most commonly used cast iron). The final factor that affects the price - it's power. Solid fuel boiler for a small house is cheaper than the one that will warm the house at 200 square meters. m.

As the basic material for the production of cast iron boiler of heat exchanger used and hardened steel. Cast iron boiler is about thirty years old and requires regular cleaning. It is possible to download any solid fuel, and efficiency of these models is high enough. What modification of the unit to choose - depends on the parameters of the heated room.

cast iron boiler

Cast iron boiler. Suitable for heating large areas. Because of its strength, it copes well with any type of fuel

Steel boilers are cheaper cast iron, but they are virtually indistinguishable from them - have high performance at a lower cost. Exchanger alloy steel is heated quickly, but also cools faster. When you select any model, you need to take care of the fire-resistant security room where the equipment will be installed.

The entire range is presented in the form of a single-circuit and double-circuit models. Single-use only for heating, and yet two-circuit used for heating water (provides additional heat exchanger). They are practical for installation in smaller homes where advantageous to have a heating unit, instead of several.

steel boiler

Steel boiler. The perfect solution for private housing. It provides good savings on heating and hot water

If a large area is possible to install twin heating system. Such work can only be carried out specialists-fitters - with no experience of similar works, you can be faced with additional costs for equipment and wiring throughout the house.

Detail of the boiler of choice arguments for a country house set forth in next article, With the content of which we recommend reviewing.

A little about brands boilers

Users of great interest heating equipment is the Viessmann equipment and Konord. For example, Italian brand solid-fuel boilers Viessmann stands out in the market easy to install and build quality of the finished product.

Expensive models of boilers

Installing large iron beams, engineers give users the ability to upload logs up to the 70 cm. The starting price of this unit is 75 thousand rubles

Russian is the most popular products in the domestic market. "Konord" company - an excellent representative of her. Thanks to the lineup, you can choose as an economical option, and "industrial" for large areas. On the domestic types of heating equipment prices start from 50ti thousand.

And their units for independent heating nothing is worse overseas. Using advanced equipment, the Russian engineers create quite competitive options, sometimes surpassing European analogues in power and performance.

This rule does not work for all manufacturers of equipment. Most often cheaper to buy a unit of the European company, which refers to the average price category. In such models, the most optimally combine quality and value.

On the intricacies of selection of equipment

The key points in the selection before purchase classical solid fuel boiler or continuous burning, can distinguish dimensions and functionality. For each type of room, I have to pick up individual boiler. Sometimes even have to rebuild it, and, given the characteristics of the heated housing.

To the installation was carried out in accordance with the technical instructions, you should do everything according to the manufacturer's recommendations, or seek professional help. Suffice it to observe all the specified requirements for the safe operation of the boiler.

Handling caution

It is important not to forget about fire safety measures. This should be remembered at the stage of installation of the equipment, and in the future - at its operation

When choosing a model, it is worth remembering that the heating modules for solid fuels are divided into universal and specialized. The first work on several, or on one kind of the solid fuel or combustible waste. Specialized most often installed in places where there is only one type of fuel, or the presence of a superior to others.

All solid aggregates are divided into 3 main groups:

  • traditional;
  • pyrolysis;
  • universal.

Representatives of the first group of heat produced by burning fuels (coal, wood, etc.). is the most common variant in the market is very popular. The pyrolysis is carried out modules burning solid fuel and additional combustion gas formed in this case. For this purpose, a second camera.

Installation of such equipment more difficult - everything requires high-quality ventilation system. After all, for the productive operation of the unit must be uninterrupted flow of secondary air.

As for the cost, it is in pyrolysis boilers higher than that of traditional ones. But also the productivity of the first above - so in the long term pays off the original cost due to lower fuel costs of materials.

But universal models operate on multiple fuels and can consume a minimum of energy to ensure the efficiency of automation equipment.

This is a fairly popular representatives of the trade line. They are often installed in public places for space heating. Divided in turn into stationary and mobile variants.

Jetstream furnace

Jetstream furnace. Its installation is a bit more complicated traditional model - it is desirable that it is carried out by experts

AT pyrolysis boilers of the drawbacks may be mentioned volatility and acute need for regular air admission. Within such a boiler burning occurs not only fuel cells, but also the gas emitted from this process.

It requires the blowing fan installed. This kind of boilers, to a lesser extent, need access to the flue system. Their efficiency is higher in spite of the power consumption. Choosing pyrolysis model solid fuel boilers, you should immediately take care of the installation, inviting to the specialist.

Buy this product should only be from reliable suppliers - certified shops themselves ensure compliance with all rules and regulations, and the buyer can save time, effort and financial facilities.

The new heating equipment

If you would not store employees to provide additional installation services, transportation, etc. should refer to the administration

Particular attention should be paid to model long burning - is, as a rule, pellet boilers. There are used as fuel compressed waste wood production, which burn for a long time.

These installations have a special hopper, through which we provide an uninterrupted supply of fuel. They can retain heat up to 3 days, do not require special care, are equipped with extra protection, thereby not need to look after them.

Modern and environmentally friendly equipment

Solid fuel boilers to function long burning rightly considered the guardians of nature. Filtration systems burning installed in modern models help purify the smoke from the combustion products, releasing only the purified steam. solid fuel boiler maintenance cycle is about two months (cleaning, purging).

cleaning equipment

For cleaning equipment better treatments induce specialized employee to self do not damage or disturb

Also pertinent installation of such units on manufactures with more solid combustible waste. The disposal (incineration) takes a small amount of time, while it becomes possible to save additional means for removal of debris.

When properly installed, can provide heating of working premises, which will greatly improve production costs.

How to choose the best model of the boiler?

With regard to the rules of choosing the best option, there should be tailored to suit each individual case. It is necessary to carefully analyze their needs and compare them with the possibilities of the favorite models.

Solid fuel boiler quite expensive equipment and in the choice of mistakes can affect the heating capacity. In this case, the replacement fraught with unnecessary costs.

To properly pick up the heater, you should first carefully measure and prepare the room in which it is installed. Only after finishing and organization of the water supply system and drain chimney should proceed to the choice of a particular model.

Boilers for industrial premises

For industrial buildings suitable pyrolysis model, as with large areas, in spite of its price, they "give" greater effect savings and payback

When you select should be considered useful recommendations, including the following:

  1. Versatility. For private homes, it is best suited for solid-purpose units, where there is the possibility of combining and replacing the fuel;
  2. The complexity of the installation. Based on the value of the product, be sure to explore all of its possibilities and options for modifications (to avoid problems with the installation);
  3. Average price. Do not choose much more expensive models. Often, in the middle class, there are options that should be fine for home use;
  4. Repair and service. Should immediately consider all possible options for repair and maintenance. The boiler must be easily accessible at any time;
  5. Climatic conditions. At low ambient temperatures the installation of low-power boiler is not allowed (even if at first glance it seems that it "enough"). It is better to make a purchase with a reserve, so you do not start all over again.

Emphasis should be placed under the seat arrangement coal-fired boiler installation. You can not violate the requirements of fire safety. All necessary consultations can be found in the instructions for the equipment, get in the store, or at the fire experts.

It is important to use only the refractory materials during assembly. Save on equipment is necessary only in extreme cases. After weighing all the "pros" and "cons", again to figure out all the details and then make a purchase.

considering model boilersUsing solid fuel, you should immediately think about what type of fuel is the most affordable in the region. When the timber is easier to buy - the most logical would be to establish a traditional double-boiler. This decision will not only save on heating costs, but also in hot water.

Safety in the operation of the boiler

Always remember safety. In the boiler room, at any one time should be freely available

Choosing a specific manufacturer, is not superfluous to ensure that the region is living there authorized technical centers, or at least, the experts, who are able to work with such a technology. Solid fuel boiler is expensive - so the potential for repairs and exceptional situations should think ahead.

Most often shops warn of the presence of the warranty service, carried out by the manufacturer's warranty card. This point is important because as you can count on expert assistance without the risk of damage or breakage of the final hardware.

It is important to immediately clarify questions about the availability of original spare parts and units to the selected type equipment, because in case of breakage, it is desirable to establish ideal for construction components. Thus, the heater will last longer.

boiler qualified service

Qualified service - the key to long-term operation solid fuel boiler

If you are having difficulty with the choice, it is better to take advantage of advice from people involved in the design heating autonomous systems and installation of equipment, or read feedback from other buyers. Comparison of several points of view helps in the final decision.

When buying, be sure to check for certification of documents confirming the quality of the goods. And also to solve the problem of the future installation. Most often, services for the delivery and assembly provides the seller.

Keep in mind that when planning the installation of dual-model in the private housing construction, will advance to pave the water. After placement of the liner and the pipe will depend on the location of the heating boiler.

It is also important advance equip boiler, To design a ventilation system, consider boiler piping and place the chimney arrangement for removing soot. Only after such a pre-treatment at home can begin to select the desired model of the boiler.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Advantages and disadvantages of the solid equipment in the video clip:

Overview of new products on the market of solid units in the video:

Not to be mistaken in choosing and buying a unit for heating his home - should correctly assess their capabilities and needs. After all, the most expensive equipment will not always be better and more enduring.

Embodiment with an average value may be more appropriate, which will fully meet all technical requirements. And in order to avoid errors in the calculation and selection of heating devices, be sure to consult with experts.

Tell us about how to choose a solid fuel boiler to a country house or villa. Share what was the main argument in the choice of your model. Leave, please comment in the box located below, ask questions, publish pictures of the article.

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