Universal cheese grater with Aliexpress

Cheese is a versatile product that is used in almost every dish. Basically it is used to decorate dishes: just sprinkle on top for a couple of minutes until done. But before that, you need to grate the cheese. Very often this item is forgotten and skipped. You have to add cheese at the very end or just serve the dish without it.

But now you can forget about this problem. After all, a special grater for cheese appeared on the market. With it, you can grate the cheese for a couple of seconds right on the dish. In addition, it is designed in such a way that your fingers during the grater in any case will not be affected.

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Cheese grater is very easy to use. First you just need to fold it and put a piece of cheese inside. Then you need to rotate the grater to rub the product. That's all. Such a grater will cope with cheese, and chocolate, and even nuts.

In addition, there are two types of graters in the kit: for fine and coarse grinding.

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Benefits of cheese choppers:

  1. Simplicity. Now you do not have to force on the cheese to somehow grate it. Just turn the device and the cheese is ready.
  2. Speed. Using the device, you can grate the cheese in a few seconds.
  3. Quality. Thanks to the sharp blades, you can grate the cheese perfectly.
  4. Compact. This device takes up much less space than a regular grater.
  5. Security. No more cuts from the grater, because the fingers are far from the blade.
  6. Clean. Grater can be washed in the dishwasher.
  7. Versatility. You can grind any product, including nuts.
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A grater for cheese must be in the kitchen of every cook. However, how much does it cost? Russian and Ukrainian online stores offer this product for 616 rubles. Pretty decent price.

But at Aliexpress you can buy the same grater for only 371 rubles. Of course, for such a price is worth buying this device. After all, it can grind not only cheese, but also other solid products.

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Characteristics of Chinese cheese grater:

  • material - plastic, stainless steel;
  • included two blades;
  • height - 17.1 cm;
  • width - 7.4 cm;
  • color - white with black.

Cheese grater is a versatile device that will definitely come in handy in the kitchen. But you only need to buy it on Aliexpress, since the price of the Chinese manufacturer is much lower than the price of the domestic manufacturer.

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