The best way to stretch a hat made of fur or leather

Leather and fur products tend to dry out over time. This happens with shoes, jackets and hats. Let's learn how to stretch the fur hat, if after a year it became small. It will also be useful to learn how to store the cap so that it does not change sizes.

Reasons for changing the size of

Having bought an expensive headdress, we expect to bring it in for several years. Fur hats are very beautiful and warm, in cold climates it is difficult to do without them. In addition, natural material is highly valued, fur products are considered prestigious, they are long chosen, tried on in front of a mirror.

Having bought a hat strictly in size, you need to properly care for it. If the fur or skin is wet, they should be dried at room temperature. Do not use a hot dryer or heater for drying. To the size did not change, fill in the middle of the newspaper or make a special disc.

If you keep the cap in a too hot and dry room, it will dry out, decrease in size. From the high dryness in the closet the skin can crack, become stiff, the fur will fade. Choose to store a cool dark place, periodically reach out and inspect the product, make sure that the mole does not start.

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Not every village has people who can professionally work with leather. For this reason, it is important to know how to stretch the fur hat yourself with ancillary means:

  • pick up a saucepan, a large jar or another rounded hard object of this size to which you need to stretch the hat;
  • boil water in the kettle and hold the hat over the steam so that it warms up and is damp( steamed);
  • pull the hat on the prepared pan and put in a cool place to dry.
Do not dry mink or any other fur hat near hot appliances. Let it dry slowly at a temperature of + 20 °. .. + 25 °, do not remove until it is completely dry. For 2-3 days it will stretch perfectly. In the same way increase the circumference of caps with earflaps. In the army, a pile of books in a hard cover of a suitable format is used as a blank.

Increasing the size of the headgear at home, you need to know a sense of proportion. Having stretched the skin more than required, it is unlikely that it will be able to make it smaller, besides there is a risk of tearing the lining, stitches or fur. So that your headgear does not hang on your head and crawl over your eyes, carefully select the dimensions of the pads. To do this, measure it with a centimeter girth( circumference) and compare with the girth.

Professional stretching

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If the product is expensive and heavily village, then it is best to turn to professionals. In workshops for working with leather and fur there are devices that can stretch products. Experts treat the material with softening compounds and slowly stretch the headdress, pulling it onto the right size shoe. They make sure that no gaps appear on the skin, and the cap does not lose its shape.

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