Very good washing machine

Overview aimed at finding the most good, but not the cheapest washing machine. Describe anticipated quality equipment, see that it is possible to buy at the store for a budget price. Tell us what the best companies today washing machine, narration reinforce arguments. Classroom equipment is cheaper 15.000. We will try to give a couple of tips on how to search the unit worthy of the said title.

System of fuzzy logic Fuzzy Logic washing machine

Dishwashers resemble washing machines assessment cycle parameters for water purity. In both cases, electronics tries to determine the degree of soiling of the dish and character. In dishwashers technology called Aqua Sensor, numbering three generations of development. An assessment of water purity at the beginning of the cycle of the powder or during the soak. Smart washing machine based on a number of parameters are trying to predict the duration of the process, including drying - if available options.

Fuzzy logic system Fuzzy Logic

take into account the data on the input of the microprocessor:

  1. The degree of contamination.
  2. Nature of pollution.
  3. The composition of things (cotton, silk, wool).
  4. Cycle parameters (spin speed, the degree of rinsing).
  5. Hardness of water.

Unlike dishwashers, where the latter factor plays a leading role, as in the pot "all seen" a divorce and water stains, washing machine is not as critical of the parameter, and nothing. Lying on his bed, smelling the powder, difficult to sleep. Especially counting how many synthetic means included in substances to solubilize the protein, the main construction material of the human body. As a result, the sheets are present allergens, causing not only harmless sneezing.

How does an ordinary washing machine:

  1. Man sets the program based on their own experience, expert advice.
  2. It lays the approximate amount of laundry, in the absence of scales.
  3. He falls asleep on the eye powder, add rinse aid, protection from scale means that now criticize.
  4. Closes the door of the washing machine, water cut one head, press Start.

control knob

Technique regulation so rude and not backed up by science, that the quality of the process, however. There is no guarantee that the Calgon antiscale washing machine and rinse added in the right amount, not to mention the powder. As a result, filling machines without thinking had to lie and enjoy the flavors of synthetic detergents. It said each remembering how to wash domestic cars with an activator, and what the outcome is completely manual labor! Socks are soft, clean, fluffy, if the operations people did their own palms under the tap. Old washing machines suffer from a lack of quality, it turns out machines to enhance the effect.

Washing machine (or dishwasher), where the principle of fuzzy logic evaluates each action:

  • Measured water hardness.
  • Starts washing, is monitored during the presence of foam, degree of transparency and purity of water falling speed. So are found parameters to evaluate the washing time, the need for funds and the specific actions that need to be taken.
  • With the data at the input, washing machine with the function of fuzzy logic makes it all thought out. Adds softening salt as needed, continuously assesses the presence of excess powder in the compartment (to eg for foam control function), dispenses rinse aid, assesses the degree of pollution and quantity.

Washing machine

  • These data provide accurate cycle times, allow to obtain the highest quality washing outlet.

Do not confuse the function of Fuzzy Logic and the like with the options or Super rinse program for children's clothes. In some cases, indeed being monitored the final stages for the presence of allergens in the water, but most cases simply increasing the cycle time by a fixed amount, however, end up with a linen cleaner. Osch0utima difference: in the first instance responsible for washing best washing machine, in the second technique simply executes the commands of man.

drying clothes

Today it is fashionable not only the best models of washing machines with dryer, available even drying chambers. Authors alarming fact. Standard loading washing more than drying. The explanation is not known, but the fact creates a great inconvenience. Let's say, put in the washing 7 kg of laundry, it was in the final, which will have to dry the two parties.

In advertising or technical statement on the dealer's website does not mention the fact, but the guide will certainly reveal the secret. As a result of the desire to buy a good washing machine and dryer turns into a problem: what to do with a part of the wet clothes, while the rest is brought up to standard. According to our considerations when the goal tank top, violated the conditions of the fan, blowing hot air through the compartment. Things have to lay parties.

Wherein the weight of laundry drying depends additionally on the type of fabric, which indirectly confirms the assumption. For example, wool always takes up more space in a dry form, it is advised in the instructions to put less.

After the laundry weight is increased, it is difficult to decide how much to put things into the bay. It is better to know in advance the weight of each item, but to achieve the goal will not help even the best manufacturers of washing machines. The Internet is full invention patents weighing device compartment, but yet appliances not equipped with a built-in weights. Until clothing is recommended to manually affix labels weight question - what? Detergents are struggling with pollution and paste ballpoint pen belongs to the category of contaminant.

steam cleaning: Dry cleaning

Today, often washing machines have the function of True Steam or similar. Some models, for example, the LG company allow refresh thing that takes less time. Removes odors, greasy shiny spots, allergens, dust. This is convenient, it does not take a lot of time and steam lightly smooth out wrinkles. The ideal mode for shirts. The steam leaves no residue, clothes dry quickly, especially if a little iron to iron.

LG - the best firm of washing machines today. In eternal rivalry with Samsung for all segments of the sector of household appliances market was for the specified company.

Washing machine with a dry wash function

We recommend paying attention to the technology:

  1. 6 the Motion, called six motions care for the opportunity to adapt to the situations that arise in the course of washing.
  2. Big in, allowing the load inside the 12 kg load, thanks to the wide portal, and the increased size of the tank.

engine's type

portal readers heard about Samsung refrigerators with engine warranty of 10 years. This is made possible thanks to the inverter technology, equipment may be operated continuously in power saving mode. A side effect of the noise reduction becomes.

From similar considerations now put into use a washing machine with a direct drive, where inside there is a belt. This reduces the weight of the product, increase the space underneath the drum and tub.

Example search on Yandex-market

Now, an example of the promised solution to the question, what the best washing machine. We choose the apparatus according to the criteria mentioned above. Enter in the search box, washing machine or go to the appropriate section of the link. LG company offers 156 models. Let's start!

Drying put the check and click Show. We get 9 models in the presence of only two for the price of 20,000 rubles. See the model, even about not belonging to Big in, this is not surprising. We mentioned that at the same time more than 4 kg of laundry is not dried. If the load 12, you get three games for drying. Uncomfortable. The maximum capacity indicates LG F-1496AD3 dryer to 4 kg (depending on tissue type). Energy class B, which is considered a typical indicator. No word on Fuzzy Logic, go to the LG website to request an explanation from the manufacturer.

In the options you see that the selected device - with direct drive and function 6 movements of care. Engine running on the inverter circuit, there is proprietary diagnostic option using a smartphone. This model is obviously not head the list of the best washing machines, I want information about the fuzzy logic functions. Rather, it's just a good technique.

By the way, now the reader will be able to find the best vertical washing machines, using tools Yandex Market.

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