Dimensions of washing machines with vertical loading

In the market there is a huge amount of washers with different technical characteristics. Each user can find the model that will satisfy not only his needs, but also financial opportunities.

Washing machines with vertical loading due to their overall dimensions not only guarantee convenience in the household, but also efficient and high-quality washing of laundry. Stiralka with the top loading on width does not exceed 45 cm.

We will consider the features of such stilalki.

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  • 2Vertical CM: compact and embedded models
  • 3Overview of Vertical Stirals
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  • 4Vertical styralka in the interior

Features of vertical machines

Vertical type blenders are good because when loading the user loads laundry from the top, and not from the side, so he keeps his back from unnecessary slopes.

The dimensions of the washing machine with vertical loading are standard: most models in height reach 85 cm, and the width and depth are 40 and 60 cm.

A vertical washing machine can easily be deployed in front, placed in a narrow opening, for example, between the washbasin and the wall. She will also stand sideways. Any whim of the owner - and the machine will be installed where it is most convenient. In addition, the bathroom will be a lot of free space.

It turns out that the dimensions of a washing machine with a vertical load allow you to install the styralka in any corner, without interfering with the space.

Vertical stilalki have two significant disadvantages: high cost and a rather small assortment. If in a specialized store you can find more than 50 horizontal machines, then the models of the vertical type will be about 10.

The high cost of verticals is due to the fact that the assembly of machines is carried out abroad.

If you are looking for such a model, you need to take into account that when a car breaks down, spare parts will also have to be ordered from Europe, and this is longer and more expensive.

Having decided to integrate the styralk into the kitchen set, you will encounter problems. We have to order special furniture individually for the dimensions of the machine, taking into account the top cover through which the laundry is loaded into the tank.

The upper surface of the front-end machines is often used as an additional place for the installation of household chemicals: powders, air conditioners, etc. The model of the vertical type is not suitable for these purposes.

Features of vertical machines

Vertical CM: compact and embedded models

If we reason logically, the first thing that comes to mind is that the wider the machine, the more linens for laundry will fit into it. But the situation is different: capacity is in no way connected with the size of the outer shell, all responsibility lies on the volume of the drum.

We invite you to consider compact washing machines with vertical loading.

"Vertical" for washing and wringing create much less noise and vibrations than models of the front type - it's all about fixing the drum on two axles.

Vertical machines will be ideal for installation in small rooms, since almost all models are narrow in width. But they are not suitable for installation under a sink or a sink, as it is possible only with small frontal washers.

So, to advantages besides compact sizes it is possible to carry a low level of vibration and quiet work. There are only two drawbacks: the inconvenience of embedding and the need for constant access to the top cover.

Built-in washing machines with vertical loading are especially relevant for those who want to save more space in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Today, this method is very popular - to build in technology, and therefore, to hide it, it is fashionable and convenient.

Compact machines are narrow and small in size models. All manufacturers have different understandings of compactness, since AGRs are produced with different dimensions and mechanisms. If you are sure that you need a washing machine with a vertical load, then you have the option to choose everything yourself - from the size to the set of programs.

According to statistics, "verticals" in terms of service life exceed the front models. In addition, despite the high cost, the top-loading washer is more convenient to use and place.

Overview of Vertical Stirals

We offer you a short rating of machines with vertical loading, which are most popular among consumers.


The capacity of the stylalk is 6 kg at a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm. The model is good because it does not consume much electricity.

Overall dimensions: 80х40х60 cm. Compact SMA will fit perfectly in the bathroom, save space and provide comfortable and convenient use.


We offer to watch the video:


A popular machine measuring 89x60x40 cm and with a drum capacity of 6 kg. The model has a good spin speed, reaching 100 rpm. Stiralka provides a display for ease of management. Low power consumption is the main advantage of the machine.



The washing machine is automatic, equipped with electronic control and a special display. Ease of operation is provided by 10 washing programs, a foam control option is provided. The machine has partial protection against leaks.

The height of the machine is 90 cm, the depth of loading is 65 cm.


Vertical styralka in the interior

How will household appliances look in the interior - this is an important factor for many people. Therefore, when forming an interior composition, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the styar.

"Vertical as you have already understood, does not take up much space, but nevertheless, it is necessary to provide in advance the place of the future installation.

Designers offer several options for placing such machines:

  1. The least functional part of the room is the corner of the room. There are a huge number of design solutions that allow you to fill it. The machine with the top loading will ideally rise in a corner, and there will be no problems with use of technics.Vertical styralka in the interior
  2. The stylalk can be installed between the dimensional furniture items. For example, you can buy a model with a body of a certain color - it will be the perfect combination with interior items of a suitable color scheme.
  3. If there is a roomy enough bathroom in your home, you can install a CM from either side of the washbasin. Due to the fact that the machine is narrow, it looks interesting and harmonious next to the sink.
  4. Suitable for placing near the toilet, if space allows.

Advice! If you have a rich imagination, you can turn to furniture specialists with the design of a special cabinet with a hinged lid. So it will be possible to hide the machine, covering it with beautiful walls from all sides.

Vertical styralka in the interior

We come to the conclusion that modern "verticals" are not inferior in functionality to "horizontals while their overall dimensions are much smaller.

Sometimes a washing machine with a vertical load can hardly fit in the interior composition, but now, listening to the advice of designers, you can solve this problem.

Good luck!

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