How to wash the gas stove at home

Many faced the problem of persistent pollution on a gas stove. Constant cooking, splashing fat, and boiling while cooking - these are the most common reasons that your cooker loses its original appearance. But if you know how to properly care for it, wash it properly and regularly, then you can quickly achieve the initial cleanliness and extend the life of household appliances. In this article we will explain how to clean the gas stove at home. PAGE

  • Folk cleaning products
  • Step-by-step cleaning instructions
  • Cleaning the grill and burners
  • Removing persistent grease contamination
  • Effectively cleaning the handles
  • Cleaning the oven of the

gas stove Peeling products for cleaning cleaners in a washboardclean even the most stubborn dirt. But many hostesses prefer proven popular methods. Because the new chemical industry is much more expensive, dangerous and require special storage conditions, adversely affect the condition of the skin of the hands, so you have to wear rubber gloves, which further complicates the process. After all, washing with gloves is inconvenient and difficult.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority of hostesses prefer simpler ways to combat persistent pollution. You do not need to rush to the supermarket and spend huge amounts of money on household chemicals. Surely, all the housewives have everything necessary to clean the layers of fat and soot with folk remedies:( See also: How and what to clean the ceramic cooking surface)

  • Laundry soap;
  • Citric Acid;
  • Table Vinegar;
  • Ammonia;
  • Baking Soda;
  • Anisovo liquid ammonia drops.

The listed reagents, which are always in every home, will help you easily and without special efforts to clean the gas stove at home, even persistent and ingrained pollution in the form of grease and soot. In addition, they can easily cope with cleaning other household appliances without harming the surface and skin of the hostess’s hands. Washing the gas stove with folk remedies is also a very economical solution to the problem.


Cleaning Instructions To clean a gas stove at home, you need to do the following:

  1. The first thing to do is to ensure the safety of the process. After all, when cleaning, you can accidentally touch the handle of the stove and turn on the gas. Therefore, completely shut off the gas supply and disconnect the gas stove from the mains( if there is an electric ignition function).Such a precaution will ensure maximum safety during cleaning.
  2. Now you should prepare a solution of household soap. To do this, grate about a quarter of a piece and dissolve it in 6 liters of hot water. This mixture can be cleaned grate. Simply remove it and immerse it in a large container with a solution so that it completely covers the part.
  3. Then you should remove the stainless steel burners, which, along with the grate, have similar in composition persistent dirt and put them in the same basin with soapy water.
  4. Now it is necessary to remove the dirt, crumbs and food residue from the surface of the plate. This can be done with a conventional hard-coated sponge. An important condition is that you should not wet the stove with water, otherwise the whole cleaning process becomes much more complicated.
  5. To clean the knobs and the oven, you will need to provide a lot more complicated issues that should be considered separately. These are the most time-consuming and difficult stages, any hostess with experience will confirm this. But the preparatory stage came to an end. It remains only to remove the handle.

We clean the grill and hot plates
  • The most simple and effective way to clean is to wash them in the dishwasher. To do this, pour more dishwashing liquid into the machine. After the procedure, simply dry the stainless steel grates.
  • If you do not have a dishwasher, then the grate and stainless steel hob soaked in soap solution should be left for at least twelve hours. After that, the dirt will be very easy to wash off, and this detail of the gas stove will again shine with pristine purity.
  • If contamination is very persistent, then after pre-soaking ordinary sand or baking soda should be used. After that, you need to wash the item under running water and dry.

In order to prevent new contaminants from sticking, there is a very simple and effective way. At the next cleaning you will not need to be washed for hours, just rinse the grill and stainless steel burners with warm water, and the dirt with the remnants of fat will disappear instantly. So, on the dry surface of the grate and stainless steel or stainless steel burner, apply the following mixture:

  1. Soda ash;
  2. Washing powder;
  3. Transparent stationery glue.

The ratio of the component parts must match the ratio of 6: 1: 2.This will need to be repeated regularly, at least once every three months.

Remove persistent fatty contaminants.

An excellent option for softening old fat and soot is plain hot water. If fat stains are difficult to clean, you will have to leave them soaked for about half an hour. After that you should use regular baking soda. But the effect of cleansing can be enhanced by using a soap solution instead of hot water. This mixture will help efficiently and without significant efforts to wash off even the most persistent fat deposits.

After the fat deposits are completely soaked, carefully wipe this mixture from the surface of the plate with a sponge. As a further processing step, it is necessary to wipe the surface with ammonia, mixing it with water in equal parts.


In no case should you use a sponge made of metal or hard brushes to clean a gas stove from grease and soot. After all, at the same time you damage the surface of the plate, on it are formed deep scratches, which are easily penetrated by dirt. If you can not wash off dirt with a regular sponge, you can wash it with a toothbrush, and in hard-to-reach places you should use a cotton swab.

An already familiar blend of laundry soap will perfectly clean old fat deposits. Only in this case the mixture should be much thicker. To do this, rub a piece of soap on a grater and pour hot water until you get a consistency similar to a paste. Apply the mixture to the surface of the gas stove, leave it for a quarter of an hour, then rinse and dry.

Another great way to clean old fat stains is to use citric acid. Apply it on the plate and wipe off after a quarter of an hour. And with burnt pollution, which also add a lot of trouble, it is easy to cope with a mixture of table vinegar and ammonia.

Effective cleaning of the handles

Gas stove knobs - one of the most difficult elements for cleaning. They quickly become soiled and have a complex shape, so cleaning the pens from dirt at home is much harder. If the knobs on the gas stove are easily removed, then they can be soaked in a solution with detergent. You can use a solution of laundry soap, prepared according to the same principles as for the lattice. The duration of soaking should be at least eight hours. At the same time various contaminants soften quite well, which contributes to their very fast further cleaning.

If you do not want to wait so much time, then you can add vinegar essence to the solution, which will speed up the whole soaking process, at the rate of one tablespoon of essence per liter of soap mixture. Then you need to boil the handles in the solution for five minutes. Do not forget to take precautions to prevent this mixture from getting on the skin of the hands. The best way out would be rubber gloves, which completely prevent the possibility of chemical burns. After the boiled hands have cooled, any dirt can be easily removed with a household sponge.

Much more difficult is the question if the handles on the stove are not removed. But in this case, you can find a way out and clean them at home. To do this, you should use tools at hand that can easily penetrate even in hard-to-reach places. These include toothpicks, cotton swabs and toothbrushes. First, you need to soak the handles a little, for this you have to apply soda with a damp sponge. Moreover, if the stains are persistent, it is best to take soda ash. After that, using cotton swabs and a toothbrush, apply ammonia on dirt in hard-to-reach places. After waiting a quarter of an hour, you can continue to wash the handle.

Cleaning the oven of the gas stove

Whatever marketing methods marketers use, it is very difficult for even the newest chemicals to cope with cleaning the oven. But with the help of folk remedies you can achieve the desired result and clean the oven from fat and soot.

  1. First you need to remove the surface contamination, to do this, wipe the inner walls of the oven with paper napkins and apply a solution of laundry soap on them, leaving so for a quarter of an hour.
  2. Take a baking sheet and pour the prepared soap mixture into it. Then put in the oven for half an hour at a temperature of 120-150 ° C.
  3. Wash dirt away with a soft, damp cloth from the oven wall.
  4. If the dirt is not completely removed, then another effective method can be applied. Moisten walls with moistened soda and citric acid. After a quarter of an hour, simply sponge the solution off the surfaces.
  5. Ammonia - a great way to clean the oven from fat and soot. It is necessary to moisten the walls with them and leave overnight. After that, just need to wash everything off with warm water.
  6. Quickly and effectively removes stains specially prepared paste from soda, salt and ordinary warm water. It should also be applied to the walls and leave for ten hours. You will be amazed at the result when you begin to wash away the dirt.
  7. It is possible and simple to put edible salt on the walls of the oven with a thick layer and put it at 150 ° C.After thirty minutes, turn off the oven and let it cool for a while. After which there will be just sweep away the dirty dirt.

Now you know how and how to clean the gas stove at home. Each of the described methods helps quickly and without financial costs, to wash and get rid of virtually any dirt on the gas stove, which will again shine like new.

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