Advantages and disadvantages of vertical radiators

When planning the space heating system should pay attention to vertical radiators that are chosen for any elegant interior. However, the spectacular design of the device somewhat offset by a considerable cost, characteristics and connection operation, which is necessary to understand before buying. Do you agree?

We will talk about all kinds of vertical radiators on the market. In our proposed article described in detail the species given their structural features and specifications. To facilitate solving the customer problem, we have listed the leading manufacturers.

The content of the article:

  • Classification radiators
    • In material manufacturing
    • In appearance execution
    • According to the type of heat source
  • Advantages and disadvantages of vertical radiators
  • Manufacturers of vertical radiators
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Classification radiators

Classify vertical radiators for manufacturing the material exterior execution and the type of heat source. These devices have a height of 1-3 meters and are similar to their horizontal counterparts with the exception of some features.

In material manufacturing

Vertical heaters are rather the overall dimensions and weight, so producers try not to increase the burden on the walls due to sections of cast iron.

Moreover, the complexity of processing metal does not allow it to attach decorative shapes. These factors rule out iron from the materials for the manufacture of high-batteries.

The heating system of the vertical radiators

the heating system of the vertical radiator is desirable to plan at the stage of building a house or major repairs apartments, so that you can hide behind the walls of communication

The main types of the vertical radiator, depending on the manufacturing material are:

  • bimetal;
  • aluminum;
  • steel.

modern Bimetallic heaters good that their tube and the system of internal channels are made of steel and the heat radiating fins - of aluminum. This enables to combine in one device the strength and durability of metal and other good heat-conducting properties.

Bimetallic vertical battery with bottom connection

Bimetallic vertical batteries are highly reliable because they contain a minimum of threaded fasteners that can leak

Moreover, the ease of mechanical machining of aluminum allows to vary the appearance and shape of the radiators in a wide range. The metal is well painted without losing their heat-conducting properties, which allows to integrate products from it in the interior, executed in any palette.

The only disadvantage of bimetallic products is their high cost. Heating the steel section characterized by high structural strength, but among all vertical radiators they have the worst heat transfer.

Steel is poorly accurate machining, so the appearance batteries of steel alloys often not distinguished elegance. Furthermore, steel structures are susceptible to corrosion, even if they are covered with a special coating.

Welded steel vertical radiators

In tubular steel radiators can be from two to six channels for each section, so the battery can be made narrow, but deep

Sections of steel are often made in the panel by that hides the pipes and ducts for the outer metal plates. Advantage of such heaters is their price, which is lower than that of products from other materials.

Aluminum heating sections have better thermal conductivity among other materials. They heat up quickly, but do not hold heat for a long time. Aluminum - plastic material, so the battery out of it are different forms of design sophistication.

Aluminum vertical radiators in the apartment

Aluminum vertical radiators are the most light, and therefore can be installed even on the interior walls without risk of deformation

Due to the simplicity of the manufacturing cost aluminum radiators lower than the bimetal, but the maximum operating pressure have less. Weak strength does not allow use of such radiators in apartment buildings and in district heating systems.

Battery material can influence their choice only at high operating pressure, so often products are bought on the basis of their appearance and cost.

In appearance execution

The greater surface area of ​​heated heat reflecting metallic elements, the higher efficiency. Therefore, in many forms of construction of the battery determines the energy performance of it.

All radiators on external execution is divided into:

  • sectional;
  • tubular;
  • panel.

Tubular batteries consist of vertical elongated length-tubing sections, connected by top and bottom headers. the individual elements of the radiator is often bent to give an elegant look. Such an arrangement provides maximum heat transfer, but it save the battery should be cleaned on a regular basis on all sides.

Vertical tubular radiator

The advantage of tubular structures is the possibility of an arbitrary bend channels that allows you to create elegant form without compromising the reliability and price

Manufactured such radiators are usually made of steel, and the individual pipes are connected to the collector of the welding seam. Sectional batteries consist of several parts, having a flat front surface.

They are characterized by the following features:

  • are preferably bimetallic or aluminum, which compensates for the decrease in the working area by comparing their performance with tubular models;
  • aesthetically fit into the interior;
  • They are more expensive than other types of batteries;
  • transfer heat predominantly by convection;
  • They are collapsible, which allows you to dial any number of sections in one radiator.

Care sectional radiators simple and does not require much time.

Sectional vertical radiators

Vertical sectional width of radiators can be changed arbitrarily by adding new partitions. With the help of a special key is able to make each owner

Panel batteries have a folding design, and their front panel is often represented by a single sheet of metal or glass. Especially popular models with mirrored front surfaces, which are independent interior. They expand the space of the room, adding to it light and internal heat.

Vertical panel radiators

Panel radiators have a minimum contact area with the air, but have a subtle shape and easy to clean surface

In the presence of independent heating energy efficiency of vertical radiators of various designs are not has a fundamental importance, because in any case, generated heat remains inside the boiler premises.

The choice of the best heating devices devoted next article, Examined in detail the technical specifications and the arguments "for and against".

According to the type of heat source

In most vertical heating devices is used as coolant water, which heats the gas boiler. But there is a battery, is used for heating electricity. Their internal structure is similar to that of the water-powered only role of coolant performs a special oil.

Electric heaters vertical

Electric models are a danger to children. In addition, they are quite powerful, so the incorrect installation may occur wiring fire

The use of vertically-oriented electric radiators economically costly, so they are mainly used for short-term auxiliary space heating.

Such equipment has built-in mechanisms of thermoregulation, it can be used only when the temperature falls below a set level.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical radiators

Vertical radiators are ambiguous for this heating device. For their installation requires a free wall in the room and the possibility of undetectable summing up to a radiator pipe coolant.

Decorative vertical radiator in the bathroom

Some models of vertical radiators in the summer can be used as coat hangers, shelves or mirrors. Batteries may also provide an opportunity to highlight

Despite this, the vertical battery continue to enjoy strong demand due to these advantages:

  1. High heat levels due to a large area of ​​contact with air. This allows heated heat medium to a lower temperature and avoid overloading a gas boiler.
  2. A variety of forms, size and colorsThat allows you to choose the model of the required size for any interior.
  3. Most heating speed premises by contact with the air over the entire height of the room. Particularly effective in this regard differ aluminum appliances.
  4. Easy installation due to walking with each set of battery mounts.
  5. savings of space under the window, where you can arrange a small storage room.

When stained wall structure and lack sill vertical wall batteries are ideal for heating devices.

Not without vertical heaters and disadvantages, because of which they are not widely used.

The disadvantages of such batteries include the following:

  1. Non-uniformity of heating. Due to the vertical elongation of warm air from the radiators directs them to the ceiling accumulates there. As a result, the floor is bad warming up and remains cold.
  2. High price. Price one simple vertical section length of 2 meters of 60-150 dollars, and design models cost several times more expensive.
  3. The complexity of the tender discreet heating pipes. Ideally, plastic wiring for vertical radiators must take place within the walls of plasterboard, but realize it is quite difficult.
  4. Great weight steel modelsWhich does not allow the battery to hang drywall and thin interior walls.
  5. Connecting the vertical radiator is usually made on the bottom or saddle pattern that It reduces the heat transfer rate by 10-15% compared with diagonal or lateral mounting.

Fundamental structural differences between the horizontal and vertical panels not.

Angled vertical radiator

The downside of the flush-mounted vertical radiator is that the rupture of the pipe is necessary to completely disassemble the wall with all the interior decoration

Recent simply have an elongated shape vnutrisektsionnyh channels. Therefore, when choosing radiators for heating systems It should be guided primarily external beauty and ease of installation equipment.

Manufacturers of vertical radiators

Domestic companies, unfortunately, do not produce radiators with a height of 90 cm. Most of the design of batteries manufactured in European countries where people can afford to buy such an expensive mass production.

The most well-known manufacturers of vertical radiators are:

  • Arbonia;
  • Betatherm;
  • jaga;
  • Caleido;
  • enix;
  • korado;
  • Fondital;
  • Global;
  • E.S.A.

The Swiss company Arbonia It produces steel budgetary and exclusive radiators. Client discount tubular batteries to 3 meters long, having up to 6 tubes in depth and 24 to the sections in width. Thus, the total number of channels can be up to 144 pieces.

Hungarian producer Betatherm It produces tubular design, panel and cell battery. Their front plate may be made of glass, metal or artificial stone with a printed pattern. On model depends heavily on the final price of the product.

Italian companies Caleido, Fondital and Global produce bimetallic and steel radiators sectional and tubular type at affordable prices. All models have a rectangular shape with no frills design.

The Polish company Enix produces both simple and exclusive models sectional and tubular radiators. The highlight of the battery is the unusual shape of the ribs and their built-in light.

Belgian concern for the production of radiators Jaga It focused exclusively on fine form batteries. Their cost is 5-10 times higher than the price of the competition equipment, but the appearance of products is worth it.

image gallery

Photo of

Global's vertical radiator

Aluminum radiators desirable to connect by lateral or diagonal pattern. This ensures uniform heating of

vertical type heating section company Jaga

Jaga Group uses in the manufacture of some models of radiators 3-d printing technology

Vertical radiator company Betatherm

Powerful wide radiators fit perfectly into the business style office space

Vertical battery company Arbonia

radiator model has a smooth surface and hooks for hanging things

heating section vertical type company Caleido

Colorful vertical radiators suitable for a child's room or living room, equipped with bright colors

Vertical battery company Fondital

Simple vertical pipe radiators have fanciful design, therefore suitable for rooms in the style of Hi-Tech

Decorative radiator company Korado

Panel radiators Korado manufacturer, painted in different colors, make the apartment a cheerful and cozy

Decorative radiator company Enix

Vertical radiators Backlit become a convenient option nightlight, especially in the children's room

Global's vertical radiator

Global's vertical radiator

vertical type heating section company Jaga

vertical type heating section company Jaga

Vertical radiator company Betatherm

Vertical radiator company Betatherm

Vertical battery company Arbonia

Vertical battery company Arbonia

heating section vertical type company Caleido

heating section vertical type company Caleido

Vertical battery company Fondital

Vertical battery company Fondital

Decorative radiator company Korado

Decorative radiator company Korado

Decorative radiator company Enix

Decorative radiator company Enix

Czech manufacturer Korado strive for minimalism and offers customers affordable Panel and sectional radiators. You can choose from range of 21 colors.

Many Turkish firms radiators "ES., "Manufactured with a mirror on the front panel and the coating having corrosion-resistant properties. Batteries are made on the German equipment and have attractive prices.

the products of several dozen other manufacturers upright in local stores radiators, but their products are of limited range or the price is not the appropriate level quality.

An interesting novelty in the market of devices for heating systems are vacuum radiators. The specifics of the device and of the recommended article introduces us.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Assess the types of vertical radiators in a real environment and to familiarize them with the installation process can be represented in the videos.

Video # 1. Overview vertical models:

Video # 2. Nuances of the installation:

Video # 3. What to consider when choosing:

Vertical radiators are incredibly attractive. To install these products for heating rooms, finding enough space in the interior and the funds to buy in your wallet.

And there is no doubt that after the installation of the equipment appearance of radiators and their functionality will be appreciated by all guests of the house or apartment.

Want to share your own expertise in the selection and installation of vertically oriented radiators? Have useful information on the topic of the article? Please write comments in the block located below, publish photos, ask questions.

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