How to remove the smell of damp from clothes

There is a smell of dampness on clothes if you keep it in a washing machine or in a damp room for a long time. It happens that things are stored in a tightly closed cheese cabinet, with the result that they start to mold. You can get rid of the smell, if you wash clothes with the addition of vinegar or soda. There are other methods.

Drying and Ironing

A faint smell of damp can be removed from clothes by drying them in the sun. Ultraviolet will kill mold spores caught on the fabric, and the wind will blow away moisture. If you do not have the opportunity to dry clothes, then wash them and rinse them with vinegar.

Delicate fabrics should be washed by hand without the use of aggressive substances. Aromatic water for ironing will help to remove the smell of damp from them. Such water is sold in the departments of household chemicals. It should be poured into the iron or steamer and ironed clothing. In order not to damage the very thin fabric and not to leave glossy stains on the wool, ironing is done through gauze.

Cotton and linen can be ironed at maximum temperature. This will help refresh the fabric, get rid of bacteria and microorganisms. After ironing things should lie down and cool down a bit. Making sure they are completely dry, they are laid out on shelves and drawers.

Soda, Vinegar, Borax, Alcohol

A strong smell of dampness that is constantly applied to clothing requires the use of other methods. First identify the causes of dampness and eliminate them. The clothes themselves must be processed, because they can cause fungus spores. There are several ways to get rid of the mold:

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  • In the washing process, add 1 big spoon of soda to the powder.
  • Dissolve the powder with vinegar and apply the laundry detergent to the appropriate cell of the washing machine.
  • Mix borax with warm water, add powder and soak things in this solution for 2-3 hours, and then wash.
  • Outerwear that cannot be washed should be wiped with a weak solution of ammonia or sprinkled with a solution of vodka from a spray bottle. Then hang on a rope and dry.

Never put a wet coat or jacket in the closet, do not put a wet umbrella. Hats, too, must be dried before placing in the closet. All this will help prevent the appearance of dampness.

Fragrant odors

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It is useless to use toilet water, perfume or fragrances to get rid of the smell of dampness. Fragrant compositions will only aggravate the situation, make the smell even more unpleasant, strengthen it. All you can use is dry herbs. Sachet with lavender, mint, rosemary, juniper, melissa laid out on the shelves. If you like citrus smells, then you can put dried orange peel, tangerine, lemon in bags.

There are rooms where it is always damp and it is difficult to get rid of the unpleasant smell. In this case, it may be advisable to use moisture absorbers.

Instead of scavengers, fans are sometimes used, installing them in a room and occasionally turning them on. Fans create air movement and help if the house has a bad hood.

How to prevent the appearance of dampness.

In order to prevent dampness from getting worn on clothes, do not put wet things on the shelves, dry them until the end, iron with the iron of the maximum allowable temperature. This will help kill mold spores if they accidentally fall onto the fabric.

In the offseason, when central heating is turned off, it is difficult to dry clothes. This especially applies to the autumn period. In this case, you can use heaters, directing a stream of warm air to linen, jackets, shirts and other things that dry in the room. So you can get rid of excess moisture.

A washing machine can cause the smell of damp on clothes. Look behind the sealing gum at the bottom of the hatch. If there is a lot of dirt there, then you need to wash this area with chlorine bleach or any other detergent containing chlorine, and then turn on the rinse mode. If possible, replace an old, worn sealing ring.

If you notice that the wardrobe is too damp, then regularly air it, take it out and dry it. To remove mold, wipe all the shelves with alcohol. Lay out on the shelves special pills that absorb moisture. This will at least partially help solve the problem.

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