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specialists Like any household appliances, air conditioning needs constant maintenance. Each user of climate technology at home knows that the more often to maintain and clean the equipment, the longer it will serve you. Most often, users resort to the services of specialized service centers and air conditioning service companies, but the service can be performed personally. On the market at the moment there is a huge amount of cleaning products and accessories. How to choose a tool for cleaning the air conditioner you will learn in this article.

What you need to know about cleaning the air conditioner

As mentioned above, the number of cleaning products is very large. They can be found on the market, in specialized stores, as well as in shops of household chemicals. They are similar in their properties, but may differ in quality and functionality. Therefore, many experts in this field can not always advise you a good detergent suitable for your split system.

We recommend that you, when purchasing an air conditioner, find out which tool is better suited for servicing your equipment, most often you can be given good advice right at the place of purchase.

How to use

cleaning agent Depending on which part of the air conditioner you decide to clean or disinfect, special cleaning products are provided for this.

So, for example, it is best to use foam to clean the heat exchanger. Here is a brief instruction on how to use the can:( See also: How to clean the air conditioner yourself)

  • , before using the container with the contents, should be thoroughly shaken, then gently and evenly applied to the surface of the heat exchanger;
  • after a short period of time, the foam will go into a liquid state;
  • as soon as the liquid drains, it is necessary to allow the air conditioner to work in the fan mode for some time.

Often all the information on the use is placed on the spray can or on a leaflet, insert, which is put in the box.

Sprayers work a little differently: they can be sprayed not only on the surface of the heat exchanger, but also inside the outdoor unit, as well as the ventilation system. Sprays are of several types, so to find out how to use them, you must carefully study the information on the packaging of the cleaning agent.

Impact principle, advantages and disadvantages of

Depending on the composition of the product, its properties will differ. Most often such substances include the composition of such substances: surface-active, chloro-alcoholic and acidic substances. They give the product a good cleaning and washing ability, and also allow cleaning not only surfaces, but also the internal parts of climate technology.

What are the advantages of spray tools? One of the significant advantages is the availability and ease of use. Accessibility is manifested in the fact that they can be found practically in any household chemical store or on the market. Each person will be able to use it by adhering to these instructions for use, namely:

  • apply the product on the contaminated surface;
  • wait 15 minutes;
  • and then turn on the device in the ventilation mode.

Sometimes, depending on the manufacturer, it is required to wash off or wipe off residues from parts of the device. At the same time, the quality of cleaning increases, because after the cleaner has dissolved the dirt, it can spread and cause damage to the internal electronic components.

The disadvantages include the fact that these funds are quite harmful and they are often not enough for several times, depending on the degree of contamination. In this case, we recommend using a foam cleaner, as it is less harmful and you will have enough for 3-4 applications.

Cases when you need to contact


As you can see from the above, the air conditioner cleaner, as well as the decontamination and disinfection process itself, is not too complicated and cheap enough. However, there are cases when pollution leads to equipment failure. In this case, the problem is connected with blockage of the inside of the device, which requires the intervention of a specialist. We do not advise you to disassemble and clean the internal parts of the air conditioner, if you do not have sufficient knowledge in this area - this can lead to a deterioration in the operation of your device or its complete breakdown.

We hope that this article helped you choose the right air conditioner cleaner.


Be careful and attentive when working with chemicals. In order not to leave chemical burns on the hands it is necessary to use gloves, and during operation of the air conditioner it is necessary to leave the room in order not to breathe harmful vapors.

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