11 tips for choosing and buying an inflatable pool for giving + photos


  1. №1.The design of the inflatable pool
  2. №2.Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable pools
  3. № 3.Select the height and size of the inflatable pool
  4. №4.Inflatable pools for children
  5. №5.The method of filling with water
  6. № 6.Water filtration in an inflatable pool
  7. №7.Organization of water discharge in an inflatable pool
  8. №8.What should be included?
  9. №9.Features of the installation and repair of an inflatable pool
  10. №10.Canopy for inflatable pool
  11. №11.The best manufacturers of inflatable pools

The absolute majority of summer residents dream of installing a pool on their site that would become a summer recreation center for children or for the whole family. Unfortunately, stationary structures are not all affordable for , but this does not mean that it is necessary to give up the dream, because inflatable pools are present in a large assortment. They are perfect for those who want to save money and time .On sale you can find both models for the smallest ones, and 6-meter structures designed for the rest of a large company, but size is not the only thing that is important to consider when purchasing. How to choose an inflatable pool for summer cottage, install it correctly and care for it so that it lasts several seasons? Which manufacturers can you trust?

Discovering the secrets of a perfect inflatable pool.

№1.Design of an inflatable pool

Modern inflatable pools are made of three-layer polyvinyl chloride film , the strength of which is enough to withstand the load of water and bathing people. The thicker the film, the better. Large pools further strengthen the mesh with polyester mesh - such reinforcement increases the strength and reliability of the product. Another option is to strengthen the structure of an framework made of thin-walled aluminum tubes .Usually inflatable pools have a round or oval shape, much less often - rectangular. They can be of different sizes, can hold from 25 liters of water to 45 tons of , be from 1 to 6 meters long, be equipped with slides, fountains, whole gaming complexes or the ability to massage with air bubbles, be monochrome or stylized as anyThis theme( pirates, cartoon characters), frosted or transparent.

As a rule, only one ring is pumped with air, encircling the pool in diameter. If the pool is small, there may be several such rings, and for small children it is better to choose a structure where the bottom is also inflated with air to avoid possible injuries on the hard surface under the pool.

№2.Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable pools

Inflatable structures are most common among all pools, at least in the domestic space. The reasons for the popularity is to look for a lot of advantages:

  • reasonable price ;
  • a large range of ;
  • ease of installation .Installing an inflatable pool at the cottage is a matter of 10-45 minutes( depending on the size), no special training will be needed, and the kit must include an instruction manual for each model;
  • Mobility .Inflatable pool can be installed anywhere, and if desired, move. In the deflated state, it occupies a minimum of space, weighs a little, which simplifies transportation and storage;
  • easy storage .The owner has to take care of the stationary pool all year round, and it is enough to blow the inflatable in August-September, wash well, dry and fold until the next season;
  • inflatable pool - is ideal for children , because the water in them heats up quickly, the boards are soft, and the variety of design and equipment allows you to find the most suitable option for a child of any age.

But even there are spots on the sun, and with ease of installation and the relative cheapness of inflatable pools, will have to tolerate some of their drawbacks:

  • low durability .On average, PVC pool is enough for 2-3 seasons. Do not forget that the material is easily damaged with sharp objects, is not very resistant to UV light and is not suitable for bathing cats and dogs;
  • need periodic air pumping ;
  • to clean the water in an inflatable pool is quite difficult.

№3.Select the height of the side and the size of the inflatable pool

One of the defining characteristics when choosing is the height of the side of the pool. It directly depends on who can swim in the pond, and how comfortable and safe such bathing will be.

Depending on the height of the board, all pools can be divided into:

  • mini-watersheds with a height of up to 17 cm are suitable for bathing children up to 1.5 years old;
  • pools with a height of sides up to 50 cm are called “paddling beds”, they are intended for children up to 3 years old;
  • pools up to 70 cm high can be used for bathing children up to 7 years old;
  • board height up to 107 cm - a good option for children up to 12 years;
  • pools above 107 cm can be used for bathing adolescents and adults, but must be additionally equipped with a ladder.

When buying a pool for children, you can follow the simple rule that one child must have at least 1 m2 of space, for adults - 1.5-2 m2.The larger the pool, the more functional and similar it will be to regular stationary models, but it doesn’t prevent us from analyzing what place in the summer cottage is allocated for its installation.

As for the form, give preference to the round and oval models .Moreover, there are much more such pools, they are also more practical in operation, because they allow to distribute the load more evenly.

№4.Inflatable pools for children

For children and teenagers, manufacturers of inflatable pools have developed the most interesting models. For the smallest, small constructions with a volume of 45-90 liters are intended;For older bathers fit pools with a corrugated bottom, which reduces the risk of slipping. It is better not to try to describe the variety of design: you can find models of any colors and with any drawings on sale.

Special attention is given to designs equipped with an inflatable slide, a fountain, a waterfall, a grid for games and other elements that will make the fun in the pool more interesting and rich. For the smallest there is a model with a small canopy that protects from direct sunlight.

№5.Method of filling with water

The way it is filled with water depends on the design features of an inflatable pool. All currently existing models can be divided into two groups:

  • fully inflatable pools are characterized by the presence of walls-cavities filled with air, and they hold water. Such pools are easier to damage, but a similar design is used, mainly in small models, sometimes supplemented by an inflatable bottom;
  • . The self-leveling basins have a cavity-pipe along the upper edge, which completely surrounds the structure. Only the pipe is inflated with air, and when the tank is filled with water, the pipe gradually rises, allowing the pool walls to unfold. In some designs such pipes may be two or even three.

№6.Water filtration in an inflatable pool

The question of water filtration is the most acute for inflatable structures, especially if the pool is not protected from environmental exposure by any overhang.

To filter the water in an inflatable pool you can use:

  • special nets , which are suitable for water purification in small pools. The process consists in manually trapping the largest contaminants;
  • water vacuum cleaner can be used for pools of medium and large sizes. Such devices can be manual( the optimal choice for an inflatable pool) and semi-automatic, not long ago there were also vacuum cleaning robots for underwater cleaning;
  • pump filter with a replaceable cartridge, which, as a rule, comes complete with more or less large-sized pools. Such a filter does not always fully cope with its tasks, and then you have to additionally purchase a sand filter. The latter can last about 5 years before replacing the sand;
  • skimmer .For inflatable pools, mounted skimmers are suitable, which use mechanical cleaning of the upper layer of water from pollution, such as foliage, hair, dirt particles, etc.;
  • use of special chemicals , which, ideally, should be used in parallel with water filtration. They are necessary to prevent flowering, unpleasant smell, mucus on the bottom and walls. Chemicals containing chlorine are added to water with a well-defined pH level, which, if necessary, is also regulated by the introduction of special substances. Approximately 2 days after treatment, you can swim, and a day later add a float with a tablet aquacomplex. Such treatment will allow to change the water once a month, it is not capable of causing harm to health, but is contraindicated for those who are allergic to chlorine-containing substances. An alternative to chemistry is the addition of perhydrol ( 37% hydrogen peroxide solution).Consumption - 500-700 g per 1 ton of water, the effect is approximately the same.

It is imperative to filter the pool water, otherwise in a week instead of crystal clear water you will get a swamp pool with a very unpleasant odor. If the pool is small, it makes sense to fill it with fresh water every day - this is ideal. At night and during the absence of you at the cottage, you need to cover the pool with an awning.

№7.Organization of water drainage in an inflatable pool

When choosing an inflatable pool, be sure to pay attention to the drain system, and first of all it concerns large structures. They must have drain valve , which can be connected to a garden hose. Otherwise, you will have to pump out water using a pump, and this is an additional cost and inconvenience.

Small pools empty the by tipping the .If chemicals were not used to purify water, then it can be used to water the beds. This applies mainly to small children's pools, where water changes every day.

№8.What should be included?

Responsible manufacturers who value their name, as a rule, include not only the inflatable pool itself. The number and composition of accessories strongly depends on the size of the bowl. Small children's pools, as a rule, are completed with a tube of special glue and a vinyl patch to repair the damage. By the way, the Moment glue cannot be used to repair inflatable pools - it will damage the structure even more.

Larger pools should be complemented with an filter pump, a dirt net and a skimmer. Manufacturers also supply the large inflatable pools with step ladders, bedding under the bottom and awning. Massive structures with high sides must be supplemented by special rubber rings located on the walls. A rope is attached to them, which on the other hand is attached to a peg driven into the ground. If this is not done, then the pool can easily overturn, even when it is completely filled with water.

№9.Features of the installation and repair of an inflatable pool

The task of installing an inflatable pool will cope any, because everything is described in detail in the instructions. Installation consists of the following key points:

  • selection and site preparation .It is necessary to choose a flat place with a dense ground to install a pool, preferably away from trees, because in the shade the water will get worse, and there may be a lot of attack on the branches and leaves. Children's pool should be installed in a well-viewed place. All stones, hummocks, knots and other sharp and hard objects must be carefully removed from the installation site, and then, to guarantee bedding, lay the litter. If it was not included, then you can use a canvas or thick PVC film;
  • inflating pool .After removing the pool from the box, it is neatly laid out on the litter, in no case can it be dragged along the ground. Pump to inflate must be purchased separately. It is not recommended to pump the pool, and if it is strongly inflated in the cool time of the day, then in the heat it may burst due to the air property to expand. The kit may be a filter pump, you can not turn it on without water. It is connected to the appropriate valves according to the instructions. As a rule, pumps are equipped with paper cartridges, they will have to be changed approximately once every 2 weeks, so take care of consumables in advance;
  • filling with water .Use drinking or process water, you can pour and river water, but it must first be carefully treated. Water is supplied until the air section stops lifting. After that, you can remove the plugs from the filter pump, and when the water enters the device, it can be connected to the mains;
  • control .During operation, it is necessary not only to monitor the purity of the water, but also its level, because some will evaporate, another part will spill out, therefore it is constantly necessary to fill up with fresh water. From time to time it is also necessary to check the pressure in the air chamber and pump it up;
  • storage .After the end of operation and removal of water, the pool is thoroughly washed, deflated, dried in the sun and folded for storage.

Well, when a repair kit consisting of a patch and glue was sold together with the pool: in which case the patch is simply glued tightly to the damage site. If such a kit was not available, then you can use the kit for the repair of car chambers, or you can search for sale special kits from the manufacturer of the pools.

No. 10.Canopy for inflatable pool

Canopy protects the pool not only from debris, but also from precipitation and the damaging effects of sunlight. If possible, it is, of course, better to equip it. Several options:

  • low canopies with a height of not more than 1 m - the cheapest, but the least convenient option, suitable for those pools that are not used too often. Such a canopy completely copes with its direct functions, but it will be difficult to get into the reservoir, and the entrance will be one sliding section;
  • medium constructions about 2 meters high is the most convenient option. The door is located at one of the ends, and the pavilion itself is built on the principle of a greenhouse. The frame is made of metal profiles, sheathed with polycarbonate - you can cope on your own. To save money, you can use the film, but it will be enough for the season, and her appearance is not the best;
  • high pavilions with a height of about 3 m. allows you to equip a complete recreation area around the pool, which can be used both in rain and in cool weather. Such a pavilion can be decorated with flowers and supplemented with sun loungers - you get a worthy competitor to the usual gazebo, however, you will need a lot of space.

# 11.The best manufacturers of inflatable pools

Although the cost of an inflatable pool does not compare with the price of equipping a stationary analogue, everyone wants their own money for a quality product that will last more than one season, so it’s better to prefer a reliable manufacturer:

  • Intex is an American company, which is considered the leader in the production of inflatable pools. The range of models and accessories for swimming pools is huge, the design is excellent, and the quality is at the height, which is confirmed by the necessary certificates;
  • Wehncke is a German company whose product range includes inflatable pools of various sizes and designs. Quality meets the most stringent standards, the kit always includes many useful accessories;
  • Zodiac is a French company specializing in the manufacture of goods for recreation and sports. The range of inflatable pools is small, but they are all supplied with a set of additional equipment;
  • BESTWAY is a major Chinese manufacturer, which includes 4 plants. Products are in great demand around the world. The main specialization is the production of frame and inflatable pools. The latter are produced in a huge variety: from small structures to huge family pools and complexes with slides. The package bundle varies from model to model; the design is excellent;
  • Polygroup is a company with factories located in China and Thailand, and representative offices throughout the world. It specializes in the production of decor items, lighting, fixed and inflatable pools. The main advantage is low prices.

When buying, always check the warranty availability - a normal manufacturer offers a warranty period of at least 1 year. This precaution and careful operation will help to keep the inflatable pool in proper condition for a long time.

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