Ready systems smart home. Modular architecture from the company Rubetek


  1. Rubetek Control Center
  2. Security and Control
  3. Lighting and Power
  4. Video Surveillance and Access Control
  5. Heating and Climate

Imagine how great it would be to know that everything is in order at home when you are away from it, to control the lighting and heating remotelyand even watch everything that happens in the apartment. Today, such opportunities do not just exist, but may well be used in absolutely any domestic home.

Of course, a lot is already known about the smart home system , but previously the main producers of such solutions were Western companies. Now the alternative from the domestic manufacturer Rubetek has appeared on the market. This is an innovative company, qualified engineers and programmers who for a couple of years have created a smart home system in the country, which does not get tired in terms of functionality for foreign counterparts, but costs much less. We will try to tell about the main features and benefits.

Remotely you can monitor almost any system in the house and overall security. With the Smart House system, it’s not necessary to worry about whether the iron is turned off, whether the apartment and neighbors will not be flooded, whether everything is in order with your relatives. Moreover, the smart home will save on lighting and heating and manage all systems remotely using an application on a smartphone. Everyone can choose the , which devices they need to control, and combine them into a single system.


Control Center A smart home is a collection of sensors and equipment, interconnected into a system that can execute human commands without its direct participation. Any space can become smart : a small apartment, house, office or cottage - you just need to provide them with the necessary sensors or modules and connect them to the control center.

The system is designed in such a way that all devices are integrated by one control center, which the user can access using the free mobile application, the existing for Android and iOS.Thus, there is no need to connect separately to each sensor - just press a couple of buttons in the application, choosing a specific “script”.In one group, you can add several devices, the parameters of which can be changed by pressing just one button. Having set certain scenarios for the morning, return from work, weekend or night, you can change the microclimate in the apartment in seconds, and the sensor system will monitor all the necessary parameters on your own.

The control center also works in the opposite direction: it collects all the information from the sensors and transmits it to the owner's application, therefore, even being hundreds of kilometers away from home, you can know the full information about his condition. It is possible to connect up to 300 devices to the control center, and work with systems of other manufacturers is supported so that the user is not limited in anything. Synchronization is due to Wi-Fi, no wires will be needed. The device is very compact( 21 * 14 * 7 mm), so it does not take up free space.

It is possible to interact with the control center through the special application , developed by Rubetek. It is as easy to use as it is intuitively clear, but at the same time provides the user with the broadest capabilities:

  • notifications about intruders entering the house, water leaks, fire, as well as automatic shut-off of water or power outages if necessary;
  • video surveillance for all the rooms where cameras are installed;
  • full management of all communications in the house, including lighting, underfloor heating, air conditioning, blinds and curtains, household appliances, etc.;
  • analysis of energy consumption by various devices, which will allow time to take the necessary decisions aimed at saving resources;
  • create and manage scripts. Instead of running around the apartment before going out of the house and turning off the lights, electrical appliances, heating and closing the blinds everywhere, you can simply create an corresponding script to turn off the necessary devices and systems and arm the apartment. The user needs only to press one button, and this saves time and guarantees that you will not forget anything. Moreover, the scripts can be activated not by by pressing the button, but by automatically by : you need to set an action and a certain condition, and 15 minutes before waking up, for example, the system of warm floors will be activated.

You can connect any set of devices to the control center and the application .Below we consider the most popular ones.

Security and Control

One of the most popular sets of the company is “Security and Control”, which will allow to control water leaks, fires, shut off pipes, receive notifications about illegal entry into the house.

In addition to the control center, this kit includes:

  • leak detectors , which are better to install near the bathtub, washing machine, sink, radiators and other places where water leakage is possible. If something fails when no one is at home and water gets on the sensor sensor, the owner will receive an alert on the smartphone. In addition, the system allows you to shut off the water, de-energize the washing machine, etc.;
  • smoke detectors will quickly respond to any fire and prevent a fire that can start from a short circuit, forgotten on the stove pan or careless behavior with fire. In which case, the system will send a notification to the owner and turn on the sound siren in the room;
  • opening sensors , located on the entrance doors, windows, gates, furniture doors or in any other place will instantly notify you of the change in its state. If you use them in a set with video surveillance cameras, you can always be aware of who came home, whether the child returned in time from school, whether someone outside the house had penetrated. Sensors can even be installed on the cabinet doors, and if a small child starts to open them, you will instantly know about it.

Extend the package to increase the level of control and security by using various kinds of observation cameras, motion sensors and gas leak sensors.

Lighting and Power Supply

The importance of “weather in the house” has been said and even sung a lot, and today everyone understands how necessary the comfort microclimate is in the apartment, and at the same time, understands the need for saving .With these two often conflicting tasks, the smart home system does an excellent job. Using the company's Lighting and Power kit, you can remotely control lighting and any home appliances, set up usage scenarios, and receive notifications. The kit includes:

  • smart socket , which will allow you to remotely control the appliances and lighting devices included in it. In which case, it will remind you that you forgot to turn off some device;
  • relay for a two-button switch opens up great opportunities in lighting control and will remind you of the lights not turned off;
  • 3-in-1 sensor responds to the opening and closing of doors, measures temperature and light, notifies the owner of any changes through the application.

These elements, established and connected into a single system, open up unlimited possibilities. Using the application, you can, for example, turn off the iron, turn on the heater before coming home or when the temperature drops below a predetermined mark, de-energize all sockets for the safety of the child in case of absence of adults at home. You can turn on some lights to create the appearance of the presence of someone at home, adjust the system so that the light in the room is turned on as soon as someone enters. Possible mass options - the system can be adapted to any needs of the .

Video surveillance and access control

Thanks to the smart home system, a number of other possibilities are possible. The user immediately learns about the breaking of doors or unauthorized opening of windows, and thanks to surveillance cameras can monitor everything that happens at home and near the front door. It would be great to always know who came or tried to get into the house, what the nurse did in your absence, how the children behave in the next room. All this is possible thanks to the smart home system.

Video surveillance and access control are provided through the use of the following components:

  • video camera , transmitting the image from it directly on the screen of a smartphone. Due to the presence of infrared mode, nothing escapes attention even in the dark. If necessary, you can create full-fledged video archives;
  • motion sensor will report on any movement in the house, will give a signal to turn on the light
  • opening sensor.

Heating and climate

Convenient when the heating system is turned on 30 minutes before coming home: the air has time to warm up, and the extra energy for heating the room during the absence of all the house is not consumed. It is not less convenient when the microclimate parameters are maintained in the house, and you do not need to constantly turn on, turn off and switch the modes of the air conditioner or heater. All these and many other possibilities are offered to users by the Heating and Climate set, which includes:

  • 3-in-1 sensor;
  • relays for sockets.

In one room you can use several or all of these sets at once, connect video intercoms, electronic locks and other devices. Once you have made a small investment and turned your home into a smart one, you can get not just more comfortable and safe living conditions, but also serious savings on monthly payments for utilities.

You can obtain detailed information and order this system on the official site of Rubetek Smart Home.

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