Stages of kitchen renovation


  1. Conducting the required measurements
  2. Creating a design project
  • Arrangement of furniture
  • .d.d. Furniture, appliances and sinks
  • At the end of the
  • Kitchen today in almost every apartment performs a lot of funtions. Here they prepare food, lunch and dinner, gather with the whole family, invite guests. Consequently, even the smallest kitchen should be comfortable, cozy and convenient, and this depends on the quality of repair work, the choice of finishing materials, the location of furniture appliances. Many of us today prefer to do repair work in the kitchen, at least most of them, with our own hands, and then the question becomes: What are the main steps in the repair of kitchen , and in what sequence it is necessary to perform all the work of .

    Making the necessary measurements

    To create a kitchen design project, to calculate the amount of materials required, you must first have to know all the parameters of the room with great precision. The first measure is the width, length and height of the room, then the dimensions of the window and door openings, as well as the distance from them to the floor and ceiling, and the adjacent walls. It is also necessary to measure the mezzanine, if any.

    In addition, measurements of the location of all existing rosette groups, the supply of water supply and sewage drainage, and the ventilation vent are carried out. If there are any projections of the floor slabs in the kitchen, then this should also be taken into account and carried out the appropriate measurements. If you want to make redevelopment of , demolish any partitions, then you need to measure the adjacent room, with which the kitchen will be combined.

    The measurement accuracy of the should be as high as possible, and the error should be no more than 0.5 cm. Otherwise, you can end up with a door that is not closing, the passage between the working area and the dining table is too inconvenient, especially when it comes to a small kitchen, where every centimeteron the list.

    Creating an

    design project Many miss this stage, believing that they are able to keep all the details in their head. The frequent results of such a mistake are the inability to place some element of furniture or appliances in the kitchen, the inharmoniousness of the color combination, the inconvenient arrangement of lamps, sockets, etc. That is why all the details must be thought out in advance, and they must be reflected in the kitchen design project.

    Pre-determine the basic requirements for design and style of the kitchen , with location of functional areas , with a list of necessary equipment. If you are not sure that it will be easy to create a project yourself, then it is better at this stage to have seek the help of the designer .The design of the kitchen should take into account the arrangement of furniture, communications and equipment .All these elements of the project put forward their own requirements.

    Arrangement of furniture

    When the floor plan is ready, where the arrangement of windows, doors and all communications is marked, you can proceed to the selection of furniture. At the same time, it is also important to think about which pieces of equipment must be present in the kitchen: a refrigerator, a stove, an extractor hood, a microwave, a dishwasher, a washing machine, a boiler, etc. It is necessary to decide on the type of furniture placement in the kitchen : linear, angular, in two lines, island, U-shaped.

    If the kitchen is small , then in one row all the furniture with appliances may not fit. In this case, it is better to use the angular type of furniture placement. It is important to note that the length of all sides of the working space should be from 3 to 6 meters - these are the optimal values ​​so that there is enough space and many movements would not have to be done while preparing food. Also, experts advise that the distance between the sides of the kitchen triangle( sink, stove, refrigerator) should be approximately equal, and not more than 1.85 m.

    The location of all the cabinets on the plan should be noted in advance. If you plan to order a certain kitchen set, then in advance it is better to measure all its parameters and estimate how it fits into the kitchen. You can use simple programs and even mobile applications for drawing up a design project, in which all actions are as simple as possible: you only need to enter the room parameters and the parameters of the desired furniture.

    There is also an original way to think out the layout of all the pieces of furniture .From cardboard create a box that will be a model of the kitchen. Naturally, it is necessary to adhere to the scale. From the foam also on the scale make the figures of furniture and technology, and then all these details are placed in the box until the ideal option is found. Whatever the method, as a result you should get a clear visual idea of ​​what the future kitchen should look like.

    At this stage, it also does not interfere with the development of the kitchen color scheme, the used accessories, finishing materials and other details. If the kitchen is small, it does not interfere with finding the ways of its visual increase in .If it is planned to create partitions, arches, other constructions , then their location is necessarily marked in the project.

    Location of communications

    When creating a project, you also need to clearly provide where all communications will be located. First of all, needs to think over where the sockets should be: they must be near the dining table, as well as in the work area where the mass of equipment that is constantly present in the kitchen( refrigerator, microwave, extractor hood, etc.) will be connected.), as well as small household appliances, such as a blender, mixer, juicer. needs to be prepared in advance as well as kitchen lighting, because will need to be connected to all lamps with electrical wiring, and there will be switches for them.

    If you want to completely change the location of the gas stove and the sink, then you need to consider a few rules. So, flexible gas hoses should not be more than 4 meters in length, and water and sewer - not more than 1.5 meters. All these pipes should be available for inspection in order to simplify repair work and not to provoke conflicts with special services. An excellent way out - hide pipes behind kitchen cabinets without rear walls: the same way communications are disguised, do not spoil the look, and you can access them quickly and easily.

    Location of

    equipment If the project provides for the kitchen hood , and you have a gas boiler, then you cannot take them out in one ventilation path - this is life threatening. Depending on your own preferences and features of the kitchen, you can choose a flow or circulation hood. The latter is not necessary to connect to the ventilation outlet.

    If the is equipped with several gas appliances, such as a stove and a boiler, the distance between them should be at least 80 cm. The refrigerator should be located at least 60 cm from the stove. Otherwise, the consumption of electricity will increase significantly, and the probability of a refrigerator breaking becomes much higher.

    As for the refrigerator, many experts advise placing it outside the kitchen, in cooler rooms: on the loggia, if it is adjacent to the kitchen, or in the hallway. Thus, you can significantly save on electricity consumed: in the summer the refrigerator will use 1.5-2 times less energy, and in the winter - 6 times less. But such an arrangement of the refrigerator is not very successful, and it is not very convenient to run constantly with food from the kitchen.

    The remaining items of equipment are at their own discretion. So, if you need a microwave, it is better to hang it up or install it on a shelf above the working surface, so as not to occupy useful space.

    Calculation of the necessary building materials

    In order not to face the problem of shortage or excessive surplus of building materials, it is necessary to accurately calculate the necessary amount of them in advance. After the design project is ready, the ways of finishing are chosen, it is necessary for to calculate how much and what materials you will need for the preparatory work, rough and finishing. If difficulties arise, then at this stage you can contact the specialists.

    The necessary lining materials, a primer, a putty, and possibly new sockets, wires, etc., are added to the estimate. It does not interfere in advance to think over not only the quantity of the necessary, but and the price of all the materials .This will help you plan your budget correctly and be able to point out the need to save.

    Preparatory work

    The preparation of the kitchen for the renovation implies its cleaning and release from the old finishes, furniture and appliances. It all starts with the removal of equipment and furniture from the kitchen, then we dismantle the ceramic tile, remove the plinth, the floor covering.

    Whitewashing from the ceiling is not so easy to remove, so you have to spend a lot of effort to launder the surface. The same applies to painted walls: in this case, a special solvent for paint helps in the best way. You need to work with him extremely carefully, in a respirator, protective clothing and glasses. Old wallpaper can be removed with a spatula, you can pre-wet them with cool water.

    At this stage, also demolishes unnecessary partitions, if these actions do not contradict the norms, but in general, any re-planning needs to be coordinated in advance. If the plan is to replace the door, then it is better to remove it at this stage. After all old furnish is dismantled, it is the best of all to wipe surfaces with detergent solution, and then with simple water. This removes all residues of dust and stored fat.

    Cleaned surfaces should be carefully inspected, their general condition, the presence of cracks, defects, irregularities should be noted. At this stage, you can make adjustments to the estimates, if it turns out that you need to carry out some additional work.

    Distribution of communications

    The installation of electrical wiring is performed taking into account all points of electricity consumption, also equip and rework, if necessary, water supply and sewage system .They begin with electrical wiring, for the arrangement of which three-wire cables in double insulation with a diameter of 2 mm are needed. Strobitsya walls in the necessary places, then there to lay the cable, then the wire itself is fixed masking tape and plaster. Cables are laid at right angles only. At this stage, you must clearly know the scheme of lighting the kitchen and the location of sockets.

    Plumbing and sewage systems must be performed with metal-plastic or polypropylene pipes: they are simple to install, durable, and are not afraid of temperature changes. After that you can bring gas hoses.


    windows After installing all communications, replaces windows, if necessary. After installing a new window, it is hidden from possible contamination during further repair work. is hidden with plastic film and paint tape. In principle, the window can be installed before all communications - this is not so important.

    Draft finish

    At this stage, align all surfaces and prepare them for subsequent finishing. The ceiling of the must be puttied, cleaned and primed. If its surface is so uneven that to bring it in order, it will take a lot of time and effort, it is better to think about the system of suspended or suspended ceilings .In this case, you just need to eliminate the largest defects, such as flowing plaster.

    The same work is carried out with walls, and they can be more uneven than ceilings, and this applies to areas where there was tile. After its dismantling, holes and cavities may remain, therefore, it is better to level the walls with with an plaster mix, preferably moisture resistant. In this case, you can also use sheets of moisture-resistant drywall : the work will be carried out much faster, but you will steal a few centimeters of storage space from the kitchen, which must be taken into account in the design project. It is possible to go to such measures, without thinking, if we are talking about a spacious dining room, but for a small kitchen such a decision is unacceptable. The walls in the kitchen should be perfectly smooth, especially if you plan to use ceramic tiles. The finished surface of the walls and ceiling should be finished with and primed with for better adhesion to the finishing material.

    . If the floor has significant irregularities, but the coupler has not been dismantled, you can use the system of self-leveling floors .If the old screed has been completely removed, you will have to make a cement-sand screed. Finishing material for the floor in the kitchen should be chosen so that it is well tolerated moisture, was easy to clean, hygienic and non-slip. For some types of coatings, it is not bad to consider the floor heating system .They are mounted just at this stage of the kitchen. It should be noted that the warm floor should not be equipped with furniture and appliances, so it is important to think in advance about the interior of the kitchen.

    Finishing work

    When all communications are established, you can proceed to the execution of finishing work. It is better to start from the ceiling, so that later it does not stain the walls and floor during its finishing. For ceiling cladding, you can choose painting, a system of suspended or suspended ceilings using drywall or battens. It is extremely undesirable to use whitewash, because it will very quickly turn yellow. Stretch ceilings - an exception, their installation is carried out after finishing the walls, as this is a quick and completely dirty process.

    For the decoration of the walls in the kitchen is suitable mass of various materials .The most popular of them - ceramic tiles, which are often revetted not only the working area, but all the walls of the kitchen. In the work area, you can also use decorative stone or glass skins, which look quite impressive. Option for the most daring - a metal apron. The walls in the dining area can be finished with washable paint - the simplest, cheapest and at the same time stylish option. You can also use wallpaper, but not all are suitable, but only non-woven, vinyl, glass wall-paper, as well as liquid wallpaper. Also in the decoration of the walls of the kitchen, you can use decorative plaster, stone, wooden lining and plastic panels.

    As for the floor covering, which is the last, then the choice is also wide. You can combine different materials, breaking the kitchen into functional areas. Of course, the best and proven type of flooring for the kitchen - tiles, but under it, as well as under the mosaic, concrete and porcelain floors ideally lay the system of warm floors. Often in kitchens use linoleum and laminate, at least - wood and cork coating. A great modern option - self-leveling floor: it is durable, practical and beautiful, and with its help it is easy to create a three-dimensional image.

    Installation of skirting boards

    Plinth in the kitchen performs both decorative and practical functions. For the floor, it is better to choose plastic skirting , because the wood behaves much worse in conditions of increased humidity in the kitchen. Another option - aluminum skirting , which is also not bad for the kitchen. To calculate how many plinths are needed is simple: add a meter to the kitchen perimeter and divide by the length of one plinth( standard length is 2.5 m).You will also need to buy corners.

    Install an ceiling plinth , also known as a baguette. Today, a special kitchen baseboard also appeared, which is installed between the wall and the table top, and as a result, splashes and crumbs do not fall into the gap.

    Installation of doors and lighting

    If now everything is new in the kitchen and there will be new furniture, then you can’t do without a new door, if it is provided by the project at all. The door can be wooden, glass, with glass inserts, you can opt for folding doors .If you cook a lot and do not want the smells to penetrate into the rest of the apartment, it is better to install the door with a standard door, and materials such as plastic and glass are more preferable because they do not absorb odors.

    At this stage, also installs luminaires, and it is necessary to provide several types of lighting: general, working, in the dining area, and also decorative.

    Installing furniture, appliances and sinks

    Now you can finally install the selected set of furniture, and then mount the sink. The best version of the kitchen sink is a stainless steel, although today sinks made from composite materials are also in high demand. The next step is the installation of a refrigerator, dishwasher and other equipment.

    It remains only to choose the appropriate kitchen accessories .Tablecloth and curtains can be chosen from one material, on the walls hang photos, paintings, slate boards, arrange nice souvenirs on the shelves, jars of spices, flower pots or something else you like.

    At the end of

    In order to complete the kitchen renovation on time, invest in the allocated budget and eventually get a stylish, comfortable and harmonious space, it is very important to create a kitchen design project, clearly define every little thing in this room and follow the plan. Some work should still be entrusted to professionals, even if it was decided to do the repairs themselves. Clear planning will ultimately help save time and create an impeccable kitchen.

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