How to clean the filters of the vacuum cleaner

  • Filter-bag
  • Cyclone filter
  • Aqua-filter
  • HEPA-filters
  • Carbon filter

The condition of the filters largely determines the quality of the vacuum cleaner. A clogged filter is one of the most common reasons why a vacuum cleaner began to work loudly and over time can cause it to fail. There are several types of filters used in vacuum cleaners, which differ in the way air is cleaned. Therefore, it is possible to wash the filter from the vacuum cleaner depends on its specific type. Let's consider how to properly clean, so as not to spoil.

Filter Bag

Can be disposable( made of paper) and reusable( usually produced from synthetic fabric).The overflowed disposable bag must be discarded and must not be used again. When reused, the disposable bag may tear at any time. And then all the garbage can get into the engine compartment and disable the engine.

Reusable rag bag after use must be well knocked out and then washed using powder( detergent).After drying the bag is ready for reuse.

Cyclone Filter Consists of a large plastic container( it is used to collect large debris, dust) and several fine filters. After use, the container must be disassembled and cleaned each filter separately, depending on its type and features. Large plastic dust collector must be cleaned of debris, thoroughly washed and dried.


In washing vacuum cleaners, the filtration system consists of an aqua-filter( water filter) and a fine filter. In the water filter, the dust is moistened, after which its particles settle at the bottom. The aqua-filter must be thoroughly washed out( special chemicals that do not corrode the plastic can be used), then dried and installed back into the vacuum cleaner.

Tip! It is recommended to rinse the container and filters with cold water only.


It is customary to refer to fine filters, because they provide air filtration from 99.5% of the inclusions( impurities).They capture not only the smallest particles of dust, but also animal dander, various allergens and even microorganisms.

Can I clean the HEPA filter for a vacuum cleaner - this can be clarified by reading the instruction manual. They are of two types - disposable and reusable. There are two ways to clean( restore functionality) of the reusable HEPA filter:

  • Aqueous - rinse under a stream of water from a tap or shower, and then dry thoroughly. You can not use this detergent. It can not be used until it is completely dry, its ability to pass air is significantly reduced, which leads to a loss of suction power and an increase in the load on the engine running.
  • Air - blown by a powerful air stream, which is directed in the direction opposite to the main direction of filtration. Paper HEPA filters can be restored only a few times. It should be borne in mind that after cleaning it loses its properties, on average - about 15-20% after each recovery operation.

Carbon filter

It is quite rare, its main purpose - the absorption of unpleasant odors. Suitable for pet owners. It is a rectangular cassette that is filled with granules of an activated filter. The service life is 2-3 months, and it does not matter how actively the vacuum cleaner itself is used. Because the cassette absorbs odors even when the vacuum cleaner is not working. This filter is completely disposable, its low prevalence is also explained by the high price - from $ 30.

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