Washing machines Atlant: TOP 7 best models, reviews, what to look for before you buy

Washing machines belong to different classes. There are expensive machines with a variety of major and minor features highbrow control, the possibility of which often exceed the needs and level of knowledge of the majority of consumers.

But at the same time always in demand cheap products with excellent value for money. These are a favorite with many washing machines Atlanta.

The content of the article:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of products of JSC Atlant
  • Properties selecting a suitable option
  • Overview lineup Atlant
    • Model # 1 - ATLANT 50U81
    • Model # 2 - ATLANT 60U810
    • Model # 3 - ATLANT 60S102
    • Model # 4 - ATLANT 60S108
    • Model # 5 - ATLANT 70S108
    • Model # 6 - ATLANT 40M102
    • Model # 7 - ATLANT 70S1010
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Advantages and disadvantages of products of JSC Atlant

Stock Company Atlant (Belarus) was created relatively recently, in 1993, but on the basis of several former Soviet factory producing famous in the USSR, refrigerators and other appliances.

That evidence of sufficient experience in the creation of home appliances. Washing machines manufactured since 2003

More recently, ZAO Atlant was known mainly thanks to its refrigerators, but cooperation with various European manufacturers will significantly expand the range of products.

In addition, foreign components make it possible to supply customers with high quality and quite modern products.

Logo ZAO Atlant

ZAO Atlant produces washing machines and a half decades, a testament to their competitiveness and demonstrates the reliability, performance,

When it came to the release of washing machines, the company did not reinvent the wheel and develop something new and innovative.

That is, as in the case of other products, are purchased abroad the necessary sets of parts of which gather in Minsk cheap, not glittering design, but durable and fully functional products.

Popularity stiralok Atlanta in the CIS

Washing machines are available with Atlas logo, demand within the post-Soviet space, which is justified by the reasonable price and the possibility at any time to find replacement parts for

Belarusian stiralki Atlant steel demand, and this suggests that they have enough advantages that can meet the needs of many users.

First, moderate cost, to be precise, all Belarusian machines are the most affordable on the market.

Yet most are not available, for example, certain models of Haier company may be cheaper, said the manufacturer is the most popular in the world.

Long-term service stiralok Atlanta

According to the reviews of the owners of washing machines Atlant, released nearly a decade ago, the technique is still regularly serves its owners

Second, the company's integrity, which once again confirms the fact that many even the first generation of technology buyers say it is still effectively cope with their functions. Although these units for over 10 years.

Third, the entire line of the Belarusian manufacturer of products optimally adapted to our conditions. For example, the products are protected from electrical surges than can not boast of foreign companies.

Atlant plant

Atlanta company has its research and development center, manufacturing facility. All are located in Belarus, namely in Minsk and Baranovichi

In addition, you can select a number of advantages of washing machines:

  1. Reliability - a great experience, to use only modern equipment and high-quality components, of foreign origin, allow manufacturers to produce Minsk worthy machine.
  2. Excellent quality of washing - all without exception model Atlant in this characteristic belong to the class A and is the highest rating.
  3. Functionality - machinery represented the brand has a sufficient number of pre-installed software, and numerous additional features. Which can effectively deal with the washing of any complexity. In addition, in some cases, owners can actively participate in the creation of the right conditions, that improves the quality of cleaning.
  4. simple operation - it is intuitive, and display, displays help control the situation. All menus Atlantis Russified and accompanying instructions are clear and comprehensive, can boast not every manufacturer.
  5. low noise - it is not at the lowest level, but is within 59 dB, which is quite enough to not disrupt the comfort of owners.
  6. economy - a number of modern machines ZAO Atlant line belongs to the class A +++, which indicates the most gentle power consumption. But it's not all the models, so potential buyers should pay attention to this point before the acquisition.

In addition, the units are compact ZAO Atlant - among them quite narrow and super narrow, where the depth does not exceed 32 cm. This can significantly save space in a small housing.


Although washing machines Atlanta are in demand, but they are designed only to buyers who do not want or can not buy more expensive products of top producers

As with any equipment, washing machines Belarusian origin have some disadvantages. And potential buyers should be aware of, as may depend on the right choice.

Repair stiralki Atlanta

The undeniable advantages include the availability and quality of service in the majority of Belarusian and Russian regions, as well as in the major cities of neighboring countries

On the downside:

  1. Inadequate quality spin - Many models of Atlanta are capable of sinking water level of class requirements, which is just a good indicator. A part of them corresponds to the only Class D standards and it is frankly mediocre characteristics.
  2. Using only the commutator motor - the advantage of this type only available with the purchase. A performance, durability, cost inferior inverter analogues.
  3. Lack of profitability of a number of models - many of them belong to the classes A, A +. This means that their owners will have to pay for electricity by 10-40% more than the users of units belonging to classes A ++, A +++.
  4. Various minor structural defects.

Owners of various washing machines Atlant often complain about the small but nasty little things. For example, often when opening the hatches on the floor misses some water.

You can handle this just tucked below some rags, but it is people do not like.

There are other disadvantages, e.g., between the metal surface of the drum and the plastic lining, the edges often accumulate hair, other debris.

In addition, the owners are delighted that some models can vibrate strongly during the spin cycle. Sometimes this phenomenon is frightening, because a 60-pound units are able to move a meter in a single cycle.

Fight this can be thoroughly exposing to level the machine. Moreover, this phenomenon is quite infrequent.

Assembling machines Atlant

machine assembly is carried out on high-tech production line, equipped only with modern equipment. The qualification of the staff also can not cause any censures

And also need to know that the Belarusian manufacturer produces only the machine with the most popular type of download - front, that is loaded vertically in the range of no.

But this feature only drawback is partly - the existence of narrow (41 cm) and very narrow (32 cm) units enables almost fully compensate for it.

Washing machines front species

The company produces the most popular in the CIS stiralki with front loading type. In the proposed model for sale range of different sizes, dimensions and width

Properties selecting a suitable option

In the line of ZAO Atlant constantly have dozens of models. Therefore, each potential buyer to make the right choice and not be disappointed, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances.

These include:

  • performance, that is, you need to know how many kilograms of things accommodates the unit;
  • efficiency;
  • functionality;
  • control;
  • dimensions;
  • security.

Washers Belarusian manufacturer Atlant per cycle can wash out to 3.5-8 kg of things. The lowest loading in very narrow aggregates, where the depth does not exceed 32 cm.

Compact Washer

Under the trademark atlas stiralki produced with varying capacity tank. for small families produce stiralki with a capacity of 3.5 - 4 kg of dry clothes

If a potential buyer is looking for a cost-effective model, we must be careful, as the machines, similar characteristics and appearance, may have different efficiency - from class A to A +++. Therefore, the difference when paying the electricity will be substantial.

Manufacture of machinery Atlanta

It is in the spirit of minimalism looks like most of the cars from the range of Atlas, but it does not appear on the durability and performance

All models of Atlas pretty functional, as they have a considerable number of programs - 23 and even more opportunities to provide proper cleaning things from different tissues.

But if there is no desire or need to use all the variety of opportunities or adjust the existing regimes, it is better to buy a machine with mechanical control.

It is performed using the buttons and controls, and to save, you can choose a model without a display. In this case, control is performed by using the light display buttons.

When the buyer is planning to erase things from a variety of materials, it should pay attention to a series of new units LOGIC Navigation.

In these models, a modest number of programs (total 15) and extra functions, but simple, Logic Control allows the user to make significant adjustments and get the maximum result. This applies to economy, the quality of washing.

Emergency drain hose

The latest models are equipped with brand Atlant miniature hose Emergency drain the water from the tank. It is located next to the drain filter system for decorative hatches service area

At present, an important parameter is the safety of the use of machines - all machines Atlant protected against power surges.

But, if you touch the actual problem with leaks, which are rare, but can cause substantial damage, everything is not so optimistic - complete protection against such faults phenomenon rather rare.

More common simplest embodiment, which is a sensor that detects only the leakage of the hose.

In rare cases the body is provided protection, which carries out the discharge of water if the detected leak in the tank.

The principle of assembling washing machines Atlant

Belarusian producer came to creating their machines practical, so abroad bought engines, electronics, and the rest do in Minsk

Not all models installed sensors able to identify foaming. This phenomenon is able to inflict impressive damage in the form of machine failure, flooding.

A positive aspect is the availability of protection of children in almost all models with electronic control.

Overview lineup Atlant

Washers Belarusian manufacturer belong to 9 different series. To understand the benefits of each of them should be familiar with the available features.

Model # 1 - ATLANT 50U81

ATLANT 50U81 - a typical representative of Soft Control series. Its special feature, as well as all the units belonging to this series is the most simple operation.

Manage production ZAO Atlant simply because all intuitive, Russified, that allows you to quickly understand the controls, even far from the citizens of equipment.

Owner is enough to indicate the desired program, and the electronics will select a suitable temperature and performs all the necessary operations. That is, human intervention is minimal.

ATLANT 50U81 is a narrow structure of 40 cm with front loading. With it possible to wash cycle for up to 5 kg things.

The model is able to cope with any cleaning fabrics with superior performance, so classified in Class A, that is the highest.

spinning quality is slightly inferior to the benchmark. Therefore 50U81 MCA does not apply to the highest class D. But the model is quite economical and declared a class A +.

Given the described time, the company has equipped the machine Soft Control 21 program, which will be enough in almost all cases the wash. For example, there are modes for manual, intensive and rapid purification.

Additionally, there are some options for the popular sportswear, stain removal and many others.

Program selection is made by turning her large and comfortable arm and start noticeable eponymous button - a big man to do nothing. Display the car there, but you can control the situation with the help of the LED display.

Such opportunities have all the articles belonging to the series Soft Control. A significant difference can only be a maximum load - full-length machines can wash up to 6 kg, whereas only 5 narrow.

Model # 2 - ATLANT 60U810

ATLANT 60U810, referring to a series of Maxi Function, is the most functional stiralka. This applies to boot, which is 6 kg, a large set of features and an extended warranty period of 3 years.

This model is one of the most popular. She otmennoe0 quality of work, the spin efficiency is satisfactory, and performed this procedure can at 800 rpm. \ Min.

Tray detergents allow the use of powders and liquids, which makes the machine Atlant more versatile and convenient.

An additional advantage is the presence of 16 programs and a variety of additional functions. As a result, this machine can be successfully erased all the popular items, including children's clothes, mixed fabrics and jeans.

For convenience is provided large digital display, sometimes it replaces the LED display. product energy efficiency is good, 60U810 is a class A ++.

Model # 3 - ATLANT 60S102

ATLANT 60S102 refers to a series LOGIC Navigation. Such models are distinguished by a logical navigator (joystick control), working together with a liquid crystal display. Making it easy to operate the machine.

ATLANT 60S102 is a bright representative of the series, which also erases up to 6 kg of laundry.

Washing performance is excellent, the spin efficiency belongs to the class C, which is not the best, but just a good indicator.

The presented model has 15 preset programs the Belarusian manufacturer, 9 options.

All of them are among the most sought-after, so the owner can easily cope with a cotton wash, synthetics, mixed fabrics, sportswear or fast refresh is not particularly dirty things.

The MCA 60S106 models have a program for intensive washing, stain removal. Using the Navigator provided all modes can be adjusted.

Model # 4 - ATLANT 60S108

A special feature of the machine ATLANT 60S108 is the ability to embed, for that she had provided a removable cover.

Loading unit up to 6 kg of things. It is equipped with 23 programs - as the major modes, including stain removal and super-rinse, as well as additional features.

Among the most recent self-test to help determine the cause of the fault on the tips stiralki indicators without involving the master of the service center. Also, the unit is equipped with this option, as partial protection leakage.

As for the quality of washing, it is always at the highest level, and extraction efficiency is satisfactory (C). In this cabinet depth is moderate 51 cm.

Consumption energy corresponds to the class A +. It provides complete protection against leaks, thanks to Aqua-Protect system that prevents damage resulting from leaking hose.

Another nice thing - the ability to choose the spin speed or cancel it altogether, if there is such a need.

e-governance, there are small buttons. This is all that users can expect - and any display or application does not provide for a smartphone.

Yet although it is not the most modern solution, but paired with intuitive controls, it can successfully control the situation.

Model # 5 - ATLANT 70S108

ATLANT 70S108 - a Full stiralka equipped with a large number of programs and useful options. Such variety allows you to find the optimal mode for almost all soiled fabrics. In addition, it is possible to make adjustments.

The demand for this model is due to the maximum load of 7 kg in companies with high efficiency class - A ++.

In this case, the price tag is quite affordable for most buyers. It is not surprising that it takes a leading position among other suggestions manufacturer.

In this machine there is no display, but it is quite informative replaces LED lights.

Among the useful features users note the presence of protection against leaks, sensors that monitor the level of foam, the unit's ability to independently carry out fault diagnostics.

In addition, excited to be able to add laundry if necessary, and the availability of the system to remove residual water.

Also, despite its considerable capacity, the machine during operation owners will not disturb the comfort, as its noise level does not exceed 59 dB moderate.

Significant negative ATLANT 70S108 - a rather mediocre extraction efficiency corresponding to class C.

Model # 6 - ATLANT 40M102

ATLANT 40M102 is an affordable option quality washing machine brand. Its feature is the presence of 15 sought-after programs and multiple functions.

The functional unit can even find such helpful and infrequently used mode as spot removing and washing sportswear. To wash cotton, synthetics, baby clothes, too, to get a quality.

As for the size of the model, its depth is only 33 cm, which is a third less than conventional counterparts. Thus the machine is able to wash items to 4 kg, the quality (class A).

The efficiency of extraction, traditionally for Atlantis, mediocre, so stiralka refers to this parameter only to the class C. Profitability is good - correct for category A +.

The model has a small, but informative LED display which lights up the relevant information when the function is activated or performed some work.

The controls are simple and intuitive, the procedure is performed by a lever and buttons.

Although this machine is compact, the manufacturer does not skimp on safety. Therefore, the present control imbalance, which reduces noise during the spin cycle, and also improves its quality.

There's even a sensor control of foaming, which excludes depressurization unit.

Model # 7 - ATLANT 70S1010

ATLANT 70S1010 also in demand among buyers. She is a member of a series of SMART ACTION.

To this category includes machines with advanced capabilities - they have 16 programs and 11 additional features that allow you to make significant adjustments.

Additionally, ZAO Atlant took care of higher aesthetic quality - SMART ACTION Series models are equipped with doors of different colors.

Furthermore, among the machines belonging to this category, you can find a product with more than the usual size of the loading hatch.

Considered stiralka 70S1010 Brand Atlas is a full-length machine that can fit in your drum to 7 kg. Stipulated 16 programs allow you to perform all the popular types of cleaning.

And also there is a "Manual mode" for washing the most delicate items. The unit can handle and cleaning children's clothes, top of things, sports shoes. There are several options for a quick wash.

Additional features allow to perform soaking, pre-cleaning, ekostirku, a separate rinsing and many other functions.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Belarusian manufacturer of highly responsible approach to the quality control of production issues.

To learn how to perform testing of household appliances, video tells the story:

Washers issued ZAO Atlant, do not have the most advanced features, technologies, but it is capable of high quality wash even delicate items.

In addition, all products of the Belarusian producer differ moderate cost. Appearance in the style of minimalism allows perfect fit into any interior. therefore model Atlant brand stiralok will be a good choice for those who want to save.

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