The steam iron for ironing vertical

Iron with aluminum soleplate glides perfectly over the surface and heats up quickly. The device is easy to scratch, acquired defect begins to spoil things. Not as sensitive steel products, but clearly outweigh the mass of aluminum. It is easy to know the characteristic of stainless steel mirror finish or ask the seller midsole material. The steam iron for ironing vertical distinguishing device detects principle.

Steam iron

To combine the useful qualities of steel - protection from scratches, and aluminum - smoothness and ease, applied ceramics. Not without excesses: to drop the iron can not be said - able to break outsole. Cermet just reinforces strength of the product and is now considered an acceptable choice for housewives.

OTC First Channel model further recommended to choose a pair of holes for the amount of at least 50. Such iron ironing cope with all things. Form nozzles is performed in a special way, to facilitate the movement of clothes soles.

If enough calico 70 ° C temperature, cotton and flax require heating to 140 ° C. When buying a steam iron requires a clear idea of ​​what things meant for the device.

vertical ironing

These recommendations are losing relevance when the scene goes back technology used by professional dry cleaners.

The steam iron for ironing vertical

Par significantly hotter the water, the jet of heated molecules joking cope with germs and mites, clean clothes, curtains, furniture, carpets. Shall contain information about the attempts of enthusiasts washing steam iron box. The model is fundamentally different from the usual?

Standard modifications are intended to slide on a horizontal surface. They fall under the sole seams, buttons, zippers and other irregularities that hinder the process.

Normal steam iron upright portion does not pull. Impossibility caused by lack of support surface. Here lies the key difference:

  • Horizontal pressing based on the severe sliding sole, heated to a high temperature on the surface of things. Steam iron wet clothes, wet tissue more easily straightened, but the weight can not work, be sure to support required. The principle of operation is similar to trouser presses.
  • Steam iron-steamer operates on a fundamentally different scheme. The support is not required. The thing is, or hangs - does not matter. Hot steam jet hit right on the surface, sole just barely touching the tissue and destroys the fold. Acceptable work with pleats: gently gathered skirt accordion and conducting top steam iron for vertical ironing, the operator achieves excellent results.

Buttons, buttons and buckles will not be an obstacle in the latter case. The steam acts at a distance, the special design of the product only fulfills the function of the delivery of water to the feverish clothes.

Key features

Thus, the difference lies in the basic principles. Steam iron-steamer vertical view shows an ordinary vacuum cleaner brush which slides on clothing, eliminating any creases. Water is poured into the container body. Completely filled tank ensures uninterrupted operation of the device for 45 minutes or more. Inside the steam generator is located, unlike similar mode typical iron continuously feeding a large volume of water on exit.

The continuous stream of finds such miraculous effect on the fabric. The technology is used in the dry cleaning industry, giving masters the opportunity to earn a living. Home steam iron-steamer - attempt to implement option for widespread use.

steam smoothing

Simultaneously with the ironing is performed flawless cleaning products. Curtains, sofa or a festive jacket - shine, stains, germs are removed in no time. Should not be regarded as a substitute method of washing, but the cleaning effect is visible to the naked eye.

Steam generators

It's time to mention that three types of devices are designed for vertical ironing:

  1. Adapted horizontal irons with increased steam production mode shape and principle of operation do not differ from conventional modifications. In particular, the sole is the same plane with a sharpened nose.
  2. The steam station on an ordinary type of iron is connected to the steam generator. This allows effectively and rapidly to iron a large amount of jerseys, if necessary, or to work in standard mode. The key difference in the increased volume of the water tank, which allows not to be distracted by the constant replenishment of the tank.
  3. Semi models consist of brushes and the steam generator shell. Products are of the form and the principle of action of steam irons and stations, betting on hitting the hot jet. The sole is not similar to the flat metal surface.

In the latter case, the specific look and shape of the sole - not flat, as in the horizontal irons and resembles a brush vacuum cleaner. Sometimes the hard arranged villi on the perimeter.

Brush is located on the long hose, fitted with a telescopic device. This helps to flexibly adjust the height position of the hands when ironing. Manufacturers claim that the "horizontal" irons cause back pain: the height of barely regulated, a fixed curved position of the spine helps the development of pathological conditions.

In contrast to this vertical steam iron constantly moving up and down, the housewife slightly inclined, that stretches socks; telescopic tube leaves the chance to choose to stay straight or sit on a chair in the process.

Thing is hung on hangers, it is permissible to hold it in your hand, there is no need to remove the curtains from the eaves. Flexibility is high techniques. Chooses a suitable position of the arms and the back, which is strategically located.


Typically, the steam generation rate is up to 60 g / min. The only mode momentarily and significantly exceeding a specified threshold. A similar trick allows steam to penetrate deep inside, lining the folds on the thickest tissue or chronic bending places inaccessible for cleaning simple methods.

Steam iron

Steam irons in use for a long time to improve the efficiency of the process of ironing. The pressure of the moving stream makes straightening folds. Moreover, the term conditioned: that for a small steam iron is considered to blow (100 g / min) for a professional steam station is considered a standard mode of operation. Therefore, the last performance of an order of magnitude greater.

Steam irons for ironing vertical using the staked water container, operate at higher liquid flow rates. This ensures that the performance of work "on weight", relatively high productivity.


When installed steam generation rate triggered the transformation of quantity in quality. That is the difference! Most modern irons are able to generate steam. The horizontal model is implemented as an additional option, vertical - entirely due to reduced operating characteristics.

vapor flux density at a certain value straightens things alone, in view of forming on the surface of the overpressure. There is no need to form a flat sole and an ironing board. It turns out, the steam working remotely, at a distance.

Compactness vertical steam iron

A second result is the impressive speed surface treatment. No wonder steam irons are used in professional organizations for the implementation of municipal services. Remember the chance to clean furniture, curtains, carpets. This is a separate and a great benefit.


Modern business style requires one to look neat. Not everyone is a millionaire afford to go in torn jeans. Travel steam iron helps keep a presentable appearance on the trip. Suitable ironing board on hand often is not, no harm will explore a number of amateur practices.

Power road steam iron is not enough to work on weight, it is permissible to help the instrument with his own hand. Hand, dressed in a protective glove. It is fine product made of thick leather, or a combination of cloth and rubber gloves. In the latter case it is permissible to use three layers: fabric-rubber-fabric. This tactic allows the use of the hand as the ironing board without fear of getting burned.


  1. The fabric is stretched between the free arm and the hanger. Steam iron glides over the surface, smoothing out wrinkles.
  2. A gloved hand is used as an ironing board. It is believed to drive from one side of the hand and the sole of the iron at the same time.
  3. Ironing board will replace the flat door, which is better to cover with a sheet so as not to spoil clothing.

Advantages of road steam iron on a modest scale. In appearance resembles a toy from children's store. At the same time the possibility of fully grown. The only difference is in the low power which does not allow to do the necessary operations quickly. If you have nowhere to hurry especially, offers the functionality is sufficient to bring suit in the proper form.

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