Error code E20 on the Electrolux washing machine

  • Causes of an E20 ErrorThe cause of its occurrence is the failure of the dirty water discharge system. This article will discuss the causes and methods of elimination.

    Causes of Error E20

    In the Electrolux washing machine, the error E20 is shown on the display and is accompanied by a beep( twice).This error is designed to inform you that a malfunction has occurred in the water drainage system. This means that the washing machine cannot drain the water and squeeze out the laundry, or the sensor, which is responsible for sending a signal to the electronic module, about the start of draining the water from the tank, has broken.


    On some devices, this error may be displayed as code E21 or C2.

    The error may be caused by the following problems:

    • blockage in the drain pipe or hose;
    • breakdown or clogged drain pump;
    • sensor failure responsible for the water level in the tank;
    • in rare cases can be caused by a breakdown of the electronic board.

    Methods for resolving the error

    Before you begin to resolve the error E20, first of all de-energize the washing machine Electrolux . After performing the above manipulation, unscrew the drain hose and drain all the water through it. Now you need to get all the clothes out of the drum, and going through the list above, start searching for errors.


    If during the time you released water, it flowed out without any delays, then you could simply clog the siphon or the riser, or the pump could clog up.

    After checking the sewer system, proceed to check the drain pump and filter mesh. Gently unwind the part and dismantle it from the case of the washing machine, then thoroughly clean it with a needle, then rinse under running water. In order to get to the pump Electrolux washing machine you have to dismantle the back panel. To do this, you must do the following manipulations:

    1. Turn off the four screws that secure the back cover.
    2. Remove the back cover.
    3. Disconnect all wires going to the pressure switch from the pump.
    4. Unscrew the fixing bolt of the pump in order to dismantle the part without any difficulty.
    5. Unclip the hose clamps at the drain connection and the hose.
    6. Remove the pump.
    7. Disconnect the nozzle from the liquid tank.

    After performing all the procedures, we inspect and, if necessary, clean the nozzle. You can clean the drain hose of the washing machine with a special cleaning cable.

    Pump Cleaning Process

    Before proceeding with the pump cleaning process, prepare the following tools:

    • Phillips screwdriver;
    • multimeter.

    In order to clean the pump, unscrew the cap and check the impeller. Hair and woolen threads from things could settle on it. Carefully clean everything from rubbish and rub it dry. With the help of a multimeter, we check the pump for performance. To do this, apply the probes to the pump and on the screen of the device monitor the resistance. The working device should produce a result in the region of 200 ohms, in case of non-compliance with this value, replace the pump with a similar new unit.


    In order to easily assemble the car in the future and return all the parts in place, we recommend you to shoot or photograph the process.

    After replacing the pump, we start the washing machine in test mode, and follow its operation. If, after replacing the pump, the error has nowhere to go, check the operation of the pressure switch and the wiring that connects the water level sensor with the pump and the electrical board. In most cases, the error is due to damage to the wires, and not the pressure switch itself. Error codes of the pressure switch are displayed on the display as: E11 and E32.

    In the event that the test of the pressure switch and wires, did not give any result, and the error still adorns the display, check the electronic module. This is a rather expensive and painstaking pleasure, not all masters are ready to take on this problem. However, do not be upset, this error is displayed quite rarely.


    After you had an error E 20 in a washing machine Electrolux no need to hurry. It is necessary to gradually check all the nodes, ranging from the most simple to the most complex. If you have not cleaned the drain for about two years, you do not need to disassemble the machine automatic, just look at it, perhaps the whole reason lies in this. If you follow all the rules of household appliances, use only washing powder machine, use water softeners and air conditioners, wash clothes in a bag, then you will never encounter this error.

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