Ranking of the best washing machines and dryers: Top 10 models on the market

Stiralku look for a vertical type of load? Agree that the purchase of the washing machine is performed on more than 10 years, so it should wash out fine linen, operate without interruption and damage, economical use of resources. On the market a huge range of relevant models and you do not know which of them is better to stay?

We will help you in this matter - in the article is a list of the best washing machines and dryers, and the criteria for an effective and correct choice of technology. Describes the characteristics of the most popular among buyers of models are marked with the pros and cons listed in the user reviews.

Make it easier to select the optimal stiralku to fit your needs, we make the choice videorekomendatsii machines compact dimensions with vertical loading type.

The content of the article:

  • Key Selection Criteria
    • Criterion # 1 - the cost of cars
    • Criterion # 2 - functionality
    • Criterion # 3 - warranty and service
    • Criterion # 4 - Recommendations from other customers
  • Ranking of the best models on the market
    • Place №10 - Electrolux EWT0862IDW
    • Place №9 - Indesit BTW A5851
    • Place №8 - Gorenje WT62113
    • Place №7 - Daewoo DWF-8101ELW
    • Place №6 - Zanussi ZWQ61225WI
    • Place №5 - Electrolux EWT1266FIW
    • Place №4 - Whirpool TDLR60111
    • Place №3 - Bosch WOT24455
    • Place №2 - Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL601L
    • Place №1 - Candy Evo GT 12072D
  • Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

Key Selection Criteria

Before purchasing equipment should pay attention to functional characteristics, power consumption, design, color and dimensions of the product.

Manufacturers offer a variety of different models and series of washing machines that vary in price range, appearance, volume of laundry load, the primary and secondary functions.

Among the range presented in the market of home appliances it is difficult to determine. Therefore it is necessary to distinguish between what the advantages and disadvantages of a particular model.

Advantages stiralok dryers

One of the most compelling advantages of washing machines with vertical loading type are considered to be compact in size, allowing to place the equipment in a small area and bathrooms domestic premises

Criterion # 1 - the cost of cars

What are the differences between low-cost machines from costly? Fundamental differences in the technological component no. Mandatory part in the pricing policy of the brand.

The more popular the manufacturer, the greater the demand for the product and, consequently, the higher the price. The fee for a brand is not based solely upon advertisements.

It should be noted that the processing aids are not only products of the premium segment.

Over time, the low-end models are also equipped with high-end features that simplify the work of machines, such as digital and touch screen to replace the mechanical control type.

Criteria machine selection

Use in the production of high-quality materials, high-tech equipment, parts and machines with high-performance - these indices and form credibility brand

Criterion # 2 - functionality

Machines and dryers are designed specifically for environments where everyone is important centimeter square. Their size smaller, but such products are not intended to be embedded in the kitchen, because the load is carried on top of things.

The advantage of these machines - the possibility of reheating them in the washing process and a large capacity - up to 7 kg per cycle.

Consider the factors that you should pay attention when choosing equipment.

Dimensions. The width of the products usually does not exceed 45-50 cm, so it is possible to install in any location.

The efficiency of extraction. According to the accepted European standards, products are of a different class spin - from A to G.

Average extraction level

Models of middle and low segments differ optimal level spin - 800-1200 rev / min.. (B-D). However, such performance is sufficient for efficient washing

More expensive models provide the class A spin - 1600 rpm. However, this option is not in any way affect the quality of the wash, but only makes it easier to dry the laundry.

When activated at 1000-1200 rpm humidity things is 50-60%, and in 1600 - 40-45%.

Energopotreblyaemost. Almost all popular models of machines have the highest electricity consumption class - A, A + and above. Therefore it is sufficient to buy a model with A class, and power consumption of 0.17 kW per 1 kg of laundry subject 60 degrees.

The options. Washing machines, valued at 15000-40000 rubles 10-20 are equipped with standard programs, and may also have additional functions.

Modes of operation of the machine

When choosing a product to be guided by the basic modes, as well as additional, you may need to use the process

The advantage of buying will be a model with enhanced functional properties:

  • washing particularly contaminated and children's clothes;
  • Saver or half load - manipulating the amount of water used and power depending on the loading volume;
  • presoaking - for too soiled items;
  • bio-program - maintains an optimum water temperature for the effective use of special equipment for washing;
  • Smart wash - with the help of sensors the machine determines the type and degree of soiling, and then sets the desired mode;
  • Light ironing function - uses a low speed during the spin cycle to minimize the formation of wrinkles in the fabric products;
  • Hand wash - for things that are not recommended to be washed in a normal mode;
  • delayed start - start can be delayed up to 20-24 hours;
  • Top placing the drum flaps at the end of the wash;
  • Improved ventilation drum technology - prevents the development of various microorganisms.

Digital noise value. For comfortable use of machine noise will be optimal in the range of 40-80 dB.

However, not every model of the claimed level corresponds to reality: some firms deliberately understate the figures are not given intensive modes of washing.

A set of security systems

Before you buy a washing machine for families with young children need to take care in advance of safe operation. It is better to buy a unit with protection from interference by curious researchers with impeccable heat and electrical insulation

Security. This feature is especially important for families with children. To ensure the safe operation of the machine in the following functions should be established:

  • Lock the sudden opening or activate another program children;
  • protection against leaks, excessive foam formation;
  • balancing drum when loading;
  • grounding;
  • electrical and thermal insulation.

materialsFrom which the parts are made. Drums of virtually all makes and models of products are made of stainless steel, which provides long-term and safe use.

In turn, the tanks in which the water is retained in the wash may be made of a polymer plastic or stainless steel. The disadvantage of stainless steel tank is its large energopotreblyaemost and heat. Although the service life of these products is up to 25 years.

Criterion # 3 - warranty and service

Most manufacturers are attracting potential buyers long warranty service.

The warranty on the car

Repair under warranty is given for products that are properly transported, installed and operated. the use requirements set out in the technical documentation

Execution of replacement parts or completely goods is carried out on the basis of completed documents - check, warranty card to store print, certificate or other document confirming the sale products.

After-sales service warranty can be given from 1 year to 10 years. The higher the reputation of the firm, which manufactures washing machines, the greater the warranty offers to its customers.

Criterion # 4 - Recommendations from other customers

Choosing a specific model of the washing machine, be sure to read reviews of consumers who have already experienced it in their work.

Assessment of the pros and cons of vertical stiralki

Balanced assessment of the advantages and disadvantages of vertical machines, we can determine how much of their aggregate beneficial and critical to you personally, on the basis of what is easier to make the right choice

Indeed, factors such as noise, the amount of resources used, design, length of service, the presence of additional features for the consumer are quite important points.

Therefore, before purchasing a product you must weigh the "pros" and "cons" to assess the compliance of price and quality, and only then stop your choice on a particular model.

Ranking of the best models on the market

After analyzing the range of home appliances, which offer shops, it has been identified top 10 brands and models of washing machines and dryers an average price segment.

Rating is based on the following selection criteria:

  • value ratio and functional features;
  • practicality in use, the presence of the ground and further a list of programs unique features;
  • service life, the presence of factory defect, the appearance within a year damage identified during use;
  • demand for cars among consumers, the volume of goods sold for the year;
  • the presence of positive and negative customer reviews.

A summary of the top 10 machine with top loading function is provided below.

Place №10 - Electrolux EWT0862IDW

Production of the machine is carried out in Poland. The company provides a 1 year warranty. This product offers an average of 18,100 to 23,500 rubles.

The advantage of the machine - high grade energopotreblyaemosti A +, electronic control and able to set the washing respite from 3 to 9 hours.

maximum speed spin per minute - 800 units, which provides dry clothes by 34%. Turnovers are regulated independently optional, given the sensitivity of tissues.

The volume of a full load of 6 kg of dry things. After starting the program it is possible to further add the necessary laundry.

Typewriter sufficiently quiet: gives up to 57 dB at various washing modes, and up to 73 dB at the maximum spinning.

Electrolux EWT0862IDW has many different programs and features that simplify its operation:

  • FuzzyLogic - independently triggers the necessary parameters of washing;
  • cooling the waste water prior to discharge into the sewer - protection against rapid wear of pipe;
  • temperature selection;
  • laundry without spinning;
  • water savings due to the automatic weighing of linen;
  • the ability to load the tank halfway.

The list of 14 programs included standard - cotton wash, synthetics, etc., as well as such as washing heavy duvets, clothing for sports and fine linen..

Place №9 - Indesit BTW A5851

The famous model of Slovak production, the cost of which varies in the range of 16900-22000 rubles.

The machine may download from 1 to 5 kg of laundry, taking into account the different type of tissue. The maximum degree of humidity of laundry after washing and spinning produced - 67%.

During one operation cycle of the washing machine consumes 0.89 kW per 1 hour.

To ensure safe operation in the item set functions such as protection from water overflow, hatch doors blocking during washing and evacuation of excess foam after each rinse.

18 standard and optional programs provide the most comfortable mode selection washing - for cotton products, wool and synthetic fabrics combined in a delicate operation.

When starting the washing may select a desired temperature, and postpone the start to 12 hours.

Place №8 - Gorenje WT62113

The model, which has received a lot of positive feedback from customers due to the high performance, versatility, efficiency and affordability.

The machine is equipped with a digital display, a galvanized housing, durable tank CarboTech, which provides additional soundproofing High-tech control and security systems allow you to control machine safety and practical.

This product contains the following technologies:

  • UseLogic - analyze, monitor and, if necessary, adjusts the washing process;
  • eco-system DSS - washes away all strewn with the powder;
  • SCS - distributes the laundry in the tub;
  • SoftOpen - facilitates a smooth opening and closing of the door;
  • Read-to-Open - provides automatic stop of the drum;
  • Shower System - sprays water from the top to gradually soaking laundry;
  • overheat protection engine;
  • control of excess foam formation.

The machine can hold up to 6 kg of laundry, set the maximum extraction 1100 rpm, and turn it off completely if necessary.

In this washing machine is very quiet - 75 dB at the maximum spin. It provides 18 programs with a temperature regime from 20 to 90 degrees.

Assembling the product is carried out in Slovakia. The manufacturer provides this model 2 year warranty.

Place №7 - Daewoo DWF-8101ELW

The machine with a modern design, but has a more bulky dimensions, compared with competitors - 53 * 54 * 86 cm and a small weight - 25 kg. The maximum amount of load, regardless of the type of fabrics, 6 kg.

This machine consumes a little more power than similar models, so it has low energy efficiency class and spin - G and D.

The model belongs to the affordable segment - the price ranges from 14,000 to 18,000 rubles.

The original design, digital display, electronic and intelligent control system, the ability to select the temperature mode - the main advantages that are worth paying attention to.

When washing and spinning quiet enough - to 56 dB. Washing machine is easy to use, it contains 5 major programs.

It is also equipped with advanced safety technologies - the protection from sudden leakage, overflow of excess water, clogging pile, balancing drum controller. Manufacture of products made in China.

Place №6 - Zanussi ZWQ61225WI

This Polish machine with excellent performance.

Electronic control type, LCD display, high energy-saving class A ++ and pressing B, with the volume load up to 6 kg and audible alarm - the main advantages that mark the buyers in their reviews

The product has the additional washing modes, as a mix, fresh linen, rinse, hand wash and delicate.

Functionality of the product is also at altitude: if you wish, you can stop the drum with water in the tank, perform preliminary or quick wash, select a temperature from 30 to 90 degrees, to change the intensity of spin, rinse additionally underwear.

Washing machine is equipped with a security system against a possible intervention of children.

Place №5 - Electrolux EWT1266FIW

Excellent stiralka premium with the class A-40 energy% and the spin of 1200 revolutions / minute.

In comparison with the cheaper models of this brand, is controlled by a digital LCD display, located on the right side.

Benefits include the following functions:

  • protection against leakage via the pressostat;
  • inverter motor type;
  • technology EcoVavle - saving of detergent and energy;
  • FuzzyLogic - elimination of the unbalance within the tank;
  • Automatic location of doors up, their smooth opening;
  • possibility to delay the start until 20 hours;
  • calculation of the amount of water depending on the degree of loading.

The machine provides for such special treatment as washing jeans, underwear, blankets made of down, curtains and sportswear.

Place №4 - Whirpool TDLR60111

Multifunctional washing machine, which is produced in Slovakia. The product has an electronic control system, the class A washing and spin to 1000 rev. / Min. During operation, the machine does not produce a lot of noise - from 59 dB to 76 dB.

The maximum amount of items that can be downloaded - 6 kg. In one cycle is consumed to 45 l of water, enough economically.

The security system is also at altitude - provides protection from excessive overheating, water overflow and the drum lock.

A unique feature of this model is the storage of the wash program. The list includes 14 standard programs - washing cotton and synthetic, drain, spin, rinse, and others.

Place №3 - Bosch WOT24455

Premium unit with loading up to 6.5 kg. A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of high levels of security - Regulation distribution of the laundry during washing, protection from water infiltration, foaming surplus overflow, child lock.

On the washing machine equipped with a digital display, easy to control the washing. Mode switching using the buttons and adjusting unit.

The proposed additional modes as follows:

  • wash jeans;
  • shirts and blouses;
  • sportswear;
  • fine linen and mixed;
  • sensitive and super dry.

The popularity of this model proved resource-saving: the product belongs to a class of washing A, and spin B. Additionally, you can set the start delay of up to 24 hours, stop and add the laundry during operation of the machine.

Through sensors regulated amount of water consumed, but also set the correct position of the drum and its fixing on stopping.

Place №2 - Hotpoint-Ariston WMTL601L

Home appliances of excellent quality, which is produced in Slovakia. From company the warranty period of 1 year.

This model is in its functional characteristics similar to the previous washing machine. However, it contains some aspects that distinguish it from the rest:

  • the possibility of a 12-hour postponement of the inclusion;
  • class spin FROM;
  • low consumption of water - up to 42 liters per wash cycle;
  • speed control;
  • energy efficiency class - A.

You can take advantage of 18 programs, among which there are the delicate and super-fast washing, for children's and mixed type of laundry, pre-soaking, rinse again, refreshing the laundry, spinning and drain.

Stiralka this mark is automatically loaded into it weighs a lot of laundry and determines how much water is needed to wash it.

Place №1 - Candy Evo GT 12072D

Very popular in the market model with a load of up to 7 kg. Products of this brand are manufactured in China, and from the manufacturer warranty - 1 year.

The machine has good functional characteristics, original and unobtrusive design.

High-end energy-saving and efficiency-pressed A and B, express laundry, laundry additives function in while the cars - attractive benefits, which attract the attention of buyers in the consumer market technology.

In addition, a lot of positive feedbacks triggered automatic weighing loaded things start delay up to 24 hours, about 20 programs.

The disadvantage of the model is considered to be an increased noise level - 61-79 dB. Also the product is equipped with a protective system against possible water overflow, excessive foam formation, the distribution of the laundry in the drum and lock the doors in a washing mode.

Conclusions and useful videos on the topic

A review of some brands allows you to select the necessary functions of washing machines, get to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Pros stiralok vertical view download the example of the production of the brand Zanussi:

Features a selection of washing machines with vertical load Electrolux:

Acquainted with all the nuances and distinctive features of popular models of machines with vertical load, you can manually choose the best option for your personal use.

It should also be noted that besides functional characteristics of products an important role should be given to their design and dimensions. After all, this type of machines is always on the mind: they must create a single composition together with the interior premises.

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