Error E15 on the display of the Bosch dishwasher: find the cause and eliminate

  • Diagnosing E15 Error
  • Causes of E15 Error
  • How to Fix E15 Error

    The problem with the presence of a dishwasher lies in the fact that you can become very dependent on them, and when they stop working, dirty dishes will accumulate over the near future, as few people will want to wash it by hand.

    Most prefer Bosch products due to the fact that they seem to be worth sane money, serve for a long time. However, after a while they stop working, but this is actually quite easy to fix.

    Most Bosch dishwashers have a complex series of test program errors that can tell you exactly why your plates are still covered with food debris, and the machine refuses to turn on.

    If you can figure out which combination of buttons to press, then you can get the error codes, then your next task is to find out what they mean, and also to understand what to do.

    Diagnostics errors E15

    The range of Bosch classic dishwashers is somewhat easier to diagnose. Mainly due to clearly marked front panel error indicators. Of course, to any Bosch dishwasher there is an instruction with an indication-a list of all possible faults and errors that may occur, in addition, there are tips on what to do to eliminate them.

    However, the majority of cases indicate that they are not written in very clear language for the ordinary dishwasher owner, so there is not much use from them as we would like.

    One of the mistakes that most commonly bothers most is E15 or “Test Water.”It is also often called on the forums "the problem when the aquastop" worked. In fact, both of these names talk about the same thing; you need to fix the problem with the water supply.

    Do not panic right away, you can fix this problem yourself. To do this, it is not necessary to call the master, who for his service will take half the cost of a new device.

    Causes of the E15

    Error The causes for the E15 Bosch error are the following factors:

    - sudden power failure;

    - malfunction of the water drain sensor when the aquastop was triggered;

    - clogged system;

    - rubbed hoses or improper installation.

    Of course, the reasons can go much deeper, but you should start with simple ones, because otherwise you cannot do without an experienced master.

    Fix error E15

    If you have this problem message, there is a chance that your siemens dishwasher stopped in the middle of a cycle by turning off the power or activating the aquastop system.

    Dishwashers do not like it, that is, they do not like being stopped in the process of their important work. But do not worry, you can fix this error message.


    Before carrying out any work, make sure that the dishwasher is unplugged and not live.

    In order to eliminate the code E15 in your Bosch dishwasher, you must turn off the dishwasher and unplug the power cord. Wait a few minutes for the program to reset. Then turn on the device and start the program again.

    When the cause of the E15 error is a malfunction of the siemens water leakage sensor, you can solve it yourself. To do this, you do not even need any tools. Just pull out the dishwasher and shake it gently from side to side, as the sensor float could simply “stick”.Then drain the water from the pan and let it dry. Problem solved.

    To prevent water from entering the lower part of the body, you should pay attention to the exact dosage of detergent, as well as ensure that dishes with soap residues do not fall into the sink. Due to the excessive amount of foam that penetrates into the absorbent layer of the aquastop system in the pan, an error message is provided.

    A littered Bosch water drain will require a little more effort to fix. Remove the dishwasher from the kitchen until you do, you cannot remove the left side cover completely. Use old rags or towels to remove all the water from the bottom of the device.

    Carefully remove the filter, which is located at the bottom of the dishwasher drum, and rinse it under running water. He could be clogged with food residue or excess detergent. Gather everything back and put the dishwasher back in place and connect it to the mains.

    Thus, the problem of the appearance of an error E15 aquastop will be solved with his own hands.

    However, if all of the above manipulations did not produce a result, then one cannot do without calling a specialist, as the problem may lie in the control board or something else.

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