Sharp "teeth" chainsaws with a sharpening machine from China

Trees are beautiful only when they are groomed. In spring, summer residents cut them off, and old copies cut them off completely. Such a complex of garden works leads to rapid wear of equipment. The teeth of the benzo and electric saws are ground. The tool begins to work at maximum power, thereby destroying the engine and the remaining components of the apparatus. Therefore, the machine for sharpening the “Whirlwind” chains with AliExpress will breathe new life into the chainsaw. Before you buy such a serious car, it is important to familiarize yourself with its characteristics.

Dangerous, therefore, a powerful

This class of tools is considered to be particularly dangerous. Observance of precautionary measures, and also a respirator or a special mask will protect the operator from undesirable injuries. The distance between the master and the moving abrasive disc should be from 30 to 50 cm. It is necessary to work with sharpening machines carefully, using them only for the intended purpose. In this case, the following sample chains are suitable:

  • thickness of links: 1.1 - 1.6 mm;
  • pitch: 6.35 - 10.26 mm;
  • for hard and soft woods.
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The landing depth is regulated by special screws. The link fits close to the installation wedge so that there is no sagging. Sparks and small particles often fly during sharpening. The original shield with a transparent but durable plastic, serves as a barrier to them. The bearing of the grinding machine is made of impact-resistant metal, poured into a reliable base. Fixed machine with mounting holes and bolts. It is necessary to take into account other parameters:

  • power - 200 W;
  • diameter of a landing disk - 10 mm;
  • electric motor( direct drive) accelerates the abrasive disc up to 6,000 rpm;
  • grinding wheel - 100 mm.
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The angle of sharpening is from 30 to 35 °.It is set depending on the technical parameters of the tool. Such an abrasive wheel allows you to handle fairly thick chains. The handle has a convex shape, so the sharpening machine is easy to maneuver.

Unusual endurance

Such characteristics allow you to "cooperate" with equipment every day, performing large amounts of work. In this case, the operator will cope with one chain in a very short time. In addition, he still has time to help all the neighbors in the district, thereby opening his own small business.

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Working at extreme power the device heats up. Special vents on the body divert heat fluxes from the main components. Although double insulation is intended in the tool, nevertheless, at the first signs of malfunction, it is necessary to disconnect the machine from the power supply and check the condition of the main parts.

On the AliExpress platform, the cost of such a plan of equipment is 1,840 rubles. In other stores, the Vortex machine model is sold for 2,000 rubles, although the characteristics remain the same.

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