Energy boost with trimmer belt from China

Grass and weeds are the first “unwanted guests” at the dacha. To bring the cottage in order, the owner will need special equipment. Motokosa, trimmer or brush cutter will help to accomplish the task. Just holding the tools for several hours is very tiring. The professional belt for the trimmer from China will help to facilitate and make work as comfortable as possible.

For healthy back

Mowing the grass is an extraordinarily difficult procedure. Having processed a plot of several square meters.meters, back along with his hands begin to painfully whine. At the same time, the constant vibration of the apparatus, as well as a decent weight, negatively affect the joints. Therefore, a gardener needs a special backpack-type tool that distributes the weight of the equipment to the whole body. This is achieved thanks to certain design features of the belts:

  • wide shoulder pads on foam rubber;
  • suspension designed for average power benzocos( size: 16x26 cm);
  • convenient back panel;
  • mount is simple, so quickly and easily unfastened;
  • waist tape is adjusted with a simple buckle.
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These characteristics allow you to securely fasten the device on the hips. As a result, the load is also transferred to the shoulders. The balance created in this way allows the gardener to work longer and effortlessly.

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What are the belts made of?

Shoulder pads are made of polyester with nylon fibers. The material is so dense that it can withstand a weight of several tens of kilograms. For convenience, they are provided with inserts of dense, elastic foam rubber. All the rest of the equipment is made of plastic.

The plates have holes for belts. This part of the part goes three times as thick as the base. The trimmer fastener is molded from an alloy of aluminum and copper. A plastic "tongue" is attached as a retainer. The listed features of the product show that belts should be used only for their intended purpose. It should be remembered that the weight of the suspension is about 0.5 kg.

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Manufacturers also took care of the original design of the device. The combination of orange and black color originally distinguishes the worker against the background of dense thickets of a private plot. This coloring serves as a precaution when working in dangerous places.

You can buy a professional belt for trimmer on AliExpress. The cost of the goods - 837 rubles. In online stores the price for similar equipment ranges from 1,390 to 5,589 rubles.

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