10 best screw juicers according to customer reviews

  • What is a screw juicer?
  • Types of auger juicers
  • Difference between auger juicer and centrifugal
  • How to choose a good juicer?
  • Top 10 best

screw juicers What could be healthier than a glass of fresh concentrated juice in the morning? Such a beginning of the day will give you a charge of vivacity and well-being for active accomplishments and productive work of the whole organism. Therefore, if you are a supporter of a healthy and active lifestyle, you simply must have a convenient and reliable juicer in your kitchen. But which device to choose? We will tell you about which auger juicer is better for the rating of 2017-2018 year.

What is a screw juicer?

In principle, the device of this device strongly resembles an ordinary meat grinder. Inside is the most basic mechanism - the pressure roller, it is he who performs the main load - he crushes and grinds fruits, vegetables and berries. Further, this mass is ground over the membrane, and then it is divided into the juice itself and waste - practically, dry cake. The juice flows into the juice collector, and the cake is discharged through a separate channel.

Types of screw juicers

Structurally, all devices can be divided into:

  • Vertical;
  • Horizontal.

Also, horizontal screw juicers can have one or two augers inside.

Vertical devices are compact, fast and unpretentious to the processing of raw materials. Such juicers work more carefully and better cope with soft perespevshimi berries.

Horizontal models are affordable, ready to squeeze juice and oils from everything that only gets into the device - greens, hard vegetables, berries with seeds, spices, seeds, etc. In addition to squeezing the juice, such household appliances can grind coffee, make pasta, minced meat or mashed potatoes. But all raw materials must be cut into small pieces and pushed into a narrow high neck.

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The difference between auger juicers and centrifugal

Centrifugal juicers - powerful and noisy. They quickly deal with vegetables and fruits, but only with some of them - apples, carrots, pumpkin, citrus.

Auger Juicer works well with all products, up to grains, greens, soft small berries or hard vegetables. Such non-standard, but useful products like grapes or pomegranate are easy to process on a screw juicer. In addition, this device provides less waste, longer, but quiet operation. And yet, the juice from such a juicer is considered as “alive” as possible - it does not heat up during the pressing process, does not contact with the air - that is, does not oxidize and will retain all its vitamin richness. Plus, the juice is concentrated, with a certain amount of pulp, but it does not stratify.

To sum up, we can say that auger models are perfect for the role of a daily assistant. They can provide the whole family with a glass of tasty and healthy juice without any problems and with minimal energy costs. But if you need to recycle a huge amount of products for billets for the winter - you should resort to using a centrifugal juicer.

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How to choose a good juicer?

If you have stated in the cost estimate the purchase of a high-quality and durable auger juicer, then it would not be superfluous to know what to look for when choosing this or that model. So, what are the technical characteristics of a productive and reliable model?

  1. The material from which the body is made. Which model is better - plastic or steel? The first - easier and cheaper, quickly washed. In modern devices of high quality, they use a sufficiently strong plastic that does not melt or crack. However, in some models, the white color of the plastic loses its purity after the very first contact with carrots, beets, grapes, etc. Steel models are more weighty, serve for a long time, look stylish. Not so susceptible to coloring pigments of vegetables and fruits.
  2. The material from which the auger is made. It is better that the screw inside was not aluminum, but steel or cast iron. For those who are afraid of the appearance of metallic taste in the juice - new models with plastic augers are produced. Believe me, they are no less effective than their steel "colleagues."
  3. The size and material of the mesh filter. The fixed membrane filter is responsible for the concentration of the juice and its texture. Large holes in the membrane will make the juice less liquid, with pulp. In expensive and high-quality models are stainless steel mesh, neutral to fruit acids. If you buy a juicer exclusively for crushing oranges, you can save money and choose a budget model with a plastic mesh.
  4. Number of speeds. In a screw juicer can be from 2 to 9 modes of operation. Want a versatile and versatile device - choose a large number of modes of operation.
  5. Bore diameter for products. Horizontal models, in contrast to vertical ones, are more demanding on the size of the slices from which you are going to get juice. Often, complete with such a device is a pusher to push through vegetables and fruit inside and press them to the auger. Therefore, the wider the hole, the more products you put into the juicer at a time.
  6. Availability of reverse mode. Reverse is a reverse auger stroke in which it turns in the other direction. This technique makes it possible to get rid of stuck pieces, if they begin to interfere with the work of the juicer.
  7. The noise level during operation. On average, most models have a noise figure during operation within 30 dB, which equates to quiet speech.
  8. Power .This is not a key indicator, although it affects the rate of juice supply. As a rule, the juice extractor presses the juice at low revs and consumes about 200 watts. This is quite enough to get a couple of glasses of juice in a minute or two.

Well, now you understand what criteria, apart from the price and affiliation to the trade name, we were guided by when selecting the best screw juicers for our most juicy and objective 2018 rating.

Top 10 best

auger juicers In addition to technical characteristics, when selecting juicers, we also focused on customer reviews, which already had the opportunity to test a particular model. Let's see - which auger juicer is better?

The best horizontal single-screw models

VES 3005 - different democratic price tag, high spin performance and ease of use.

Distinguishing features:

  • Turnover intensity - 200 rpm;
  • Power - 1500 watts;
  • Automatic pulp ejection;
  • Stainless steel filter;
  • 2 tips included.

In general, the owners of the juicer are satisfied with the quality of performance, strength and durability of the case, high performance and price for this model. VES 3005 is convenient to disassemble and wash, it easily copes with different types of berries and fruits, but you should adapt to the assembly of the device, in particular - to choose the optimal size of the hole for the cake. Lack of reverse complicates this task a little. For many users, special concerns are related to the lifetime of the device - the plastic interiors of the juicer are in doubt.

Philips HR1897 is a high-quality and reliable model from a global brand. It fully justifies all expectations related to the credibility of the manufacturer. Designed conscientiously, ready to work without rest, spin - quality, waste - at least.

Distinguishing features:

  • 200 watts;
  • Liter juice tank;
  • Steel housing;
  • Protection against accidental activation.

The manufacturer paid special attention to the quality of the juice - the model does not heat the juice when squeezing, the tank is filled quickly, the juice is additionally filtered at the outlet and has a uniform consistency. It copes well with both solid and soft foods, such as bananas or peaches. Quick to assemble, easy to clean and wash.

Tribest Solo Star 3 is a functional, stylish and efficient kitchen assistant. Not only squeezes the juice, but also helps to cook pasta, mashed potatoes, grind grains and spices. Qualitatively presses and greens and hard roots.

Distinguishing features:

  • 80 revolutions per minute;
  • 180 watts - power;
  • Capacity for juice - 1 l;
  • Smooth engine start, protective bollards;
  • Reverse mode.

The model works quietly, does not vibrate and does not slide on the surface. Quite compact, quiet and durable. The wide loading mouth, optimum picked up opening for cake - is not hammered in operating time, but also gives out waste almost dry.

The highest quality horizontal juicers with two augers in 2018

Omega TWN32 is a powerful and productive model for fast and efficient spin.


  • 150 watt;
  • Auto shutdown when overheating;
  • Reverse mode;
  • Special stainless steel nozzle for pulp and smoothie juice.

A weighty and easy-to-manage juicer. It has a transparent part of the body through which the spinning process is visible. It is easy to wash, quickly squeezes the juice, serves a long and stable.

Tribest Green Star Elite GSE-5300 is a good, productive model. Not only squeezes juice, but also successfully works with dough, nuts, cereals, greens, meat. Makes excellent juices of any thickness and saturation of the pulp. However, some users are dissatisfied with the quality of pressing apples and pears - it turns out to be puree rather than juice.

Distinctive features:

  • Power - 200 watts;
  • Intensity - 110 rpm;
  • Tank for juice - 0.9 L;
  • Reverse;
  • Adjusting the pulp in the juice;
  • Adjustment of the hole for the cake;
  • Smooth engine running.

Very heavy, massive and strong model. It works quietly, the juice tank fills quickly. Spin almost "dry."It is effective and with the other nozzles which are included in the package.

The best vertical screw juicers in the 2018 rating.

Kitfort KT-1101 is one of the most discussed models. Basically - praise for the build quality and squeezing juice. Swearing - for wear plastic parts and serial marriage. But in comparison with more expensive juicers, this one is just as good and costs several times less.


  • Power - 150 watts;
  • Intensity - 80 rpm;
  • Reverse;
  • Auto cleaning filter;
  • Direct Juice Discharge System.

This model is easy to assemble, disassemble, all parts fit snugly together, the juice does not get into the motor and does not leak during the emptying of the tank. Sometimes the mesh is clogged, if you squeeze greens or something fibrous.

REDMOND RJ-910S is a stylish, compact model for quick squeezing of juice.


  • Power - 350 watts;
  • Intensity - 80 rpm;
  • Glass for juice - 0.5 l;

Protected from accidental start and overload of the engine. Despite the fact that the model is not cheap and sometimes there are initially defective models, RJ-910S is recommended for squeezing juice from a variety of products. It is easy to manage, gives a minimum of waste at the exit, easily copes with soft and hard products. The loading opening is wide, the work noise level is low.

Oursson JM8002 - one of the average for the price of models, but quite high quality and functional. Requires careful and consistent assembly and some effort in laundering. The owners praise the manufacturer for using high-quality plastic, but when pressing soft vegetables or fruits it turns out a thick, mushy mass, and not juice.


  • Power - 200 watts;
  • Spin - 47 rpm;
  • Blocking against accidental activation;
  • Reverse.

The Panasonic MJ-L500STQ is a convenient and compact device of high assembly level. Durable case, high-quality materials, convenient design. Not a single negative feedback, not a single serious flaw. Small spin turns allow you to keep all the nutrients and vitamins in the juice. Juice is not stratified even a few hours after the spin.


  • Power - 150 watts;
  • Spin - 45 rpm;
  • Metal parts;
  • Smooth start, stop when overheating;
  • Reservoir - 0.4 l.

Two speeds, the ability to work with frozen ingredients. Quietly maintains intensive loadings, leaves the minimum quantity of dry cake. In the service - practical, durable, stable. Perhaps the best representative of auger juicers in the ranking of the best.

Hurom HH RBE-11 / SBE-11 / WBE-11 is a reliable and well-squeezed juicer. All parts are tightly fitted to each other, no smudges and loosening. The model is easy to clean, just going. If the owner confused something during the assembly - the device simply will not turn on.

Distinctive features:

  • Power - 150 watts;
  • Spin - 43 turns;
  • Drop-stop mode;
  • Juice reservoir - 0.5 l.

It is easy to recycle large amounts of products, while the model takes up minimal space and does not make noise, does not overheat.

This is the end of our rating, although there are still a lot of noteworthy models that are just appearing on domestic markets and are not yet in widespread consumer demand. Sure, now your day will always begin with a glass of tasty, healthy, freshly squeezed juice, because with a good juicer this process will not take much time and effort. Now you know what auger juicer is better for the rating of 2017-2018 year - determine, buy and use for health and health!

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