Chinese outdoor portable heaters

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Desktop portable heaters that work outdoors with electricity are in great demand. It is possible to use such mini-heaters in cold weather or in winter.

A portable heater is ideal for those country houses where there is no central heating or it works with constant interruptions. The advantage of this model is a small expenditure of electricity and heating only the room or room of the house where the person is.

In the Russian Internet shops there are no heaters of such a plan at a low price. You can pick up a portable heater in the region of 1000 rubles, but with the worst technical characteristics and unattractive in appearance.

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On the Chinese website Aliexpress to sell a variety of products, sellers offer portable heaters in the open air for only 777 rubles with free delivery to the Russian Federation. Heaters are available in three colors - blue, pink and yellow.

The advantages of a portable heater from China for use in the country:

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  1. Compact size. This model of a heater is made in the following parameters: 35 * 74 * 121 millimeters.
  2. Virtually no noise, only about 50 decibels.
  3. A standard rated voltage of 220 W is required for correct operation.
  4. Safe and stable work on the heating of the room.
  5. Installed overheating protection.
  6. High power conversion with simultaneous power saving mode.
  7. Beautiful design execution of the case.
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The manufacturers of the heater took care of its installation on sliding and flat surfaces, making a special anti-slip bottom of the device. A portable heater is conveniently adjustable and can last for many years due to the fact that stainless steel is used as the basis of the case. Other materials from which the heater is produced meet the standards of fire equipment - plastic has a high resistance to deformation.

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The supplier sends a kit in a box, consisting of the heater itself and a USB wire for further recharging. The weight of the heater does not exceed 350 grams.

This model of heater is ideal for small rooms in the summer cottage, which need irregular and non-intensive heating. The ratio of price and quality of the goods in the future will fully pay off by saving the electricity of a country house.

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