15 best electric waffle makers according to customers

  • What the
  • rating is based on The best waffle irons for Belgian wafflesHe is in the kitchen not every hostess. And in vain! Thick and thin flavored waffles, nuts with cream filling, sandwiches and sandwiches, donuts and grilled dishes - this is what you can cook with this wonderful device.

    Today we will tell you which waffle maker is better to buy, and what to look for when going to the store. And also we will present the rating of the best models of 2018, based on customer feedback and expert opinion.

    What is the basis of the

    rating? Our rating will be built on the basis of feedback from those who have already experienced these wonderful appliances in the household. We will also take into account the opinion of specialists in repair and dwell on several criteria that are worth paying close attention to. In compiling the rating, we took into account the following indicators:

    • power;
    • special non-stick coating;
    • functionality;
    • case material;
    • the ability to regulate the process of heating;
    • service life;
    • ergonomic;
    • availability of additional equipment;
    • design.

    Power of the device

    This indicator is directly responsible for how quickly the plates of the device heat up. Most electric waffle irons have a power range of 600 to 800 watts. In principle, this is quite enough for an ordinary household appliance. Buying a waffle iron with a capacity of more than 1000 W is not too advisable. This may make sense if you decide to purchase a multifunctional device that is capable of performing the function of the grill.

    Case Material

    Electric waffle irons come in steel and plastic. The first serve much longer. They are more reliable and perfectly protect the internal parts from damage. The latter are much lighter in weight and cost much less. But if you intend to use the device for a long time and with pleasure, it is best to prefer the all-metal version.

    Non-stick coating

    The presence of such a coating in this case is simply necessary. First, it allows you to use a minimum of oil, or not to use it at all. Secondly, you can easily separate the finished waffles from the frying surface. You do not have to "otkovyrivat".

    In the store, pay attention to the quality of the non-stick coating. Carefully inspect Teflon. Is it chipped or cracked? Is the coat evenly applied? From this will depend on the quality of the finished product.


    • Thermostat. Necessary for proper and uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the plates. Your waffles will not burn on one side, while remaining raw on the other.
    • Thermostat. It makes it possible to set the baking temperature from 150 to 250 C. This function will help significantly diversify your menu.
    • Timer. Not too mandatory, but extremely useful device. You do not have to stand over a waffle iron with a clock. The device will turn off automatically at the end of the cooking time.
    • Heating indicator. It is also quite a useful device. When the waffle iron is warm enough and ready to work, you will see the corresponding signal on the lid of the appliance.
    • Rotary device housing. To make the wafers perfect, after placing the dough, it is enough to turn the device around its axis. The mass will "settle" and the baking will be very even and beautiful.

    Functional Additions

    Before you buy an electric waffle-iron machine, consider the answers to the following questions:

    • How often are you going to cook?
    • How far is the electrical outlet from the table?
    • What exactly are you going to prepare?

    To use the waffle iron does not cause inconvenience, it must have a fairly long power cord. In addition, it would be great if the model had a compartment for its storage. If you are going to bake not only waffles, you will need additional plates for nuts, donuts and other desserts. An excellent addition will be special molders in the form of a tube or a cone.

    Best waffle makers for Belgian waffles

    This type of device is used only for making thick waffles. The molds for models can be quite diverse. Most often the square, heart, triangles and round segments are found. Depending on the size of the device, you can bake from 2 to 10 wafers at a time.

    Clatronic WA 3606

    With this model you will be able to cook two rather large square waffles at once. And it will take only 5 minutes. This rather powerful waffle iron( 800 W) has a reliable non-stick coating and a built-in thermostat. The body and handles of the device are made of thermally insulating material. So you absolutely do not risk getting burned when working. To accommodate the cord has a special compartment. The model is equipped with a reliable security system that protects against overheating of the device.


    • excellent value;
    • cord compartment;
    • optimally selected baking size;
    • ease of management;
    • durable thermally insulated housing.


    • fairly short cord;

    Princess 132400

    This waffle iron simply could not enter our rating. Its main advantage, many buyers consider the ability to rotate the unit 180 degrees. The bottom part bakes a little better than the top, and this function allows you to bake beautiful, evenly baked waffles. For greater stability, the model is equipped with dense rubberized legs. Princess 132400 is very convenient in that it can be stored both “lying down” and vertically. Power is 700 W, there is an indicator of readiness for work.


    • compactness;
    • storage convenience;
    • availability of a turning mechanism;
    • affordable price;
    • overheating protection.

    Negative moments:

    • no timer;
    • not too much power;
    • shortish wire;
    • fixed panels.

    Rommelsbacher WA 1000 / E

    Continues our review of another very popular electric waffle iron for the home. Despite the fact that the housing is made of steel, the waffle iron weighs only 1.7 kg. Very compact, can be stored both "standing" and horizontally.

    The power of the device in 1 kW allows you to simultaneously receive as many 5 waffles in the form of hearts. The diameter of the working circle -18 cm, there is a non-stick coating. Waffle iron is made quite high quality, which gives hope for a long and uninterrupted work. Also, the model is equipped with a smooth temperature controller. Now you can independently choose the optimum temperature depending on the baking recipe.


    • strength;
    • high-quality assembly;
    • stylish design;
    • thermostat availability;
    • non-stick coating panels.


    • quite high cost.

    GFgril GF-020

    Very powerful( 1 kW) and high-quality unit, equipped with a rotating device. With this waffle iron you can quickly bake a delicious and very tender dessert. Even the most inexperienced hostess can handle it. You just need to choose the recipe you like, make the dough and pour it into the mold. Now you need to close the lid of the device and after a few seconds turn the case around its axis.

    GF-020 has thick work surfaces. It provides high-quality heat distribution. Also in the design of a special pan, which collects various crumbs and oil droplets, resulting in the cooking process.


    • usability;
    • handle of thermal insulating material;
    • uniform baking;
    • swivel mechanism.


    • is not too affordable price.

    Ariet 187 Party Time

    If you do not know which waffle iron is best to buy for thick waffles, pay attention to this model. Original, bright and convenient device. With it, you can always please your home delicate and delicious delicacy. Fresh and lush waffles can be supplemented with a variety of creams and sauces, sprinkled with chocolate or fresh fruit.

    The model has an average power( 700 W) and is traditionally equipped with a non-stick coating. After use, you do not have to think about how to carefully pull up the cord. There is a special compartment for storage. Waffles will be baked evenly, because the device is equipped with a 3D heating function. The body is all-metal, with a weight of only 1.2 kg.


    • stylish design;
    • stable and reliable performance;
    • 3D heating function.


    • is a bit short power supply cord.

    The best waffle irons for thin waffles

    Such electrical appliances are perfectly suited for baking thin and crispy tubes with cream or jam, tender Viennese waffles and sugar cones for homemade ice cream. Plates of such electric waffle irons are distinguished by small cells and a rather large surface area.

    Maxwell MW-1571

    If you are a fan of waffle tubes with filling, it is best to purchase this particular model. The waffle iron is equipped with a special temperature controller for 5 modes. This allows you to independently determine the degree of roasting dessert. Maxwell MW-1571 has a standard power of 800 W, which allows you to prepare each waffle in just 3 minutes.

    Reliable non-stick coating will not allow the dessert to stick, and the indicator placed on the case will show the readiness of the wafer. Includes a special cone. With it, you can roll neat envelopes for ice cream or other toppings. The body is made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic and does not heat up after a long period of work.


    • is simple and straightforward to use;
    • does not weigh much;
    • attractive price.

    Negative sides:

    • insufficiently long power cord.

    VES SK-A8

    And here is another inexpensive and fairly easy to use model. There is a built-in thermostat that allows you to maintain the desired temperature throughout the cooking time. The power is average, but the process of cooking one waffle will take no more than 2-3 minutes. On the readiness of the product will tell a special timer, and stable rubberized legs will not allow the device to slide off the table.


    • affordable price;
    • ease and ease of use;
    • sustainability;
    • timer and thermostat.


    • not too durable plastic housing.


    Another interesting model continues the rating of the best electric waffle irons for the house. Powerful( 0.7 kW) and comfortable, it occupies a worthy place in our list. This is evidenced by numerous accolades posted by users on various sites.


    • high-quality non-stick coating;
    • many removable panels, multifunctional device;
    • excellent ratio of quality and price;
    • stylish modern design.


    • pretty short cord,.

    Saturn ST-EC 0153

    If you want to crunch thin waffles of flavored dough, you will definitely like this model. A quick and tasty breakfast or a delicious dessert for dinner? Choose, of course, you.

    The model is equipped with a thermostat that allows you to smoothly change the cooking temperature from 0 to 215 degrees. There is a non-stick coating plates, insulated handles and a special lock-lock, which does not allow the device to accidentally open during operation. Considerable power( 1.2 kW) allows you to quickly get fragrant plates with a diameter of 20 cm. They can be rolled into an envelope or a tube, or you can make a waffle cake by smearing the resulting cakes with cream.


    • cooking speed;
    • reliability;
    • compactness;
    • availability of a special compartment for electrical wire;
    • built-in overheating protection;
    • great value.


    • there is no cone for cooking the cones;
    • The top cover heats up a bit when working.

    Supra WIS100

    And here is another completely decent electrical appliance. This small and fairly reliable unit copes with its responsibilities. Compact, convenient, heats up quickly - this is not a complete list of its positive qualities.


    • sufficient power( 0.75 kW);
    • adjustable thermostat;
    • non-stick coating;
    • conical shape for horns;
    • great value;
    • ease of use.


    • during prolonged operation, the upper part is slightly heated.

    TOP-5 multifunctional devices with interchangeable panels

    A separate rating is worth compiling for multifunctional waffle irons. More precisely, to call them simply waffle irons is not entirely correct. With this device you can cook not only thin or thick waffles. They are also suitable for making donuts, cream nuts, sandwiches and various grilled snacks. So if you have a small kitchen and there is not much storage space, it is best to purchase just such a device.

    For the sake of fairness, it is worth noting that the unit “for everything” may be inferior in quality to individual models. In addition, its cost will be much higher. But if you have firmly decided to spend money once and get everything at once, we present to your attention our TOP-5 multifunction waffle irons.

    Smile WM 3607

    One of the best models in our rating. Quite powerful( 0.75 kW), it allows you to bake 3 types of products at once:

    • thin wafer shortcakes;
    • thick Belgian waffles;
    • products in the form of hearts( Viennese).

    To change the plate, it is enough to perform just one click on the lock. There is a non-stick coating. The body is plastic, insulated.


    • excellent value;
    • availability of interchangeable panels;
    • ease of use;
    • cord storage compartment;
    • insulated casing.


    • lack of a timer to determine readiness;
    • not too much power.

    GFgril GF-040

    A rather expensive Chinese model from the well-known trademark GFgril. With this device you can bake 2 thick waffles at once, make sandwiches or hot sandwiches. Also, the unit is very convenient to use as a grill. He is able to open like a book. In this way, 2 frying surfaces are formed at once, and a power of 1 kW allows even deep cuts of meat to be fried well.

    The presence of non-stick coating will allow you to completely avoid using oil, which will make your dishes even more dietary and healthy. Removable panels are easy to remove and convenient to clean. Durable all-metal body ensures long and stable operation of the device.


    • build quality;
    • ease of replacement panels;
    • power;
    • versatility.


    • is not very attractive price;

    Clatronic St-Wa 3490

    The model of the popular Klatronic company continues our rating of electric waffle irons. This device also has as many as 3 functions: grill, waffle maker and sandwich maker. Differs fully mechanical control and the presence of a thermostat. It has a heat-insulated handle and control lights.


    • adequate price;
    • usability;
    • multifunctionality.


    • is not too much power( 0.65 kW).

    Moulinex SW 6118

    Also has 3 plates with high-quality non-stick coating. The appliance can make sandwiches, bake flavored Belgian waffles and pamper yourself with grilled foods.


    • fairly affordable value;
    • multifunctionality;
    • build quality;
    • ; presence of an indicator that indicates the readiness of the device for operation;
    • the ability to store the device vertically;
    • availability of a sufficiently long wire( 1m);
    • the ability to wash the panels in the dishwasher.


    • there is no power regulator.

    First FA-5342

    The rating is completed by a fairly high-quality model from an Austrian manufacturer. With this multifunctional device, you can also make dessert, sandwiches for breakfast or dinner on the grill.0.75 kW of power is enough to cook meat in a high-quality manner.


    • affordable value;
    • reliability and safety;
    • built-in overheating protection;
    • rubber feet;
    • vertical and horizontal storage system;
    • thermostat;
    • ease of replacement plates.


    • plastic case.

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