It is scientifically proven that these five indoor plants will improve your well-being.

Beautiful and useful!

You do not need to be a nerd to know that a woman needs only one bouquet to cheer up. But these miracle plants went even further! Plant one( or all) at home as an interior decoration and natural antidepressant!


For thousands of years, this beautifully flowering plant has been used for medicinal purposes to calm nerves, relieve headaches, relax overloaded muscles, prevent insomnia, and help fight depression. The soothing smell of lavender is one of the main therapeutic tools for aromatherapy.

The effectiveness of lavender is confirmed by numerous scientific studies. For example, in 2009, another study showed that the smell of lavender effectively reduced the increased heartbeat of students who were under stress before exams.

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The ancient Egyptians called it "the plant of immortality."In those days, aloe hung over the doors to drive away evil spirits. It was believed that this plant brings good energy into the house.

Scientifically, aloe cleanses the air of carcinogens and releases oxygen, improving our sleep and mood in the morning. And aloe improves memory and effectively fights depression in mice.

Curly Ivy

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This vine is an incredibly effective air purifier, which was once again confirmed by NASA scientists, who called it the best indoor plant for air filtration. Ivy especially absorbs carcinogens( such as smog or tobacco smoke) and perfectly purifies the air in the room.

Bonus: ivy is very easy to care for, it needs very little water and sunlight.


In addition to its gorgeous silky leaves and pleasant aroma, everyone's favorite fresh basil also contains a large amount of an organic compound called linalool( widely used in aromatherapy).A group of Japanese scientists, known for their famous work with experimental mice, proved that linalool reduces the activity of hundreds of genes that increase stressful situations. So often smell basil!

Spathiphyllum( "lily of the world")

Differs in beautiful and elegant white flowers. The plant is both beautiful and functional at the same time."Lily of the World" effectively cleans the air from mold spores and neutralizes toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. In fact, it is an organic air purifier that can make living in your home even more comfortable.

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