What are the spare parts for dishwashers?

  • The main parts of the dishwasher
  • Small parts and accessories

The dishwasher is an object of everyday life, which not everyone can afford to buy. It is most often used in public catering establishments. To connect, you need access to electricity, water and sewage. But, like any home appliances, the machine can break. It can be repaired on its own, since it has a non-stolen device. Naturally, in order to make a repair process with your own hands, you need certain knowledge in this area, a tool and spare parts to replace the faulty parts of the machine. At the moment, replaceable items are available in abundance in special stores, as well as in repair centers. In this article we will tell you what spare parts for dishwashers are.

The main parts of the dishwasher

Each manufacturer and each model, all the details are different, and accordingly, various spare parts are available for sale, for most models. However, dishwashers have a similar structure to each other, since they have the same operating principle.

So, let's describe for the beginning the basic spare parts for dishwashers. However, some parts are quite expensive, so special attention is needed.

Electric motor- the heart of the dishwasher. Without it, absolutely the entire operation of the unit stops and in most cases its breakdown leads to its replacement. In fact, its purpose is to pump the soapy water over the executive body of the machine. That is, the electric motor, equipped with a circulation pump, is the central organ, without which the dishwashing process will not pass. As you can guess, this spare part is the most expensive. What are the reasons for the failure of the electric motor:

  • sudden voltage drops in the mains;
  • the water penetrates into the pump housing, after which the bearings become unusable;
  • garbage and dirt fall on the engine electronics.

From all this it follows that it is necessary to regularly monitor the condition of the pump filters and clean the electric motor with special means.

TEN- a minor part of the dishwasher. Its task is to heat water to the required temperature. Without hot water, the dishes will not be washed as needed. On different models are different heating elements, made in the form of TEN or flowing water heaters. Naturally, if you do not conduct the appropriate maintenance, the element may eventually fail.

Control Module- also one of the expensive parts of the machine. All modern dishwashers are equipped with electronic control system, while older models have a mechanical control module. It looks like a motherboard, placed in a plastic or metal case, on which are located indicators, display and manipulators. Most often, this control is performed in the form of a single board and sometimes it is very difficult to repair, as there is no possibility to get inside the module case. Therefore, not many service centers undertake to repair this equipment, it will be easier and cheaper to replace it.

Sump pump (pump)- designed for discharge of dirty, spent liquids. It is also one of the key elements of the dishwasher. As practice has shown, the drain pump is the most fragile part of the dishwashing machine, as it most often fails. The reasons for this are:

  • marriage from the plant - fairly common;
  • power surges;
  • overload of the pump due to a violation of the operating instructions;
  • contamination of the pump filters.

This spare part is also very rarely repaired, it is a time consuming and expensive process, so it is more profitable to just change the pump. It is possible to learn about the malfunction due to published noise or by the error indications on the display of the control module.

Sensors (thermostat and pressure switch)- designed to correctly execute the specified program in the machine, are responsible for automating the actions. Absolutely any modern dishwasher is simply crammed with all kinds of sensors that regulate the temperature of the water, its quantity, monitor the washing process. The more expensive the dishwasher model, the more functions, the more such sensors in it. Their replacement is not particularly difficult, since the machine will tell you which of the sensors is out of order.

Small parts and accessories

Directly describing the main details, you can begin to describe additional, sometimes not included in the kit parts.

Any dishwasher must be connected to the water supply and sewage system, using several hoses and nozzles. In addition, the unit itself includes a fluid circulation system, through tubular connections, the breakdown of which contributes to the failure of the above listed parts. If you notice a malfunction, you should replace the spare part that failed, the more the assortment of these tubes on the market is great and the price does not bite, and the replacement process is not time consuming.

Baskets and dishes holders can also become worthless. The reason for this, most often, is the time and sloppy operation of the equipment. In this case, the basket must be selected exactly the model that the dishwasher itself. We advise you to have an additional detail in case of failure of the current one.

Such accessories can be replaced independently, without much effort.

We hope this article has given you an approximate idea of ​​what spare parts for dishwashers are. Operate the equipment with care and be careful. Be careful when choosing spare parts for dishwashers, so you do not have to then change the newly purchased item.

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