The tablets don't dissolve in the dishwasher - what to do?

  • Kinds of tablets for dishwashers
  • 5 reasons why the tablet does not dissolveAnd breaking the dishwasher is always inappropriate! One of the most frequently encountered problems is the dishwashing tablet that does not dissolve.

    Types of tablets for dishwashers

    • single and double layer;
    • combined.

    The most practical of them - combined for dishwashers. They contain all the necessary components for a complete cleaning of dishes:

    • detergents;
    • rinse conditioner;
    • regenerating salt.

    5 reasons why the tablet does not dissolve

    1. Some of the most low-priced models of dishwashers do not support the use of a certain type of detergent, this may be the reason why the tablet does not dissolve. Read the instructions for your dishwasher, which detergent recommends using the manufacturer for this particular model.
    2. You bought low-quality tablets or a fake known company. Try products of another brand, if this does not happen again - the reason is obvious.
    3. Using the tablet with a gentle washing program. In this case, the tool simply does not have time to dissolve completely during the operation of the program.
    4. Dispense cover locked. Check how easy the automatic valve dispenser opens. If its opening is difficult, the tool can not get out of it and, accordingly, does not dissolve. It often happens that the dishes in the machine too much, and it closes a dispenser. After the wash cycle is complete, the compartment opens and the dishwasher spits out the pill unharmed. To avoid such trouble, before each start of the dishwasher check that the dishes do not interfere with the opening of the dispenser cover.
    5. Dosing compartment wet. In this case, the tablet( and the powder too) absorbs moisture, sticks to the bottom of the compartment and can no longer dissolve, or dissolves too slowly and not completely. In this case, the dishwasher does not even spit out the pill, it still remains undissolved in the dispenser.

    If you are convinced that your dishwasher does not have any of the above problems, and the tablet still does not dissolve completely or partially, call the repairman. Perhaps the reason is the lack of water in the dishwasher due to breakage of the recirculation pump, inlet valve or clogged sprinklers. In these cases, it is better not to try to repair your kitchen assistant on your own, but to confide in experts.

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