Kitchen hood does not work: do-it-yourself repair of faults

Nowadays, kitchen hood is a very popular home appliance. For many it is absolutely obvious the need for exhaust in the kitchen. After all, when cooking food, a large amount of fat, smoke and the smallest food particles fly in the air, which not only pollutes the room, but also damages health. As a rule, an air purifier in the form of an exhaust hood in the kitchen is installed during repairs. Unfortunately, even if it is operated as carefully as possible, in time it inevitably fails. And then the owner has to solve the problem in one of two possible ways: he addresses the service center, carrying out the repair of kitchen hoods, or does everything with his own hands.

  • How does the hood work?
  • Hood does not pull and badly eliminates odors
  • Hood does not turn on
  • Conclusion

How does the hood work?

The scheme of a standard kitchen hood is very simple - this is the most common exhaust type fan that is installed directly above the stove and has an electric motor. Additional filters are also placed in this device to delay harmful fumes from the stove during cooking. Hoods are filtering and excreting type.

  • Filtering, coal, household kitchen hood is the simplest device, so its cost is much cheaper. How to install a kitchen hood, and you can always repair it with your own hands. It works according to the principle of recycling, i.e.dirty air after cleaning in the hood is thrown back into the room. The cleaning element is carbon filters.
  • Exposure plugs are connected to ventilation shafts to completely remove polluted air from the kitchen. Such a device is more perfect in comparison with the filtering device, and a grease catcher is installed in it. Exhaust hoods require a good ventilation system, but you can also repair them with your own hands. If there is a ventilation shaft, then air is released into it. If the channel is missing, then during installation of the hood, specialists install a pipe that goes directly to the street.

Modern models work in 2 modes. Most of them have a multi-speed electric motor, which are characterized by low power, but their rotational speed can be adjusted. Try to choose a kitchen hood with a decent margin of power. Indeed, over time, as a result of contamination of filters, the efficiency of the exhaust significantly decreases, it can only be compensated by increasing the capacity.

You should also regularly inspect the grease catcher and in time of contamination change it in a timely manner, this is done easily with your own hands. If you ignore this rule, the work of the hood can be nullified. The average frequency of replacement of grease catchers is 3-4 months. But if the shutter speed is exploited very intensively, it should be done more often. In filter hoods, the life of carbon filters reaches one and a half to two years. The device may break for a variety of reasons, respectively, and the repair of the kitchen hood may differ significantly. Consider the main damage and action algorithms.

Hood does not pull and badly eliminates odors.

This can occur if the device is not properly operated. In order for the hood to effectively deal with odors, it must be turned on beforehand, before cooking, and off 15 minutes after the stove is turned off, but not immediately. Observing this elementary rule, you will be able to permanently get rid of unpleasant odors in the kitchen. Quite a common cause of such a "breakdown" - the late change of filters. Also carbon filters may simply not work effectively. To repair the hood, the filter needs to be disassembled, after removing it, and to change the coal granules to new ones.

To change the grease catcher with your own hands, you need to remove the grill and put it face down, after which you can remove the old dirty filter. The grille should be thoroughly washed with detergent and secured with a new grease catcher. Disposable grease catchers are different from reusable ones in that they have an inscription, it is perfectly visible even through the grille. When the filter is soiled that it is time to change it, the inscription is no longer visible. Fiber filters are reusable; after washing and drying, they can be returned to the site and repeated. Each time, conducting this procedure, you need to thoroughly wash the grate.


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Hood does not turn on

  • The lighting of the stove does not work. If there is no light, and the fan is working, then most likely the light bulb has just burned out. But if changing the bulb does not solve the problem, then the lighting switch is faulty.
  • Hood does not turn on at all. There can be several reasons: for example, the device is disconnected from the network or there is no current in the outlet.
  • Faulty exhaust switch. You can check it with a tester, and in case of breakage, replace it.
  • No electric current. Need to check the electrical panel. Maybe the circuit breaker tripped automatically or the fuses blown out.
  • Faulty power plug. Maybe the fork has blown. You can replace it yourself.
  • Breakdown in the internal wiring. Examination should be carried out using a tester, in the course of pulling loose contacts and pliers pressing the tips.
  • Broken motor. In this case it is useless to start a repair, the engine must simply be completely replaced with a hood. Trying to repair it in most cases is economically unprofitable. Buy a new engine for exhaust will be cheaper, more efficient and much more reasonable.


In this article, the main breakdowns of modern kitchen hoods for the house were listed. You have already seen that most malfunctions are simple and do not require expert intervention. A completely inexperienced person can usually fix a kitchen hood with their own hands, even if it is necessary to change the engine. Consequently, there is no point in contacting the service center and paying decent money for trifles. In addition, kitchen hoods of well-known, proven brands during normal operation and regular filter changes do not really break down, they regularly serve for many years. A little attention and care for the kitchen hood will make it much easier for you to take care of the kitchen and the whole house, make the microclimate in your home much more healthy.

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