Who invented the first dishwasher

Consider who, when and how it was invented, the first dishwasher was designed and manufactured. Those who are interested in the facts, we will open the veil of mystery and tell you how everything was. There is an opinion that an invention that made life easier for millions of women - a dishwasher - is a creation of women's hands. In reality, men were also involved in the creation of technology.

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  • 2Who invented the "real" PMM
  • 3The first electric PMM
  • 4The first automatic machine

First dishwasher

The facts about the first devices that facilitate dishwashing differ depending on the source. They write that the first designs belong to the Romans, but by our time neither verbal descriptions nor illustrations of the "great-grandmother" of modern MMP have survived. Therefore the name of the genius, who really decided to wash dishes for the first time not with his own hands, will remain a mystery of the past centuries.

A documented design appeared in 1850. The world of science first learned about the unit, capable of washing dishes, excluding contact of hands with water and dishes. A young resident of the United States, Joel Goughton, patented the development, presenting a failed design that had no prospects economically.

Drawing diagram of the first manual dishwasher and its operating principle

Interesting! A vivid example of when a good idea suffers from a stupid project implementation. The prototype PMM from Goughton was one, and on the first test the imperfection of his "child" became obvious.

Around this time, King invented the first washing machine, so these two household appliances go hand in hand on the market of home and household appliances to this day. This does not speak in favor of the dishwasher, because every family in Russia is familiar with a washing machine, which can not be said about a dishwasher.

Why did Goughton fail?

He came up with a design, powered by hands. In this machine there was a tank, a piston pump supplying water, a too complicated and bulky frame, on which the tank and the drive handle were held. The advantage over hand washing was in the very idea - Goughton gave housewives hope that soon they will be able to automate the washing process. The dishwasher had more drawbacks: the poor quality of washing, the laying of dishes in the tank left much to be desired better - after there were a lot of broken plates, and some utensils were not laundered due to improper feed water. In the design there was no system for pumping dirty water, and rinsing was carried out in the dirty waste.

Prototype of a hand-held dishwasher with the ability to attach various attributes

Who invented the "real" PMM

Who invented the first dishwasher, you know. We offer to get acquainted with the real "heroine who created an effective machine. Most likely, the first inventor because of the specificity of the male way of life was far from the burdens of everyday life and did not fully understand the essence of the washing process. At least it's easier to explain the fact that a really working machine was a creation women - probably, she was more pleased with the prospect of easing her life by automating household processes. It's about Josephine Cochrane.

The inventor and the first owner of an automatic dishwasher

The enterprising lady not only made a dishwasher equipped with a manual drive, but also installed the first primitive heater (water heater) in it. The design was as follows:

  1. A box made of wood or metal is used as a bunker.
  2. The basket is made in the form of a metal lattice - plates, cups and saucers were placed on it.
  3. Drive mechanism of a manual type.
  4. Two piston pumps.
  5. Hinged cover of the hopper, hermetically locking the dishwasher compartment.
  6. Water heater.

Technics has found demand from buyers due to a lot of advantages: it perfectly washed the dishes, heated the water and was made in a compact package. The plates were securely fixed in the grate, which precluded their beating.

The evolution of the dishwasher of the first inventor with an increase in its cost

There were no shortcomings. In the machine Cochrane did not fit large objects: pots and pans. She could not cope with the washing of cutlery. Manual drive at that time was not a novelty, but the society wanted more than tiring the pen. The cost played a decisive role - the technique was afforded by people with a large income.

Important! Josephine Cochrane did not stop at the first version of the PMM and created several more modifications. The latter option provided for drying. The machine became more expensive and increased in size, so it was not in demand.

The inventor of dishwashers Josephine Cochrane constantly modernized her brainchild

The first electric PMM

The invention of the American became known throughout the world, but this did not give a boost to the well-known brands for the creation of such technology. Releases were limited and dishwashers still did not find wide demand among buyers.

The first electric dishwasher was created by the developers of the German corporation Miele. A significant event occurred in 1929. The technical novelty took up a lot of space and rustled at work, the cost was high, so the claimed PMM did not become, because of what it quickly withdrew from production.

The first automatic dishwasher, powered by electric motors

Next year, electric dishwashers were released in America, the company Kitchen Aid took up production. At first, buyers were interested in the novelty, but quickly lost interest because of the low efficiency of the device. The purchasing power of the citizens of the United States at that time was modest.

The company's logo KitsheyAid, which first engaged in the mass production of automatic dishwashers

The Great Depression did not improve the situation, and after 9 years, the shots of the Second World War rattled. Very few people at that time were dealing with technical innovations. During the war and 5 years after it, dishwashers were not mentioned. The first limited edition of PMM was released under the brand name Whirlpool in 1950.

The first automatic machine

Stagnation in the industry had to end someday - it happened in the 60's. Miele engineers risked showing the world the first automatic washing machine (it was invented a little earlier). The price was much more affordable than the previous options, and the quality of washing - on a solid "four". The first buyers went, and the cars flew off the assembly line almost at the speed of light. These years can be safely considered the flourishing of the era of automatic PMM, which have maintained a confident position in the market to this day.

Fact! It is difficult to say who owns the development of the first automatic dishwasher, but the company "Mile" received the patent for the first time.

Engineers Miele did not slow down and in the late 70's created a model with a built-in microprocessor - it was the first machine with electronic control. It could not be called reliable, but the manufacturers quickly corrected all the shortcomings and created an improved version of the device.

The Miele dishwasher, manufactured in the seventies of the twentieth century

Interesting! They were so qualitative that cases are known, as the elderly Germans did not want to part with their machines, which served them for several decades.

Today, the company "Mile" along with other companies (Bosch, Candy, Hansa and others) offer the customer hundreds of models of various types: from full-size to compact. Today, the machine is available to almost everyone. The fact that such a technique is not widely distributed in the Russian Federation is explained by the fact that the dishwashers came to us after the collapse of the USSR in the 90s, while the whole world used them with might and main. Now this abyss is shrinking, and more and more of our fellow citizens prefer to save time and energy thanks to the dishwasher.

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