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Many owners of down jackets are wondering how to wash the product properly, if you don’t lose the original washing cloths, why not wash out ?The owners of this type of clothing are frightened by the idea that if the filler gets lost after washing in lumps, the thing will be impossible to wear. To avoid this, jackets for down need to be washed and dried according to certain rules. But if you have already washed such a thing, and the filler rolled inside it, there are several ways to straighten the down.

Features of the

filler In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, as well as to restore a down jacket damaged after washing, it is necessary to study the properties of the downy filler. Natural fluff has the ability to absorb moisture well and give it up poorly. The villi filled with water stick together with each other and form dense lumps, and subsequently it is very difficult to separate them.

In order to prevent this from happening, it is necessary to whip up the product during the washing process, preventing the fibers from sticking together. This can be done using special balls for washing down items. The balls are put into the drum of the washing machine and during washing they well beat the down jacket.

In addition to water, down also incorporates particles of detergent that contribute to its bonding. In the case when the down jacket stinks after washing, it means it was washed with low-quality powder and down absorbed harmful substances. If you wash the down jacket together with the balls, the fluff fluff will be better cleaned of detergent and dirt and will not clump together.

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It is necessary to rinse the jacket several times in order to thoroughly clean it of detergent compositions. This also needs to be done with the balls. After washing, the down jacket must be properly dried, occasionally beating it with your hands to prevent the down from sticking together during drying. If you do it right, the jacket will get its original shape.

If after washing you saw that in some places the products formed small lumps, and decided to leave everything as it is, the thing will not fulfill its purpose to the full. In order for a thing to keep warm, there must be an air gap between the fibers. If the fluff is crumpled and clogged with the remains of powder, it will be much worse to heat such a thing.

The lumps will settle down under the influence of gravity, and the top of the jacket will become thin, and the wind and cold will be felt through the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to get rid of all lumps, even small ones, and distribute the filler evenly throughout the inner layer.

Solutions to

Problem If your down jacket has become thin and the down got lost after you washed it, you can try to fix the problem in two ways. The first method is to repeat the washing in the correct way, the second is to try to get rid of the lumps by breaking them manually.

If you see that the clusters are small, and the jacket has not dried yet, then it will be easier to bring the product to its normal appearance. If the thing is well dried out, and the lumps are large and hard, moreover, it feels that it stinks, it is better to clean the down jacket with the recommendations.

General rules for washing downy products:

  • Use only mild detergents, preferably gel or liquid. Do not use washing powder, it clogs the fluff with harmful substances.
  • It is necessary to wash products on natural down only in cool water, otherwise the filler will lose its properties.
  • When machining, be sure to put special balls in the drum to help whisk and wash the down jacket.
  • Rinse the item thoroughly 2-3 times so that the detergent is washed out of the filler.
  • Machine rinsing is also carried out using balls.
  • Squeeze the product carefully without twisting it. When machine spin set low speed.
Before you begin to wash the product, read the information on the label. Repeat the procedure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions in order to avoid damage.

Machine washable

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If the manufacturer allows machine washing your down jacket, it is easy to care for her. Prepare the thing for processing in a typewriter. Remove excess items from jacket pockets, zip and close all pockets. Turn the thing on the wrong side.

In advance get balls for washing of a down-padded coat. Often they are sold in stores of outerwear with products. You can also buy them in the economic departments. If you do not find special balls, you can replace them with regular tennis balls( soft coated for tennis).

First make sure that the tennis balls will not shed during washing and will not spoil the surface of the jacket. It is better to buy balls with a white or light coating.

Lay the down jacket in the drum typewriter. Only wash one product at a time, even if it is small. In order for the product to fluff well stretched, it needs a lot of space.

Then put 4-6 balls in the machine and close it. Set the controller to the delicate mode. Set the temperature to 30 degrees. Pour a liquid detergent into the powder hole and turn on the machine.

After the wash cycle, turn on the machine for an extra rinse. Do not remove the balls from the drum. After the product has been rinsed, squeeze it out at low revs.


In the event that the manufacturer allows only manual cleaning of the product, wash the thing manually. Pour cool water into the bath and dissolve a mild detergent in it.

Place the jacket in the bath so that it is completely covered with water. If there are dirty stains on the surface of the clothes, lock them and leave them for 15-20 minutes. Then wash the down jacket gently.

Take clean water and rinse the product well several times, each time in new water. Then gently squeeze, not twisting the thing and lay on the grill or other flat surface.

How to dry

The down jacket filler can be crumpled during the drying process, so this product needs to be dried properly. This should be done at room temperature or in fresh air in the warm season. At the same time make sure that it does not fall into direct sunlight.

If the thing is quilted finely, you can hang it on wide hangers. Periodically shake your jacket and knead the lumps with your hands if they begin to form. This must be done before the item is completely dry.

In the case when the stitch is large, the pressed down jacket needs to be spread out on the grid so that the down does not fall down and not roll. Bottom product must be ventilated. In the process of drying, shake the item regularly and straighten the fluff with your hands. It depends on how often you do it, whether the product will get its original appearance.

To dry the jacket, turn it over several times so that it dries out evenly. Until all the fluff dries, knead the filler with your hands. At the end of drying, shake the item well again and hang it on a hanger.

How to straighten lumps

If your down jacket got off after the washing process and became shapeless, but you decided not to wash it a second time, you will have to try to break the lumps manually. There are several ways to do this.

Spread out the product on a flat surface. Find the lump formed and begin to knead it with your fingers, separating the filler particles from each other. After straightening one lump, spread the filler evenly over the inner layer and shake.

Continue from one site to another. This is a rather long process. It may take several hours.

In order to fluff straightened faster, and the down jacket became lush, you can use a hair dryer. Turn on the hair dryer in cold air mode. Hot can not be included, since natural down does not like heat and can lose its properties. Direct the air flow to the problem area, simultaneously straightening it. It is better if someone helps you.

Another way is to pick up a carpet beater and, patting it on the product, try to break the lumps. Periodically shake down jacket to better fill the filler inside.

If the humidity in the room is high, the drying of the down jacket can last about two days. To speed up this process, lay the thing on the clothes dryer with the wrong side down. Bottom, put the heater. At the same time, make sure that the device does not touch the product and is at a sufficient distance from it. Also, do not allow the warm air flow on the down jacket.

Periodically turn the thing, shaking it up and kneading the lumps. Do this until completely dry, then hang the dried and straightened thing on a coat hanger.

In order to restore the original look of the down jacket, which is lost after washing, carefully follow all the recommendations. Wash and dry these items properly to avoid damage.

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